Yang - KVRMA E Liquid

Brand: KVRMA E Liquid

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Yang - KVRMA E Liquid

Just what you needed to make a fresh start, this blend is going to give you that pure invigoration that will make you tingle from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. This effectiveness is really something special that will have you looking forward to vaping it day in, day out for the way that it makes you feel alone. One very important thing that you will notice right away about this juice is that it is able to give you a really delicious and bold effect without being overdone or artificial in any way. You will always get that zippy infusion of energy when you take an inhale of this mystically enchanting juice that is able to impress those vapers who have been around for a while and believed that they had seen it all. Every inhale is going to exhilarate you and have your senses standing on end awaiting more and more of the scrumptious essence that this blend has to offer. It can be tough to get your mind off of the sheer flavors at hand and now that you can vape it when you wish, it will be just the welcomed distraction away from all of your worries. KVRMA E Liquid understands that the kinds of juices that you vape can make a huge difference on your mood and overall vibe and this one is going to be just the solution that you were looking for with everything that you could ever want to help set your day off right. Yang combines crisp cucumber with sweet, juicy honeydew melon and a touch of mint that sets everything off perfectly and will make you feel as clean and invigorated as if you took a dip in the middle of the crystal clear ocean.

Primary Flavors: Mint, Cucumber, Honeydew Melon