Yumz Orange - Dripping Sour E Liquid

Brand: Dripping Sour E Liquid

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You don't have to wait until cheat night to get your fill of this candy flavor! Those days of having to hold off until the 'right time' to enjoy your favorite treats are a thing of the past with blends like this around that are able to give you all of the taste without any of the consequences. When you have a juice such as this one in your life it really does feel like you have the whole world at your very fingertips, there is nothing quite like being able to taste something that you've been longing for and know in the back of your head that you can really give in to the situation and moment, forgetting about what may come as a result of your indulgence. We should all treat ourselves every now and then and this is going to offer you a way to be able to give yourself the pampering that you deserve any time, any place. With a really bold flavor, you will take an inhale and immediately find yourself completely and totally invested in it. It really does have that charm and special quality about it that sets it apart from the rest of the pack. Dripping Sour E Liquid makes some very interesting flavors that are going to give you that little twist of tart tanginess that really gets your senses going. Yumz Orange blends together a candy base with some vibrant orange.

Primary Flavors: Orange, Candy