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Vape Or Smoke: The Cost Difference

vape or smoke: the cost diffference

Vape Or Smoke: The Cost Difference


To Vape or Smoke?  That can be the question for current smokers thinking about making the switch to vaping.


The potential benefits of vaping versus smoking cigarettes have been widely discussed, but one piece of the puzzle that often gets left out is monetary cost. Ex-smokers often report that one factor that pushed them to quit was the high price of cigarettes: they can save up to $5,000 per year, depending on how much a person smokes and where they live.


According to an analysis done by the Dallas Morning News, someone who smokes a pack a day might spend about $1,500 per year on their habit in a state with low taxes. In higher-tax areas, such as New York, that price soars, with a single pack costing around $13.00. The average that smokers around the country spend, according to the News, is about $2,250 per year.


An analysis conducted by NerdWallet, which estimates that smokers spend closer to $2,500 per year on cigarettes, digs deeper into the factors. Disposable vapes that do not require a charger or battery average about $1,387 per year, while rechargeable kits are far less expensive in the long run, at about $600 per year. NerdWallet too finds tank systems less expensive, estimating they cost about $516 per year.


Estimates vary, in large part because there are so many different options for vaping, but the fact remains that using a vape is significantly cheaper - at times up to 80 percent cheaper. How long until someone who defects from cigarettes to e-cigs feels the difference in their wallet? Fifty-one days, according to calculations done by The New Republic


So, to Vape Or Smoke?  The evidence is clear and significant that vaping has many cost benefits over traditional smoking. In terms of best value for your dollar, the popular evidence seems to be heavily in favor of vaping. A strong argument can be made that vaping will keep more dollars in your pocket!