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7 Ways Vaping Gets Guys Dates Over Smoking

7 Ways Vaping Gets Guys Dates Over Smoking

7 Ways Vaping Gets Guys Dates Over Smoking

1. No Bad Breath

Morning breath is bad enough, so don’t give your self bad breath all the time. Not only does tobacco breath smell terrible, but cigarettes can cause gross mouth infections and diseases that only makes your breath worse. Not even Tic-Tacs will save you. Vape juice has no foul odor or taste, so your breath remains fresh all day; your date’s nose will appreciate it.   

2. Money to Burn

Cigarettes and lighters are expensive, almost $1,000 more per year compared to vaping. So with all that extra cash, you can take a girl out to a nice dinner, a concert, buy her drinks, and most importantly: gifts. Use some of that extra dough to buy a new wardrobe (that doesn’t smell like cigarettes) and look - and smell - fly as hell.  

3. Quality Time

Think about all the time you’ve spent having to leave work, the bar, a movie, dinner, or literally anything to go outside and buy a pack because you were out. Or have to leave your own house to go out for a smoke because it makes your whole house/apartment reek. Vaping is totally odorless, so you can stay at home and spend more quality time with your date or loved one. And thanks to Breazy, you can buy all of your vaping needs online, so no more running out to the store to buy a pack. 

4. Smell So Fresh & So Clean

Let’s face it, tobacco smoke smells awful, and you’re lying if you say otherwise. The smell infects your clothes, hair, skin, furniture, EVERYTHING. Trade out that tobacco stench for a nice cologne or body spray (with that extra cash you have from switching to vape), and prepare for girls to swoon.   

5. No More Ashtrays (or littering, if you're gross)

First of all, if you smoke cigarettes in your home, that’s nasty. Secondly, you most likely have dirty ashtrays all over the place, and that’s also nasty. And if you don’t, then you dispose of your cigarettes in the trash or whatever other ways that are dangerous and harmful to the environment (and also nasty.) Vaping keeps your house/apartment fresh and clean, and much more inviting for a date. Vape tanks are also easy to maintain and don’t leave filthy, black ashes everywhere.

6. Hot Bod/Couples Workouts

With all that tobacco smoke infecting your lungs, it’s pretty hard to breathe right? So smoking and going to the gym is a tough combo. Vaping doesn’t destroy your lungs and windpipes like cigarettes, so you can head to the gym, get a great bod and be able to breathe! Plus, girls love couple-jogs, and they’re a cute way to spend time and get some exercise.  

7. Pearly Whites

What’s sexier than a beautiful, white smile? Nothing. What turns your teeth yellow and disgusting? Cigarettes. Because vape is odorless and doesn’t contain all of the chemicals that cigarettes have that ruin your mouth, you can vape and still keep your handsome, glowing smile.   

Smoking is gross: and often a deal-breaker. Stay in the game by switching to vape, and never lose a date again.