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Advanced Vaping Atomizers – A Rundown

sense herakles plus Sub Ohm tank

Advanced Vaping Atomizers – A Rundown

Let's take a look at some of the different atomizers that are popular today – any of them can help you customize your vape to get the experience you're looking for, though some may fit your style better than others.

Clearomizer – these are older-generation tanks built for vaping – examples include the Protank series (including the Aerotank and Genitank) or the iClear series. These generally have a tighter airflow and higher-resistance coils, they're designed for low-wattage vaping and are preferred by many new vapers and ex-smokers for their ability to replicate the "mouth-to-lung' hits used on cigarettes.

Sub Tanks – these are a modern version of the traditional clearomizer – you'll still be using a clear tank that allows you to keep an eye on your e-liquid level and factory-built atomizers containing a coil and wick that are easily replaced – these are the best "plug and play" devices on the market today, with the Uwell Crown, the Herakles Plus Sub Ohm Tank, and the Smok TFV4 gathering the most praise of late. These new tanks generally have adjustable airflow that allows for a range of vaping styles from mouth-to-lung to "direct lung" hits that produce bigger clouds.

If you're moving from a traditional clearomizer to a sub-tank or other advanced device, expect to consume more vape juice. The bonus is that you'll be able to create a bigger cloud (if that's your thing) and that you'll get more flavor out of your vape juice – but consider dropping your nicotine content by as much as half if you're using a nicotine-infused juice, as the higher volume of vape juice you'll consume will mean you need less nicotine per milliliter in order to keep your tobacco cravings at bay.

Re-buildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs) – now we're getting into advanced territory. What you'll get is a simple build deck featuring positive and negative posts with holes in them and "grub screws" to pinch wire. You'll use your own wire to wrap a custom coil, install it in your RDA, and wick it yourself with organic cotton, rayon, or another material of your choice. Drip some vape juice directly onto the wicks, pop the cap onto the top of the build deck, and vape away.

RDAs are considered the ultimate means of achieving the best vape juice flavor and vapor production possible – if you've ever seen a cloud competition, either online or at a local vape meet, you'll notice everyone there is using a coil they've built themselves and installed into an RDA.

There are serious safety concerns to consider when it comes to building your own coils, though – using the wrong battery or an incompatible box mod, or building a coil in the wrong fashion could result in a dangerous situation. For this reason, re-buildable devices are only recommended for advanced vape hobbyists – check out the forums at VapingUnderground.com, reddit, or E-Cigarette-Forum.com (we've got Breazy staff and supporters active on all of these sites) for help setting up a re-buildable device if you're not already familiar with their use but are interested in taking your vaping to the next level.

Re-Buildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs or RBAs) combine the convenience of filling up a tank with the customizability of an RDA. With these, you build your own coil and wick it yourself on a build deck (usually much smaller than on an RDA), then surround your custom build with a tank, fill it up and go. While they don’t have the same cloud production as RDAs, users who don't want to stop and refill their topper every handful of hits appreciate their convenience.

Many popular sub-tanks on the market today are actually hybrid RTAs – tanks in the Kanger Subtank series come with a re-buildable coil head for those inclined to tinker while still offering factory-built coils for convenience, and many others have re-buildable inserts available for purchase as an aftermarket item.

The same concerns exist for RTAs as RDAs – even though you'll likely be building smaller coils that consume less vape juice and vape at a higher resistance than in an RDA, safety in your builds are still paramount. Still, the hobbyist lure of a custom vape you built yourself beckons, as does the promise of money savings in not having to rely on manufacturer-produced coils.