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Squonking – Something Old is New Again

Squonking – Something Old is New Again

Squonking – Something Old is New Again

One of the latest "new" methods of vaping – squonking, or the use of a bottom-feed atomizer, is actually one of the older technologies on the market. For years, a select subset of vapers have sworn by their unique method of vaping that isn't exactly dripping, but isn't exactly using a traditional tank-styled atomizer either. The cost of entry (often over $200 for a simple mechanical mod) has been prohibitive to all but the most dedicated, but a couple of new entries to the field promise to blow the doors wide open, offering what many consider to be the hands-down, bar-none best vape experience to the masses.

But first – what the heck does bottom feeding mean, anyway? Is squonk even a word?

First, let's consider the rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA), widely accepted as the method that provides both the most flavor and vapor available in the vape world. New-generation sub-ohm clearomizers have come close to replicating the dripping experience without the hassle and mess of having to open an e-liquid bottle and manually dab juice onto your coils every few pulls, but those with experience will still testify that even the best modern tanks leave something to be desired.

Still, there's a lot to be said about the tank experience, and much of it boils down to convenience. It's just not practical to drip in certain situations – behind the wheel is a particularly hazardous place to find yourself with a dry wick (never drip and drive!). Enter the bottom feeder.

With this device, you've essentially got a typical RDA, with user-built coils stuffed with the wicking material of your choice. But instead of a separate bottle containing your juice, the positive firing pin of your atomizer has a hole that's connected by a small tube to a bottle housed within your mod, partially exposed. With a squeeze (or "squonk," if you will) of the bottle, liquid flows up and into the bottom of the atomizer, flooding the base and soaking your wicks. Once you release pressure on the bottle, excess juice seeps back down, leaving you with a perfectly-wicked coil – no dry hits (as long as you're squonking often enough) and no wet, gurgly ones with juice spitting off hot coils into your mouth either. Brilliant!

If that's not enough, new offerings take things a step further. Both the Aspire Plato and Kanger Dripbox offer pre-built, pre-wicked RDA bases for their proprietary squonking devices – meaning you don't even need to be an experienced coiler to take advantage of the technology.

Both of these devices (Dripbox available now, Plato to be in stock soon here at Breazy) offer their advantages – the Plato offers regulated wattage up to 50W, while the Kanger is a semi-mechanical device that will fire any coil with resistance 0.2 ohm and higher, capping the output at 60 watts without offering the user specific control over the power output, which will vary with your battery's charge level (remember, always use a battery rated for 20 amp continuous discharge and never let the charge on a mechanical fall below 3.5 volts). But the Plato's system is much smaller and more tightly controlled, while the Kanger very much resembles a traditional RDA deck and should be easier to rebuild, should you choose to do so – the Kanger also offers traditional 510 threading so you can use any atomizer with a bottom-feed center pin.

Breazy staff have been vaping on our squonkers for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks now, and suffice it to say we're all thoroughly impressed! Did we mention that the Dripbox is available now for only $37.99 including the atomizer and squonk bottle? A mod like this was entirely unheard of just a few months ago – we're filling orders from longtime vapers across the country who have been waiting years to get their hands on an affordable bottom-feed device. Now is the time to join in and see what all the fuss is about!