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Rebuildable Tank Atomizers – Control Your Build, Control the Universe!

Griffin RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) - Geek Vape


While we spend a lot of time here on the Breazy blogs catering to new users, let's dive into a topic for the somewhat experienced vaper looking to step their game up – RTAs!


Quick primer – a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) is basically an enclosure with positive and negative posts inside and holes somewhere to let air in. You wrap a coil of resistance wire (Kanthal A1 is the time-tested standard, though coils containing nickel, titanium, and stainless steel may be usable depending on your particular application), plug one end into the positive post and the other into the negative post, stuff some wicking (your education blog author is partial to rayon, though various forms of cotton are also popular), wet your wick, and vape.


This is wonderful and horrible at the same time. Dripping enthusiasts will testify that there's no greater way to achieve impressive taste and huge clouds than using an RDA, but they've got to admit that pulling out your juice bottle to dab the wick with e-liquid every few pulls is less than ideal in just about any situation more causal than sitting around the house watching TV (for the truly lazy, it's even obnoxious then).


Enter the rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA). This combines the user customizability of an RDA with the convenience of your favorite clearomizer – the "build deck" is a bit smaller, but it's shrouded by a tank that you can fill with liquid that feeds itself to your wicks through "e-liquid channels" that keep your coils wet but avoid flooding.


Think of it this way – it's just like a sub-ohm tank, except you have more options to customize your experience, plus you can save a ton of money.


If you're a fan of simple single-or-dual-coil setups, you can purchase a spool of wire for about $5, which will allow you to build hundreds of coils. Add a couple dollars for wicking material, and for the cost of two or three throwaway clearomizer coils you've got enough material to vape the same device potentially for years.


Another benefit to RTAs – room for advancement. If you become a hobbyist, you may become interested in advanced coilbuilding techniques such as Clapton, alien, or dragon skin wire (Google these terms for more – much more!). While a few of the most highly advanced disposable coil setups may offer these options, for the most part if you're going to do it, you've got to do it yourself – and RTAs offer you the base to build your fantasy coil.


You can also tailor your build to a specific purpose – looking for something that won't stand out in a crowd and will conserve battery life? Build yourself a high-resistance, small diameter coil. Seeking huge clouds and immense flavor instead? Plug in the most elaborate setup you can build or buy! The options are literally endless, with ambitious hobbyists releasing new designs all the time.


Not sure if an RTA is for you? Look for a device that offers both disposable coils and an "RTA deck" – this will let you tinker with your build when you feel like it and revert to a simple clearomizer when you're not feeling inspired – popular tanks like the Crown and TFV4 offer this option, though if you're ready to experience custom vaping in its full glory (be prepared for a bit of a learning curve as you dial in your coil-building and wicking technique), look at a dedicated rebuildable device like the Avocado, Griffin, or Herakles Beast, all among our current top sellers.