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Summer Vaping Tips: Beware Of The Heat

Summer vaping tips beware of the heat

With summer right around the corner, here at Breazy we think it's time to remind you about a handful of safety tips to keep in mind during the warmer months. With record temperatures expected in the coming months (or already, our Southern California correspondent has been experiencing 90+ degree days for months), where and how we store our vape gear becomes more significant. Keeping your devices cool and your batteries within a safe temperature range not only prolongs your gear's life, it limits your personal risk factors.

It's typical for vapers to toss their box mods into their backpacks while on the go, but this could lead to a dangerous situation in the fact that you're usually not capable of monitoring the temperature within that backpack. A few basics every vaper, new or experienced, needs to know:

  • Don't ever leave your mod or batteries in direct sunlight with temperatures north of 80 degrees for extended periods of time.
  • If your batteries are getting old (more than 120-150 charge cycles, depending on how hard you push them and how low you allow them to drop between charges), it may be time to consider a new pair or two for summer. As batteries age they weaken, especially if they're pushed hard by demanding more than 60 watts per cell (120 watts in a dual-cell mod) or by continuing to fire them until your mod flat-out dies (re-charging with 50% battery life is preferable if you have access to a charger). Weaker cells are more susceptible to thermal runaway (venting, explosions, bad stuff in general), so take care of your cells and especially make sure to use only your best gear in excessive heat conditions.
  • Remove your 18650 battery chargers from direct sunlight to prevent any overheating during the charging process – simple enough, just run a trusted charger (never one with "-Fire" in the name), and don't plug it in next to a window.
  • Transport your box mod in a pocket (powered down, obviously!), where you can check on it regularly to ensure the device doesn't become hot. If you're ever concerned, pull your batteries from the mod, check them individually for heat (if they ever become hot to the touch, they're probably headed for a recycling center immediately), and keep them in a separate plastic case unplugged from your mod.
  • Extra batteries should be carried in a battery case at all times! Loose batteries in pockets and backpacks can lead to them venting if they come in contact with loose change, keys, metallic instruments, materials, or by simply clashing against each other – this is the number one cause of "e-cigarette explodes" stories on the news, even though a vaping device most often isn't involved – don't let this be you!

Remember that as a vaper, there are measures that must be taken in order to vape safely and protect your property. It's easy to get caught up in the fun of summertime and lose track of your box mod and other vape gear – don't take that risk. Just like the fire from your lighter or smoldering cigarette butt required your respect to avoid starting a fire, proper battery respect is required of your vape (and, while we're at it, your mobile phone would probably appreciate you following these tips too!).

Lithium Ion batteries, while normally safe, require that you care for them and maintain them in healthy conditions. Box mods with internal li-on batteries do not offer the same versatility as removable batteries that can be charged externally, but they still need to be treated the same as you'd treat  a loose cell. If you typically charge at your computer desk near a window that blasts sun into your workspace, make sure the room is cool and the box mod is charged in shade (even if the air conditioner is on, the electrical charge and sunlight itself could make your mod/batteries hotter than you'd imagine) to prevent any overheating that may lead to batteries venting or worse.

Remember, the vast majority of vapers will never experience a problem – just like the vast majority of cell phone users will never experience that explosion of molten plastic and battery acid that, if you're like us, your paranoid grandpa likes to forward pictures of every few weeks. But with just a few easy steps to make sure you never enter that minority of people having a decidedly horrible day, isn't it worth the effort?