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A Guide To Vaping: Device Maintenance Tips

It's no secret that vaping is a great alternative to cigarettes. However, properly caring for your equipment doesn't get as much attention as it perhaps should. Vapes are unlike cigarettes in that you can't just snuff a butt out with your shoe and walk away. If properly cared for, vapes can last a long time, but proper care is important.

When to change your coil:

Coils need to be replaced periodically, it’s an unfortunate fact of vaping. How do you know when your coil needs replaced? If the flavor of your hit weakens off, or you taste a harsh burning, it's time to replace. To make sure your coils have the longest life possible, <a href="https://breazy.com/blogs/education/83478849-coil-prep-101">check our our guide on properly priming coils</a>.

How to clean the tank:

Wait, what? Vape tanks need to be cleaned? If you want to properly care for your hardware, it's best to clean the tank approximately once a month, or whenever you make a drastic change in flavor – say from fruits to desserts, at which point a coil change might also be warranted. While it may seem like a daunting task, the process is actually quite simple. Start by removing the coil and any o-rings – be careful not to break or lose them, though most tanks come with a couple of spares just in case. While removing the o-rings, check them carefully for damage, if you find any signs of wear replace them. Using isopropyl alcohol or warm water and mild detergent, clean the inside and outside of the tank. After cleaning, rinse the tank thoroughly to remove any excess residue. Allow the tank to dry completely before reassembly. An old toothbrush can be used to aid in cleaning out the threads on the tank, but don't use anything harsh like steel wool that could strip them.

Vape Pens:

If using a vape pen, you may already be aware of the unfortunate drip effect from the reservoir. At least once a week, clean the head of the vape pen battery. Excess juice can settle here. If using your pen often, it doesn’t hurt to clean the battery head more. This can easily be done by removing the battery and wiping it with a cotton swab, which can also be dipped in rubbing alcohol as long as you dry the connection before re-installing a tank or atomizer.


In addition to caring for your vape, is important to care for your vape juice. Don't store e-liquid in direct sunlight or heat. This can cause the juice to darken, oxidize, and otherwise alter the taste in generally unpleasant way. Some individuals swear by refrigerating their juice, but it comes down to taste – this probably isn't necessary unless you'll be storing your liquid for a period of months. When in doubt, follow the recommendations from the juice manufacturer.

There are countless tips and tricks for caring for your vape equipment, this is just a start. A good vape is an investment and should be treated as such. With proper care, your device can last for a long time and continue to hit like the first day you bought it.