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Whats the Cheapest Way To Vape? (Vape On A Budget!)


What's The Cheapest way to vape (Vape On budget!)


vaping cheap: how to vape on a budget

So you've managed to kick cigarettes to the curb? Congratulations! Aren't you enjoying your newfound freedom from the stench you didn't even realize you carried around with you, the extra lung capacity and energy, and all that money you've been saving?

Oh, wait – maybe the savings haven't caught up to you yet. Well, there is a substantial up-front investment when you're buying your box mod, batteries, sub ohm tank, and whatnot. But trust us, it does get cheaper if you want it to! Today, let's look at a few ways to stretch your vaping dollar…first you can start by checking our vape deals section.

Proper Coil Care

Disposable coil heads for your clearomizer are going to be one of the biggest recurring investments involved in your vape journey – coil heads for advanced sub ohm tanks can run $2-3, even when you're buying in bulk. Failing to properly prime and break in your coil heads creates the highest likelihood it'll burn out early, costing you money.

Luckily, we've got a whole post</a> to help you get on top of that.

Buy Right the First Time


One of the biggest money-wasters for new vapers is buying, then re-buying, then re-re-buying a vape setup. Sure, if you're not sure whether or not vaping is for you it's not a bad idea to spend a few bucks on an eGo-type setup to see whether it has potential – keep in mind, though, that you're only scratching the surface.

Once you're ready to commit, though, going anything but whole-hog could leave you maxing out the capabilities of your next device, meaning you'll soon be wanting another upgrade after discovering how much of an improvement in performance you can attain.

Again, Breazy is here to help – we're constantly reviewing new box mods on our product blog to keep you up-to-date on the state of the vaping art. Look around and read up on a handful of devices before you pull the trigger. Get something that you think has a little more capacity than you think you need – if you're right, congratulations – you're not pushing your box mod to its limit all the time. If you're wrong, congratulations – you have enough extra power at your disposal to crank up the watts until you hit your sweet spot!

Choose Juice Wisely

Buying e-liquid is always a risk – what sounds great may not be so wonderful once you've got it in your hands. Even if you visit a brick-and-mortar to sample juice, you chance getting home with a flavor that was tasty for a few puffs and then goes sideways, or one that doesn't fit your vaping style or gear.

There are a few ways to lessen your chances of going wrong. First, that same product blog we just plugged is constantly updated with flavor profiles that go deeper than the quick-hit manufacturer descriptions – if we've got a post up on it, count on us being impressed. You also may want to try a few different flavor profiles (fruits, tobaccos, bakery/dessert flavors) in small quantities to get a better grip on what's going to appeal most to you.

Finally, look for manufacturers that offer several bottle sizes. Buy a small bottle first, and if you like it as much at the end as when you started, go for a bigger bottle next time. Or try a small bottle of a flavor type before branching out to similar flavors in larger quantities. This cuts both ways – don't spend big on a big bottle of something you're not sure about or you'll be left with a bad investment gathering dust, but once you've found some winners look for the same or similar flavors in a bigger package so you can save by buying in bulk.

Avoid the Dreaded "Shinyitus"

This is the hard one, but it's what keeps most long-term vapers from saving money.

For many of us, vaping becomes more than a way to quit smoking – it's a hobby, a lifestyle. We don't just pick a box mod and use it, we keep checking the vape blogs and forums looking for ways to improve our gear's performance, and we're constantly exposed to the latest and greatest technology. And in an industry as fast-paced as ours, the next big thing is never more than a few weeks away.

Do you need all of the new gear to stay away from the smoldering stink sticks? No! This blog's author still relies on a 18-month-old Sigelei 100w box mod as his primary RDA mod – absolutely ancient tech, though he's certainly picked up a few more devices along the way. If you choose your primary box mod wisely, it'll last you for a long time to come – and once you've found your ideal setup and you've got nothing that you *need* to buy aside from coils and liquid, the savings will start rolling in.