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Eazy Breazy: Is Vaping Right for Me?

Eazy Breazy: Is Vaping Right for Me?

Welcome. You've found your way to an article with the title "Is Vaping Right for Me?"

Rest assured, you're in good hands. As the leading online marketplace for vaping hardware and e liquids, we've worked hard at Breazy to assemble one of the most comprehensive tutorials for vaping on the Web. Our goal is to make it easy for you to get the information you need.

Before you even start thinking about products or process, though, ask yourself a few fundamental questions to make sure vaping is the right choice right for you.

Are you an adult?

Vaping, like the use of other nicotine products, is restricted to adults at least 18 years of age or older throughout much of the United States. In an increasing number of areas, the minimum vaping age is 21. If you're not an adult, vaping is not for you.

Are you a smoker or a user of other tobacco products?

Vaping was invented specifically as an alternative to traditional tobacco products. So, if you aren’t already using tobacco there's no good reason to consider vaping. Not even one.

Do you want an alternative to smoking?

Smoking kills. Cigarettes are the world’s leading cause of preventable death in the world. That said, the long term effects of vaping are yet to be seen because it’s still such a new invention.

However, there’s reason to be cautiously optimistic based on the information we currently have. Major reputable health bodies including the American Cancer Society and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are among those who’ve taken the position that vaping is less harmful than to continuing to smoke.

Another thing that the scientific community agrees on—and this is important—is that there's no benefit to vaping if you're going to continue smoking. In fact, it may even be more harmful over the long term. It's great to be curious about vaping and to learn as much as you can, but until you're ready to replace smoking with something else altogether, it's probably not time to go shopping for a vapor device.

And one last thing that EVERYONE agrees on is that smoking stinks. Literally. Whereas vaping smells really, really good.

To sum up vaping is a:

  • Great Choice for: Adult tobacco users who want to switch off cigarettes. Smokers who’ve not been successful using other alternatives such as cold turkey, pills, patches, gums. People who don’t want to stink like cigarette smoke.
  • Bad Choice for: Underage youths. Non-tobacco users. Non-smokers. People not determined to ultimately switch off cigarettes completely.

Still with us? Good. We'll have more content available soon that will help you learn about how to get started including, choosing the right vape device; selecting your first e-liquids, and much, much more.

We'll be taking all the most common questions about vaping and breaking them down into easy-to-read articles that are expressly designed to help you make the best vape-related choices for you.

Upcoming articles include:

What is vaping? Here we'll cover the most basic of basics. How does a vapor device work, what are the different components, why would I want to vape in the first place?

How does vaping work? This post will break down exactly how the different components of your vapor device interact with one another to generate a steamy smoke substitute.

The difference between smoking and vaping? After covering the nuts and bolts of vaping, we'll compare it to smoking and review some of the reasons we think vapor is a better choice.

Vaping's health effects? Now it's time to review the latest science on vaping. How does it compare to smoking, and are there known benefits and downsides? Are there health concerns specific to vaping, and can they be identified and avoided?

How to switch? Here we'll dive into the typical process of shifting from cigarettes to vaping. This gives you an idea of what to expect in the process and we'll offer some pointers from people who've been successful in the past.

What to expect when you switch? This dives even deeper into the switching process. We're again looking to prepare you for making a change and offering help to avoid surprises along the way.

Beginner mistakes to avoid? There are, of course, some things you won't want to do because they'll either hinder your quit attempt or will be flat-out unpleasant. We’ll lay out all those potential pitfalls so you can avoid stepping into them.

What’s the legal vaping age? At the end of the day, Breazy is both a vaping retailer and wholesaler, in addition to a collective of hardcore vapor advocates. As such, we take seriously our responsibility to keep vapor products out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. This post talks about what we, along with other responsible vapor companies, are doing to walk the talk.

These are but a fraction of the topics we will cover. By the time you complete your reading of our tutorial guide into vaping you will have a complete understanding of the components, the products, and what safety measures you should take when vaping.