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Explaining Voltage, Wattage, and Ohms

New vapers often have a tough time getting used to the lingo floating around in vape forums, shops, and the community. You’ve probably heard the terms voltage, wattage, and ohms, but maybe it’s still all Greek to you.

Understanding the way your vape mod works is essential to proper care and vaping safety. Although you don’t have to be an expert, you should know the basic terms and what they mean to you and your device.


What is Voltage?


To put it simply, voltage is the amount of power that is put through your device. With any electrical device, there are two points in a circuit. The energy sparked by the power supply and circuits will conduct electricity through your vape mod. So, voltage equals the energy that is generated through the device.


What is Wattage?


Wattage, like voltage, has to do with energy. But the difference here is that wattage is the amount of power consumed, or produced, by your device. If you crank up the wattage, your device is using more power, and your battery life will drain faster as it requires more volts to produce more watts.


What are Ohms?


Have you seen that little symbol on your atomizer coils and wondered exactly what it meant? It represents ohms. You’ll probably also notice that you probably have a choice between a few different atomizer coils, such as 0.4 and 0.6. What do the numbers mean? Those numbers refer to the ohms, which really just means a measurement of resistance.


Why Does Resistance Matter?


The resistance of your atomizer coil will affect the amount of electricity that flows through it. An easy way to remember the difference between a lower resistance and a higher resistance coil? The lower the resistance, the more electricity, and vice versa. If you enjoy vaping at a lower wattage, a higher resistance coil is going to be best for you. The same goes for vaping at higher wattages: a lower resistance coil will help you reach higher wattages. Most pre-made coils will come with a wattage suggestion for each of the resistance options offered, which is helpful in choosing a starting-off point to experiment from.


Lower Resistance Versus Higher Resistance


A lower resistance atomizer coil will generate more heat, more vapor, and a greater flavor intensity - this is really just a function of higher power, as you’ll need to crank up the wattage/voltage to heat a low-resistance coil. At lower resistances, though, you’ll most likely notice your battery life going faster, as well as your e-liquid disappearing quicker than it did at a higher resistance and lower wattage.

A higher resistance atomizer coil will produce less heat, less vapor, and the flavor may be milder than it would with a lower resistance coil - it’s important to note that certain flavors perform better at low wattage, while others shine high. Like everything, this takes experimentation. The vapor itself will also be cooler, since your vape mod is generating less heat. You’ll get more out of your battery’s charge, as well as your e-juice, since less vapor will be expended. You are also less likely to experience dry hits in higher resistance, lower wattage vaping.


Choosing the Right Wattage for You


Now that you know the basics, you might be wondering what wattage is the right for you. It’s based on preference and the type of device that you have. Check out our article on choosing the right wattage for more.