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How Do I Refill My Smok Pods?

How Do I Refill My Smok Pods

Okay, so we’ve already covered what a pod mod is, as well as what vape pods are themselves. We've also touched on refillable and disposable versions, and talked about the signs you need to refill.

Okay, great. You've decided that you need to refill your pod mod. How exactly do you go about that?

Don't worry, the process is pretty simple, we'll have you up and running in no time.

Get Your Pod


Are you starting with a new pod? Open the package and get it out. Refilling one that's already been used? Snap it out of the battery - this may involve flipping a switch, twisting the pod, or simply pulling it out if it's like most on the market and uses a magnetic connection.

Open The Pod

How Do I Refill My Smok Pods

This is easy so far, right? Next up, you're going to have to access the fill port(s). You'll normally find this by flipping the pod upside down and looking for a little rubber plug that can be pulled out, exposing a hole into the liquid reservoir.

With some devices, you might unscrew the drip tip, or a cap covering the fill hole. Regardless, there's some way to easily access the inside of your pod. If it's locked down tight with no access to the opening, check to make sure you've got a refillable pod. Some pod devices are "closed system," meaning you can't refill them with your own liquid and instead need to buy a new pre-filled pod every time you run out of liquid.

Fill 'Er Up

How Do I Refill My Smok Pod

Most refillable pods, owing to their tiny nature, will have a pretty tiny fill port. This shouldn't be a problem with most plastic e-liquid bottles equipped with a needle tube at the top, but if you're filling from a giant bottle with a twist top or glass bottle with an eyedropper, you may have to transfer your liquid into a better bottle for refilling. Not a big deal, many vapers love and trust "unicorn" bottles from Chubby Gorilla, and they're available online for less than a buck.

Regardless, be careful in filling and try to avoid spills. Your device may have a "fill line" marked above which you shouldn't add e-liquid, if not fill just about to the top (but leave room to get the cap back on). Some pods have two holes for liquid, if this is the case with yours and you can't fill all the way using one, you may have to squeeze a bit of liquid into both sides.

A note of caution here: make sure to wipe up any spills right away, and wash your hands thoroughly and quickly if you spill any ultra high-nicotine "salt" liquid on yourself. Nicotine can be absorbed through the skin, and with the heavy dosage found in popular liquids marketed specifically for pod mod use (particularly those with a nicotine content of 40 milligrams per milliliter or higher), more than a few drops left to fully absorb could trigger headaches, hausea, or other signs associated with a mild nicotine overdose. These symptoms could be worse, even fatal, for young children or others not used to nicotine exposure, so make sure to keep your liquids locked away and out of reach when you're not refilling.

Installation is the Reverse of Removal

Are you all topped up and cleaned up? Good. Replace the fill cap and snap your pod back onto the battery. If it's a new replacement, let it sit for at least 5-10 minutes before attempting to vape. Your wicks will need time to absorb some liquid so that they don't burn when you attempt a draw. If you're re-using an old pod and you didn't run it bone dry (don't do that), you should be ready to vape immediately.

Sounds simple enough, right? It is, so get out there and refill your pod, probably in less time than it took to read this tutorial. You can also check out the rest of Breazy’s vast library of vaping resources here.