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How Much Nicotine is in a Pack of Cigarettes?

How Much Nicotine is in a Pack of Cigarettes



When you’re vaping, it will most likely be because you’ve made the switch from cigarettes. There can be many reasons why you might do this. You might find the smell of cigarettes off-putting or the cravings you get throughout the day to be a nuisance. Whatever has made you switch to vaping, it’s no doubt brought you some additional challenges, like how much nicotine is in a pack of cigarettes.

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To get the same amount of nicotine that you’d usually get by smoking cigarettes is a reasonable goal. Many vapers want precise numbers to calculate what nicotine strength they should opt for in their e-juice. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how much nicotine is in a pack of cigarettes.

How Much Nicotine is In a Cigarette?

It’s quite difficult to answer how much nicotine is in a pack of cigarettes, let alone a single one. That’s because of the variations between cigarette brands, vape styles, and e-juices. That means no single cigarette will have an identical amount of nicotine, and nor will any single vape. 

However, some average figures can help you work out how much mg nicotine is in a pack of cigarettes. If you look at any cigarette, you can assume there is roughly 12mg of nicotine inside it.

Some have more than 20mg, but it’s rare, and unless you’re a heavy smoker, you won’t want to mimic these nicotine quantities in your vaping. Generally, you’ll want to pick a nicotine strength ranging from 6-12mg if you want to take in as much nicotine as you were when smoking traditional cigarettes.

How Many Puffs of a Vape is Equal to a Cigarette?

The number of puffs equal to one cigarette will vary depending on the type of vape you have, how long you breathe in for each puff, and the amount of nicotine in your e-juice. 

However, there are some average figures you might find helpful. A single drop of e-juice should provide you with seven puffs, and every milliliter of e-juice should provide 20 drops. Plus, 14 puffs are usually equivalent to a single cigarette. The total amount of nicotine absorbed by the body will be lower, but you can use these figures for rough estimates. 

We can offer a few more pointers if you want to know how many puffs you should take to equal a certain number of cigarettes. 

One cartridge of e-juice usually contains 300 puffs, and a single unit is 15 puffs. That means one cartridge contains 20 units. A unit is equivalent to a cigarette, so you can rely on there being 20 cigarettes worth of vape juice in a single cartridge. 

Is there a Safe Level of Nicotine Consumption?

Now you’re aware of how much nicotine is in a full pack of cigarettes, you might be wondering whether that amount is safe or not. The good news is that relatively high amounts of nicotine are safe for you to consume. 

Specifically, you can take anywhere up to 50mg before it becomes lethal, but a fatal amount isn’t reached until 500-1000mg. That means you should be cautious regarding any nicotine levels above or approaching 50mg. 

However, you won’t be taken by surprise because you will feel very uncomfortable before you reach a lethal level. That means you should just use your body as a guide if you’re unsure about how much nicotine you’ve taken. 

When you’re vaping, you’ll only be taking in a few milligrams of nicotine because 14 puffs equal a single cigarette and that only equates to 8-20mg of nicotine. So if you spread your vaping throughout the day, you should have no problems. 

Vaping or Smoking: The Better Option

How much nicotine is in a full pack of cigarettes is no longer a mystery, which means we can make an honest comparison between smoking traditional cigarettes and vaping using a nicotine-infused e-juice

Smoking and vaping give you the same effects, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything special by choosing to vape rather than smoke. You’ll feel the same sensations as when you smoke, but of course, with cigarettes, you get the taste of tobacco rather than any other flavors. 

Vaping not only gives you a wider range of flavors, but it also takes away the smell of smoke that many people dislike about smokers, and you won’t have to worry about having bad breath from vaping as you would with a cigarette. 

However, each cigarette is a self-contained dose of nicotine. In contrast, with vaping, you can continually take puffs, so you have to be careful and not absent-minded when you’re vaping. 

Best Vapes To Smoke Nicotine

Knowing how much mg nicotine is in a pack of cigarettes is only one part of the equation. The other is how you get those milligrams into your body. We’ve already compared smoking to vaping, so now we’ll give you some vapes that you can use to get the best results. We think these vapes are decent and come from a reputable source. 

However, the final judgment is yours to make, and we encourage you to do as much research as possible until you feel comfortable. Once you’ve made your choice, we hope you have a successful and enjoyable experience. 

Smok Novo 2 25W Pod Mod Starter Kit

Uwell Caliburn G 15W Starter Kit 

One of the top products we could find and an excellent choice for beginners is the Uwell Caliburn G 15W starter kit. It has a stylish appearance and comes in a decent range of colors. You can buy it for only $25.99, and it provides a decent vaping experience. 

It features a 690mAh battery, which is fair. It also has a USB-C port for convenient charging, and you can benefit from a top-fill design that reduces spillage when refilling. 


- You can quickly lock and unlock it with five clicks 

- You can activate it by button or by drawing from it 


- For the price, the tank and battery capacity are a little underwhelming 

Smok Vape Pen V2 Starter Kit

Smok Vape Pen V2 Starter Kit 

If you’re interested in getting a starter kit for vaping from a brand you can trust, then there’s no better choice than Smok. It has a strong reputation among vapers and offers quality products. This kit is elegant and appealing, plus it costs just $19.99. 

It also has a decent resistance range of 0.14-3ohms, plus a wattage output that reaches 60W at its maximum setting. The tank capacity is also generous, at 3ml.


- The tank capacity will give you lots of puffs before a recharge 

- The battery is 1600mAh, which means it will last for a long time 


- It’s not a good pick if you dislike vape pens 

SMOK Mag P3 Mini 80W Starter Kit


Smok SCAR-18 230W Starter Kit 

If you need a starter kit that’s more powerful than the one we just reviewed, and you want an alternative to vape pens, you can opt for this one. It’s a box mod, and as the title shows, has a very high maximum wattage.

It costs $49.99 and is typically available in various colors, but only a few are available at the time of writing. It also includes a TFT display that’s just under an inch in size. The tank capacity is 6.5ml, and it also gives you the ability to engage in sub-ohm vaping.


- It has a huge tank capacity 

- It looks cool while being designed well 


- It’s very expensive 

SMOK RPM 2 80W Pod Mod Kit

SMOK RPM 2 80W Pod Mod Kit 

Another option from SMOK is this pod mod kit. It’s not as powerful as the box mod we just covered, but it is good enough for most purposes. You can get it in a few colors, and you’ll only pay $29.99.

It has a super-fast firing speed of 0.001 seconds, and its display is large at 1.14 inches. You’ll also benefit from a wattage range of up to 80W and a tank capacity of 7ml. 


- The features are impressive compared to other vapes 

- It comes with a whopping 2000mAh battery capacity, meaning it will last for ages


- You won’t need the powerful features if you only vape lightly 

VooPoo DRAG NANO Pod System

VooPoo Drag S 60W Starter Kit

For a less colorful and bright vape kit that still has decent features, you can consider this one from VooPoo. It costs $34.99, but you’ll be getting a 2500mAh battery, plus a resistance range of 0.1-3ohms. 

The tank capacity is 4.5ml, and the wattage can reach 60W. These are decent for a vape of this price. 


- It has the largest battery capacity we’ve seen, meaning less recharging 

- Two coils and a tank are supplied with the kit, meaning you’ve got spares 


- You might not want to pay this much for a vape 


Reading this article should have informed you how much nicotine is in a pack of cigarettes. From that information, you should be able to choose which nicotine strength is right for you and know how often you should take puffs throughout the day. 

Now that you’re sure about how much nicotine is in a full pack of cigarettes, you can shop confidently for vapes. There’s one place we recommend more than any other.

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