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How To Properly Clean Vape Coils

clean vape coils

Having a clean vape is key to getting the most of out of your products. Overtime, a vape pen and its interior will get dirty through use, and it’s only a matter of time before residues from e-juice and vegetable glycerin affect the coils of your vaporizer. If the coils are not cleaned, the end result will be a less-pronounced taste from your e-juice, lowered amounts of vapor when you pull from it, and it can even lead to an unpleasant burnt taste when pulling from your vape.

Cleaning Vape Coils

Opening up the vape pen and switching out the coil heads aren’t effective enough measures to fully clean up your vape. There still might be strong flavors such as cinnamon or tobacco within your device. Taking the time to thoroughly clean out the coils of your vape should become a part of your vape cleaning regimen. This process will improve how the coils make the vaporized e-juice taste and increase how long the coils last before requiring replacement.

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Cleaning Your Coils

While opening and cleaning your vaporizer, you should keep in mind that there are two types of vape coils that can be swapped out. The first type of coil is placed within a tank along with a pre-installed wick. The second type of coil is for vapes that must be rebuilt, meaning that the person using the vape has to install the coil and then wick them.

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Replaceable Coils

Sub-ohm tank vapes with clearomizers make it more possible to clean its coil heads, but it won’t be possible to make the coils brand new again after use. This is due to the residue that collects on wicks over time. Cleaning the dirty coils by letting them soak and rinse can give you a few more days of use from them, if done properly. To clean coils in this way, follow these steps:

  • Soak your coil in a vinegar or ethanol solution for a few hours.

  • Rinse off the coils with running water from the tap.

  • Rinse them off a second time but with distilled water.

  • Make the water pass to the wicking holes by sending air through the open side of your coils and out through the e-juice intake holes.

  • Allow the water to evaporate by setting the coils aside. Heating tools or just sunlight will make the water evaporate more quickly. The coils will look better, but they will still need to be replaced in the near future.
  • It’s important to note that this will only be effective if the wick isn’t substantially scorched and if the coil isn’t excessively gunky already.

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    Rebuildable Coils

    It’s highly recommended to clean the coils in any rebuildable atomizer vapes that you use. As previously mentioned, uncleaned wicks will result in reduced overall flavor and in poor vapor production. These steps will help you keep your coils and vapes in the best condition possible.

  • Take the wicks away from the coils, as it’s best if you don’t accidentally burn them. If the coils are mostly in good shape, then a simple dry burn may do a sufficient job of cleaning them. Hit the fire button several times until the residual liquid is gone, allow the coils to cool down, and then re-wick them.

  • For times when dry burning won’t be enough to properly clean the coils, you’ll have to a more involved process by removing the wicks from the coils.

  • Dry burn the coils a little bit, ensuring that they don’t glow too brightly.

  • Take the atomizer from the vape and running water on the coils.

  • Carefully brush the coils with a cleaning device or something that can substitute as one.

  • Rinse the coils under water for a second time.

  • Perform a second dry burn to evaporate any water and finish the cleaning process.

  • Certain cleaning solutions like dishwashing soap can be used while brushing the coils, but make sure to diligently rinse them with hot water once you’re finished cleaning the coils.

  • In the event that the coils are still dirty, or if there’s an unsalvageable loss of flavor, then you should strongly consider rebuilding your atomizer. Coils that are efficiently and periodically cleaned will significantly longer durations of usefulness than those that are not cleaned, but eventually they must be replaced after enough uses.


    To enjoy your vape at its maximum effectiveness, regular cleanings and maintenance of its inner workings is essential. This includes keeping the vape coils operating at the cleanest levels possible to them over time and after various amounts of usage. Failing to do routine steps to clean your vape can lead to less satisfactory levels of taste and flavor, as well as decreased vapor production.
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