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How to Prime/Change Coils?

How to Prime/Change Coils?

How to Prime/Change Coils?

If you're using basic, pre-manufactured coil heads in your new sub-ohm clearomizer tank, you may think all you have to do is screw it in, fill your tank with some juice and start vaping. We hate to break it to you, but while it’s fairly simply to prime and change your coils, it’s not quite that simple.

Priming a fresh coil is a bit of an art, but a simple one. It only takes a couple minutes, and a little patience goes a long way toward getting the most out of your coils in terms of both how they perform and how long they last.  Like the old adage goes, “a stitch in time saves nine.”


Installation is the simple part. You just unscrew and discard the old coil, then screw the new coil into the tank base. Don’t use too much force to screw it on or you could end up cross-threading, which damages not only the coil head but the tank base. Use only the strength of your fingers and not your whole hand and wrist to twist it closed or you could end up with parts stuck together or shaving off your metal threads.

If you do end up with stuck threads from over-tightening, stick the whole mess in the freezer for 30 minutes. The cold will shrink the metal, making it easier to break stuck threads loose. (Note: you don't want to try this with a regulated mod with electronic components. Instead, take the tank off and leave your mod on the counter.)

Another tip is to check your device regularly to snug things up with an extra twist, as the connections will loosen up with use since you're not cranking down super tight to begin with.


The next step is to add a drop or two of e-liquid direct from your bottle to the coil. Add the liquid at each of the juice ports on the sides and into the coil from the top. Don't add too much, especially to the top, or you'll encounter flooding and gurgling hits when you first go to vape. Just like you don’t want to overtighten your components when installing your device, you also should use a light hand when dripping your e-liquid. Just a drop or two will do. The wicking material should suck this right up.

Fill ’er Up

Top up your tank and (lightly) screw all the components together.


This is the hard part. Remember, patience is a virtue. Give your coil a good five to 15 minutes to soak up any extra liquid it may need to saturate the wicks in case you didn't fully "prime" the coil by pre-dripping.

Dry Pulls

Take a couple deep pulls off your mod without pushing the fire button. This has a couple effects: first, it helps the wicking material pull a little more liquid in, just in case it's not saturated by now. It'll also let you know if you've dripped too much priming liquid into the center of the coil-if you get any gurgling, dab your center tube with a cotton swab to clean up the mess before trying to vape.

Low and Slow

Anyone who’s ever manned a barbecue or cooked scrambled eggs knows low heat and longer cook time is the way to get your food just right. It's the same with your coils. To get your coil performing at peak capacity, start at the bottom end of the suggested wattage range, or even a few watts below. Gradually turn up the power every vape or two until you find the "sweet spot" for your juice and vaping style. You can always increase power later, but once you burn your coil's wicking there’s no going back. At this step, patience will save you not just time, but money. By taking it easy for the first tank or so, you'll gradually break the coil in, avoiding burning your wicking or juice. This can mean the difference between a coil that starts to break down after three or four tanks and one that lasts for 20 fills or more.

To Wrap it Up

By breaking in your new coils properly you will get them to perform their best and last considerably longer. At $2 or $3 a pop (or more), that’s definitely a good thing.  There’s also another huge benefit to being incremental in the process. You'll have a chance during the break-in period to sample your juice across a wider range of power delivery options. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover your favorite flavor take on a whole new character when vaped at a much lower (or higher) wattage than you’re used to.

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