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How to Set Up a Vape Device/Starter Kit?

How to Set Up a Vape Device/Starter Kit?

Over the next ten minutes or so, we're going to talk about how to get your new vape starter kit out of the box and ready to puff. These instructions will vary widely depending on what kind of device you've chosen, but don't worry, they're all pretty simple to work with. We'll break things down into categories from here on out so you can skip straight to the kind of device you have.



How to set up the vuse starter kit

Older generation cigalikes are going to be the easiest to work with. Did you buy a disposable cigalike? Pop it out of the package and take a puff, it's ready to go!

Is your cigalike rechargeable? Plug the battery into the charger and connect the charger to a power source (we don't recommend computer USB ports just in case something malfunctions–you'd hate to fry your laptop battery charging a vape). Wait until the charge indicator light says you're good to go, or at least a half hour if you're impatient. Remove the charger, install the flavor cartridge, and you're all set.

Pod Systems


How to use the suorin air pod mod kit

Pod devices are also remarkably easy to get up and running. Did you buy a closed system device that comes with pre-filled disposable pods? Charge up the battery, snap a pod in, and you're in business.

If you've got an open system pod mod that allows you to choose your own liquid, you still want to go ahead and get that battery charging. Next, flip your empty pod upside down and open the fill port–it'll usually be covered by a tethered rubber cap that pops off easily with a fingernail.

Carefully fill with liquid either to the top or the indicated fill line, if there is one. Plug the fill port, wipe off any spilled e-liquid, and turn the pod over so liquid flows down and into the coil wicks. Wait 10 to 15 minutes (not a problem, your battery is still charging), then take a couple of gentle pulls on the pod before snapping it into the battery just to make sure liquid is getting pulled into the coil. Attach the charged battery and your preparation is complete.

eGo/Pen Vapes

How to use the smok nord 22 vape pen starter kit

Pen vapes are a little trickier, but still easy enough. The first step is going to be the same as above: connect your battery to the charger.

From there, unscrew your clearomizer tank and inspect the threads and the coil. Does everything look clean, free of any metal shavings with no signs of damage to the threading? If you see any of those problems, stop, re-box your gear, and contact your supplier about a refund. If everything looks good, reinstall the coil, fill the clearo, reinstall the coil and bottom cap, and turn the device right side up.

Again, you're going to want to wait 10-15 minutes for the liquid to soak into the wick, giving a couple of dry pulls before installing the tank onto the charged battery. Click the fire button five times to turn the battery on. If your device has a variable voltage twist dial at the bottom, turn it to the lowest setting and take a puff. If you're not getting the desired flavor/vapor production/heat after a couple puffs, slowly begin turning the device up. Stop when you find your sweet spot, and if you get any hint of a burnt taste dial the power back down.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers/"Mods"


We're going to discuss a couple types of computer-controlled mod starter kits here: fixed and replaceable battery.

If your mod has a permanently-installed battery pack, get it on the charger. For mods with replaceable batteries, you'll have ordered at least one (preferably two) sets of suitable lithium ion batteries with a verified continuous discharge rating of 20A or higher, along with a standalone charger from a reliable name like Xtar or Nitecore. Unbox the batteries and charger first and get those plugged in. If you bought multiple sets of batteries, mark them so that you always know which cells are paired off—using these "married pairs" will ensure you'll get the safest vape and best battery life, as pairing cells that have different charge histories is an invitation for problems.

Next, let's inspect your mod. Do all of the buttons click and release without hesitation? Does the battery door open easily and close securely? Do the 510 threads for connecting the clearomizer look clean and burr-free? Is the screen intact and scratch-free? If you can answer no to any of those, stop right here and contact your vendor.

Moving on, let's inspect the clearo in the same fashion as we did the pen vape. Unthread all of the threaded pieces and inspect them for cleanliness, smooth threads, and check for cracks in the tank glass. Assuming all looks good, reinstall the coil into the tank base and carefully drip a couple drops of liquid onto the top of the coil and into each of the juice ports on the sides. Reassemble the rest of the tank, fill, and (wait for it) let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes, taking a couple of dry pulls before installing on the mod.

Connect the mod and tank (installing batteries if applicable, paying close attention to proper insertion direction), then power up the mod (five rapid clicks of the power button will usually do it; check your instruction manual if this doesn't work as some devices have different procedures).

Do you want a tight, mouth-to-lung style draw, or an airy direct-lung hit? Adjust the airflow ring on the tank to nearly closed or almost wide open to start off, you can always experiment with this as you go.

Most modern coils will have a recommended power setting, measured in watts. We've found it's best to start a brand-new coil a few watts below the recommended minimum setting, increasing the power 0.5 watt every few puffs until we find our own Goldilocks zone. This means you may consume a full tank before getting the power all the way up to where you want it, but breaking a coil in gently is often the difference between getting optimal performance for a few refills or a few dozen refills.

There you have it, folks–simple setup of your new starter kit from A to Z in 20 minutes or less. Enjoy your new vape!

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