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Juul Won't Charge: How to Fix Common Issues


Compared to other devices, if you can match this one's portability. Since it's such a small device, you can take it practically anywhere. 

Plus, as long as it's in your pocket, no one will notice. Nevertheless, from time to time, you might encounter a few issues. When that happens, it can be frustrating. Regardless, with a strategic approach, you can solve them without any trouble most of the time.

How to fix JUUL charging

If Your Juul Won't Charge, What Could Be the Problem?

So, you've been dating for a little while now. For the most part, things have been going well. However, after waking up this morning, things were a little bit different. Instead of the usual experience, hitting your Juul didn't yield any results.


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Perhaps, something's wrong with the charger? Unfortunately, with these
devices, you'll run into issues like this on some occasions. Luckily, in most instances, it is solvable.

To fix the problem, it would help if you could identify the cause. That way, while you work on your device, you won't be wasting any time.

Otherwise, you may as well purchase a new one. To us, that would seem as if it were a waste.

Most Common Causes of Juul Battery Malfunction

  • - Moisture Got Into the Device:

Above all, moisture is the most common culprit. If something isn't working right, moisture probably has a part to play. 

Either way, by taking action fast, you should avoid severe damage. On some occasions, it might be too late. Luckily, as long as you keep your receipt, these devices tend to have an honorable warranty.

  • - Something Is Blocking the Charging Port:

Now, on other occasions, you'll run into something else. Instead of moisture-related issues, something is blocking the board. To move past this, just remove it.

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  • - You've Exceeded the Batteries the Useful Life Cycle:

After all, with all batteries, you'll only get a certain number of charges. After that, the battery wouldn't recharge anymore.

  • - The Magnets Are Displaced: 

For the battery to charge, both magnets must make contact with the charging base. Otherwise, an electric current wants to flow through them.

 At that point, it's more of a waste of time than anything else. Until those batteries are in their original places, things won't work as usual.

  • - You've Attached the Incorrect Charger:

Not to mention, with such a unique charger, grabbing the wrong one is an easy mistake. Regardless, until you find something compatible, charging will remain out of reach.

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How to Identify Different Issues

Even with a decent idea, it would be best if you could be certain. Thus, with the following tips, you can narrow things down. From there, finding the solution will be relatively straightforward.

  • - Experiment With Different Outlets:

First, move everything to another outlet. Then, try to plug it up again. Sometimes, this will solve everything. If that is the case, then nothing would have been wrong with your jewel in the first place. In fact, it was the outlet since the beginning.

  • - Inspect the Connection:

Next, take a look at where your device connects to the charger. In some instances, you'll find something amiss in that spot. When that happens, try to fix it. Generally, that should ameliorate the matter.

  • - Try Again While Using Different Charging Equipment:

Finally, pick up a new charger. At that point, you can try to use the original outlet. If nothing else has worked so far, this should solve things usually.

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How to Solve Different Issues

So, if you have made it this far, you'll know what caused the problem. With that information in hand, crafting a solution isn't out of the question. That said, let's brainstorm a bit. That way, when you encounter anything, you'll be prepared. Otherwise, our job could use some work.

What to Do If Your Device Got Wet

If you catch it early, then put the device in some rice. Then, place the rice underneath a fan. Occasionally, shake everything around. After a few hours, things should dry out. Then, you can attempt recharging your vaporizer. Hopefully, it'll work this time.

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If Something's Blocking of the Port, How Can You Remove It?

Perhaps a bobby pin would be among the easiest solutions. Regardless, anything that is small enough to fit in those holes should suffice. Just make sure the path is clear. Then, you can try charging up everything again.

In our experience, that's done the trick just about every time. When your Juul won't charge, the right solution is a mere matter of experimentation. With enough determination, you are bound to find something workable.