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Tips To Extend the Life of Your Coil

Tips To Extend the Life of Your Coil



When I first started vaping I knew nothing about coils. I didn't know that they needed to be replaced, let alone anything about regular maintenance that could extend their lifespan. I still don't know everything about every single model of vape coil available, but I've learned quite a bit just from my own experience and research. Along the way I learned the importance of having the proper coil for your device, what the coil actually does, when it's time to replace the coil, and how to get the most life out of a coil.

There's no magic number as to when you should change your coil. While there are some things to look for to tell your coil has gone bad, it depends on a variety of factors that are unique to each vape user. Depending on how often, how long, and what type of e-liquid you're vaping, determines how often you'll need to change your coil.

On average, coils typically last one week to one month, however there are regular maintenance and care tips you can use to help extend the life of your coils. Obviously you shouldn't push your coils beyond their standard use when they are past their prime, but overall care may aid in getting your money's worth out of them. Getting the most out of your coil begins with the moment you put it into your vape and lasts until the moment you take it out to replace. While it may sound cliche, this level of commitment is key if you're looking to get the most out of your coil and even extend it's use.

Prime Before You Vape

The first tip is to prime your coil. Most devices include a user manual that gives step by step instructions on how to prime your coil for use, don't discard them. Hold onto them until priming your coil becomes second nature to you. To prime a new coil, remove the old one, and install the new one. Locate the holes in the head of the coil that move the e-juice to the wick, and add several drops of e-liquid, one at a time, until the cotton seems like it's absorbed as much as it can. This allows the wicking material to become saturated, let it sit for the e-juice to work it's way through. Next, fill your tank with e-liquid and  reassemble your vape. After this, allow your tank to sit for a few minutes before starting the break-in process, with the wattage turned down to a bit below manufacturer recommendations and working your way up to normal over the course of a tank. Begin by taking small hits on your vape before slowly working your way up to normal inhales. When done properly your new coil will be ready for regular use.

Steer Clear of Dry Hits

This next tip probably seems obvious, avoid dry hits. This was one of my major mistakes when I first began vaping. Nothing ruins a coil faster than taking dry hits from a vape - once your wicking material has been allowed to burn, any throwaway coil head is essentially garbage. One of the easiest ways to avoid this is by checking to make sure your tank has enough e-juice in it before you start vaping, and to watch how quickly you vape. Giving your coil adequate time to cool down between hits can help you avoid the notorious dry hit.

Proper Cleaning

Another step is one I didn't even think of until a friend asked me about it - cleaning your coil. I had been cleaning my vape tank and completely neglecting my coil. Cleaning the coil can be quite simple, rinsing it and letting it dry. Gunk can build up on your coil while it still has some life left, cleaning it with plain old warm water and allowing it to dry gets rid of the gunk and extends the life of your coil. Some people will opt to gently dry burn their coil to remove gunk, similar to how you would with an self-cleaning oven - note that this method only applies to coils installed on a rebuildable atomizer, and it absolutely won't work unless you've removed the old wicking and will install new before vaping again! Dry burning to clean has to be done carefully or it can fry the coil. To clean your coil by gentle dry burning, you fire your coil just to the point of heating up, the allow it to cool completely before firing again. After about six or so cycles most of the gunk and grime has been burnt off of the coil.

Change Your E-juice

Sweeter liquids, especially dessert and candy flavors, tend to burn up coils and gunk wicking faster than liquids with a lighter flavor touch. The culprit here is artificial sweeteners, which don't vaporize completely and leave a buildup on the coil that can mute the flavor of future tanks. That's not to say you can't have your cake and vape it too, just be prepared to change out coil heads a bit more often.

Be a Smart Shopper

This may very well be the most important tip for extending the life of your coil. It can be incredibly tempting to purchase coils from untrusted sellers because of the price tag. However, these off-brand coils are often of lower quality, causing you to need to replace your coil more often than had you bought your coils from a trusted seller. It's also an unfortunate reality that some coils are just duds and won't work right out of the box - though the rate of failure is much lower with verified original manufacturer equipment. Trusted manufacturers and sellers are the money savvy and safe way to go. Besides costing more money, buying cheap unbranded coils from untrusted sources puts your safety at risk. Instead of putting yourself at risk, buy from trusted sellers who stand behind their products and offer branded products.

While all coils will eventually need replaced, there are steps you can take to extend the life of your coil. Vaping is an investment, and proper care for your vape components and <a href="https://breazy.com/collections/accessories">accessories</a> is key to ensuring you get your money's worth out of your investment.