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Tips to Prevent Vape Tank Leaks

tips to stop vape tank from leaking


Have you ever left your vape alone for a bit and came back to find it all leaky, with e-liquid seeping out of your tank and all over your mod? Or maybe you’ve just finished filling your tank with juice and on the first hit, you end up with vape juice all over the mod and subsequently, your hands (the worst is when it leaks into the air tube and you get a mouthful of blech). Everyone who has ever vaped has been there. Leaky tanks happen, but there are plenty of ways you can prevent it. Who wants to deal with the mess—not to mention the cost—of your favorite juice leaking out of your tank?

Here are some tips to prevent this from happening in the future.

Make Sure You’re Filling Your Tank Properly—Without Getting Juice in the Airflow

This is probably the most common mistake that a new—or even an experienced—vaper can make. Some tanks are a bit tricky to fill, because the space for the fill hole is small. When filling a tank with a small opening, sometimes air bubbles accumulate and if you aren’t careful, the juice can overflow into the air tube. If you’re new to vaping and you didn’t realize the importance of keeping the juice inside the tank, and out of the airflow, now you know. Juice inside the airflow is going to result in a messy leakage from the tank and out of the airflow control ring. It’s also particularly nasty when there is a strained gurgle, and you find yourself inhaling some of your liquid instead of vapor. A good way to prevent this from happening is a careful filling of your tank. Even dealing with those pesky air bubbles and remaining patient is better than a waste and a mess. If you find that your tank fill is just too small for most of your vape juice droppers, consider filling a unicorn bottle with some of your juice for a more compact, direct fill.

Check your O-Rings and Seals

O-rings are the air seals for your vape tank. These can get worn down and degrade in quality over time, especially if you use “tank cracker” flavors like citrus and cinnamon (so named for their propensity to actually crack old-style plastic clearomizers) which can cause your tank to leak. Check your o-rings for damage or general wear and tear, and if you think this is a reason your tank might be leaking, replace the o-rings with a new set - most new tanks come with a spare set.

Your tank’s seals, or threads where everything screws together, are equally important in preventing leaks. If your tank or your coil isn’t screwed in properly, this may result in leakage, not to mention permanent damage to your hardware. Make sure everything is aligned on your tank, and be careful not to cross the threads when putting it together - if you can’t tighten it easily by hand, back off and start over before you damage the threads! Check the glass tank itself for cracks where the tank threads into the mod, and if you think your coil might not be screwed in correctly, check that as well.

Is Your Wattage Correct For Your Device?

Your atomizer coil is affected by the wattage setting. You want to make sure that your wattage is not too high or too low for the coil that you are using, not just for leaks, but because this is an essential factor for a good vaping experience (also preventing burnt out coils and a nasty burnt flavor). If your wattage is too high you run the risk of burning out your coil. If the wattage is too low, the atomizer coil won’t be heated properly, which can lead to a leaky tank! The easiest way to prevent this is to check make sure you are vaping within the suggested wattage for your atomizer coil—this is usually labelled on the outside of your coil.

You Might Have a Bum Coil

This doesn’t happen that often, but once in awhile you’re going to purchase a coil that just isn’t working right. It happens in anything that is mechanical or manufactured, so if you feel that the coil isn’t working properly, try replacing it and see if your Sub Ohm tank is still leaking.

PG/VG Levels

Your e-juice’s viscosity might be a factor in a leaky tank, especially if you have a more powerful coil. A higher percentage of PG (Propylene Glycol) juice is thinner than a higher VG (Vegetable Glycerin) juice. Check your liquid’s ingredients and ask a professional if your PG/VG percentage is an ideal mix for your atomizer coil.

Store Your Tank Correctly

Don’t leave it lying horizontally (on its side), because some tanks are just going to leak when left in this position - I discovered this the hard way. Try to always keep your mod in an upright position, and if storing it in a purse or pocket close the airflow holes as an added precaution.

Clean Your Tank

Every now and again, your tank is going to need some cleaning. Buildup from e-juice can be the cause of a leaky tank. A simple way to fix this is to clean it properly - not to mention that it’s just common sense for a device you’re putting in your mouth dozens of times a day. Do this by disassembling the tank and running it under some warm water (possibly using a mild detergent and some cotton swabs to scrub) and dry it with a soft towel or paper towel that won’t cause any unwanted scratches.