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Understanding Your Vape Starter Kit

You’ve just purchased a starter kit! Congratulations. But maybe you’re a little confused as to how it all works, and what the different components of your vape kit actually are. Complete knowledge of how your setup works is typically only acquired over time, and the more advanced you are, the more complicated your device set up can get. Let’s look at the basics of entry-level vape kits to give you an idea of how it all works.


Stick or Mod:

The base of your starter kit is probably either a stick mod or box form, although there are other types of mods available in starter kits these two are the most common. Vape mods are the power behind your setup - they’ll contain a fixed or replaceable battery, a firing button, and possibly other buttons to control settings, such as wattage and temperature control. However, all kits are powered with the push of a button, which allows your mod to supply the power to your atomizer coil.

Stick devices are the less-complicated of the two; they have settings that can’t be changed and no OLED screen, with a simple push of the button for inhalation.

Mods have a little more to them. Typically, box mods are going to be more powerful than sticks and have features such as temperature control and power settings.

If you’re new to vaping, a stick might be the less complicated choice, however, box mods are pretty easy to understand with a little explanation. Plus a lot of box mods come with OLED screens that display your power settings such as wattage, ohms, and volts, and are easily adjusted.



If you have purchased a vape stick, then odds are the battery is going to be an internal one. These batteries aren’t replaceable, but they’re rechargeable through a micro-USB port. The downside of sticks, for this reason, is once the battery’s life is waning, and your charge refuses to hold well, you can’t replace the battery, and are left with no choice but to purchase a new device.

A box mod device is usually going to require at least one or more batteries. These are rechargeable, and when they wear out, you can replace them. If you have a box mod and aren’t sure what batteries to purchase, ask a professional which type suits your mod the best. We’ve touched on this in the past, and while the linked post is old all the advice still stands for entry-to-intermediate level mods today.



Your tank is where the magic happens - in here electricity is rendered into heat, which combines with air and liquid to create vapor. Your atomizer coil is screwed into the mod and contained in the tank, and this is where your e-liquids go. There are different tanks for different kits, but all of them have the same basic job - hold onto the liquid until it’s time to vaporize it, then supply as much liquid is needed to the coil.


Atomizer Coil:

Vape kits generally use premade atomizer coils. Coils work with the electricity generated by the mod to heat up e-liquid and turn it into vapor. There are different resistance levels for coils, so be sure to know which ones work best with your kit. More advanced tanks work with user-built coils and wicking, but stick with the throwaway coils while you’re learning the basic of your mod.



Wicking is the cotton (or rayon, or silica, but in throwaway coils it’s usually organic cotton) inside your premade atomizer coil that is used to absorb and then transfer the juice to the coil to be vaporized. Wicking doesn’t stay good forever, and is generally the reason for your coils going bad. Think of heating cotton over and over and over—eventually, it’s going to deteriorate.

Once You Know Your Device, it’s Not So Complicated!

If you purchased your vape kit at a local vape shop, odds are they went over some of these device essentials with you. Once you become better acquainted with how your vape starter kit works, vaping won’t seem like the enigma that it once was to you.