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Vapers’ Tongue: What Is It and How Do I Get Rid of It?

You’re vaping away, and all of a sudden you start to notice that you’re having a hard time tasting your e-liquid. The juice’s flavor, once strong and robust, now seems really mild, like a watered-down soda.

This phenomenon is lovingly dubbed “vapers’ tongue”, which essentially means that you’re experiencing flavor or olfactory fatigue.

That sounds scarier than it is, so don’t fret. Vapers’ tongue is very common, and it happens to the best of us. There are several causes for vapers’ tongue. Maybe you’ve been vaping more than usual, causing a loss of taste and smell. Or perhaps you’ve been stuck on one flavor for too long, causing your body to become too used to it.

Vaper’ ‘tongue is a real pain, but it usually resolves itself within a few days, if not sooner. Unfortunately, I am one of the victims as we speak (due to lack of hydration - shame on me). Don’t worry! There are some ways you can speed up the process on your own, and get back to enjoying your vape.

How Did I Get Vapers’ Tongue?

Vapers’ tongue has a few different causes, and once you pinpoint why it’s happening, you’ll be able to help prevent it from occurring again.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

If you’ve been vaping with the same e-liquid flavor for a long time, there’s a chance that you’ve just become immune to it, and your taste buds want some variety! Your body adapts to pretty much anything after a while, so it stands to reason that your favorite juice can lose its punch due to overuse. Shifting to a flavor that provides a sharp contrast for a while, like switching to a cool citrus vape if you’ve been stuck on warm dessert flavors, can give your taste buds the kick they need to let you get back to enjoying your cinnamon roll or coffee cake.

Remember That Mind-Numbing Dry Hit?

Yes, dry hits can really mess up your taste buds if they’re severe enough. I made a rookie mistake early in my vaping days, consistently vaping a coil that was on its way out, and the hit to end all hits was a nasty, intense dry hit that felt like it was searing my throat from the inside out. If you’ve been there, you know exactly what I mean. These kinds of dry hits can seriously set you back in the taste and smell department for a few days.

Feel Dehydrated?

Are you hydrating enough? If you’re dehydrated, your sense of taste might be suffering. Make sure you keep drinking fluids to compensate that dry mouth from vaping - remember that the water vapor you’re expelling in the form of fluffy clouds is coming from your own body, and you need to hydrate to replenish the liquids you’re losing.

What Can I Do to Fix My Vapers’ Tongue?

Although vapers’ tongue will fix itself, I understand the frustration, and there are a few things that you might try to lessen the effects.

Number one is drink more fluids. Dehydration is probably one of the two most common causes of vapers’ tongue. Vaping—especially when you’re a newbie and your body is still getting accustomed to it—can dehydrate you. Not severely, but a lot of new vapers complain of a dry mouth.

One of the biggest culprits here is simply flavor fatigue. Switch up your e-juice flavors regularly to help prevent developing a tolerance. Keep a couple different options with you at all times, and this should be easily preventable.

If switching flavors doesn’t seem to help, consider trying a juice with a higher percentage of PG. PG holds flavor better than its counterpart, and usually has a strong flavor as a rule.

Another tip is to try something minty to cleanse your palate. Mouthwash or minty gum sometimes does the trick. Or, try out a menthol flavored e-juice. Menthols are typically strong enough to taste, even with an awful case of vaper’s tongue.