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Vaping vs Smoking Cost: Which is Cheaper?


Nicotine creates its own appeal. However, for most who use it, it tends to eat up a significant portion of their budget. Smoking has been habitual since the habit was first discovered. 

Throughout all that time, millions of dollars have been spent to support it.

Today, an alternative poses a potential solution, saving people thousands. Vaping your nicotine might be more affordable, and it feels identical.

Vaping vs Smoking Cost

Cost Comparison Analysis

Costs should be seen on an objective basis. Dollar for dollar, which of these habits is the least expensive? Answering that question ought to be as simple as comparing each habit's yearly cost.

In other words, we'll look at how much a smoker would spend compared to someone who used a vaporizer.

Average Cost of Smoking Cigarettes

As with any analysis, some assumptions have been made in the following example. We've done our best to provide something that approximates the average. Extreme habits would obviously cost more than the figures shown here. Lighter users might not spend quite so much. However, in either instance, final costs always seem extravagant, especially compared to vaping.

Average Smokers Yearly Expenses Vary:

Above all, the size of someone's habit impacts how much they spent the most. After that, taxes would be the next largest factor, as some areas charge two or three times as much as others. If you live somewhere that taxes tobacco excessively, expenses would rise in proportion.

Assuming One Pack a Day, at Roughly $10 a Pack, You'd Spend Over $3K Each Year:

An average smoker tends to go through about one pack each day. On average, he'll spend around $10, perhaps a little under, per pack. Over the course of the year, that average smoker would go through 360 packs or more. With some simple math, we've calculated his yearly expenditure to be approximately $3600. That's enough for an automobile down payment.

Average Cost of Vaping

Now, let's do the same thing except for the person who vaporizes. Getting started takes some sort of hardware, and you would need to purchase some vape juice as well. Hardware is a one-time cost. Vape juice is the only recurring expense you ought to expect.

A Single Bottle of Juice Might Cost $20 On the High-End :

Vapor juices can be found in a variety of sizes and strengths. At most, you might throw down a $20 bill to pick up some top-shelf juice. Still, people who want to live frugally can find bottles for as little as $12.

Typically, These Last for at Least a Week:

Each bottle lasts for a lot longer than a pack of cigarettes would. So, you'll be purchasing them far less frequently. Assuming each bottle lasts for about a week, you'd need 50 of them for an entire year.

So, You'd Spend About $1,000 Over a Whole Year:

50 bottles would cost $1000 at $20 a pop. If you found something less expensive, those yearly costs would also shrink. As you can see, smokers should spend about three times as much supporting their habit over a year.

Hardware Should Only Add Another $100 at Most:

Keep in mind, juice isn't the only expense you'll have. Without something to vaporize it, it would be nothing more than an ornamental bottle, decorating the shelf. For the most part, vaporizer equipment doesn't exceed $100. In fact, we've got some quality hardware available for less than $20.

Other Advantages Vaping Has Over Smoking

Why else would someone who has been smoking for years make such a transition? Vaporizing nicotine isn't just a fad. Experience suggests there is plenty of other benefits as well.

Benefits of Vaping

- Portable:

Portability happens to be our top priority when shopping for new equipment. We love hitting the road, even without any plans. So, for us to truly enjoy something, taking it with us must be easy. Vaporizers are far easier to stow away when throwing things into a bag hurriedly. A pack of cigarettes would be bent and busted by the time the plane got off the tarmac.

- Rechargable:

Cigarettes might not need electricity, but without a lighter, smoking is nearly impossible. Outlets line the walls of shops all around, so finding somewhere to charge shouldn't be hard. Even dead batteries spring back to life within mere moments.

- Tastier:

Most who smoke don't enjoy the it for its flavor, despite what advertisements would like you to think. The juices people use in their vaporizers are far more decadent than anything Marlboro offers.

- Better Smelling:

Sour scents seem to be among the largest complaints of people who have to live near smokers. Sometimes, vapor juices smell downright delightful. Comparatively, it's as if you've been taken out of a garbage heap and transplanted into a springtime garden. In other words, your nose will think you, as will everyone else's.

Our Latest Vaping Favorites

Trying out new things happens to be anxiety-inducing for some people. Sure, it makes sense if you think about it. Investing in something uncertain always carries some risk. We've taken care of it for you by experimenting with these products ourselves. This industry always has new and exciting products to try, and we've been more than happy to oblige them. Here is what has made the best impressions on us lately.

Strawberry by The One E Liquid

Strawberry - The One E Liquid

Fields of strawberries in the air, the vapor leaves a subtle but distinct aftertaste, drifting out of your mouth effortlessly. For us, this one appeals to the senses in such a sublime way that it's hard to ignore. Plus, with multiple sizes and strengths, anyone can benefit from these flavors.

- Availble in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg:

Even people who avoid nicotine get to experience these tastes without any guilt. Or, if you have a strong habit, check out the 6 mg variety. Either way, getting what you want won't be a problem.

- 30ml or 60ml Bottles:

Larger sizes offer an easy way to save more money, since they'll cost less per unit. At the same time, by going with the smaller ones, you could spend a little less to taste it if you haven't made up your mind. Options ought to be seen as something beneficial, even though you may not use all of them.

VCT by Ripe Vapes

VCT - Ripe Vapes

VCT always surprises us with their tastes. Blended together, several fruity overtones dominate the pallet of this product. Taking a hit tastes as though a dollop of blackberry cream had been dropped into a fruit medley, sweet and sour simultaneously. Seriously, if you've got a craving for something sweet, one of these would be your best bet.

- Subtly Sweet With Decadent Tones:

Exhaling after you've taken a hit of this doesn't disappoint. You'll note that the flavors take a few moments to develop, getting stronger over time. At first, its subtle sweetness seems mild at must. Then, the decadence overtakes you.

- Multipe Nicotine Concentrations:

Heavy habits haven't been left in the dust, and neither have lighter ones. Regardless of what you'd like, there is a concentration to suit your tastes. Bold hits of a high strength just could take you to another planet. Or, you could slide down into the seat while sipping on something subtler.

Blueberry by The One E Liquid

Blueberry - The One E Liquid

Blueberries bring back beautiful bonds, broken by boring bets. We need to place a wager on this juice if you're in the mood for that kind of thing. It's so similar to a blueberry pie, even someone blindfolded would recognize its taste.

- Best Blueberry Flavored Juice on the Market:

Blueberry has its own fan base. Constantly searching for more, they argue about which products reproduce it the best. Most blueberry fans have found themselves in agreement after getting a taste of this. Actually, even looking for something to surpass it would seem like a fool's errand.

Strawberry Pom (Brain Freeze) - NKD 100 Salt E Liquid

Strawberry Pom (Brain Freeze) - NKD 100 Salt E Liquid

Menthol and strawberries, could you think of anything better is a combination? We have put our minds to that task, yet we still haven't come up with an answer. Strawberry Pom's nickname is brain freeze, and it earned that misnomer. Taking a hit of it sends silvery tendrils sliding down the throat. Exhaling only intensifies the experience.

- Superb Combo of Menthol and Fruit:

Smokers who love their morning menthol cigarettes might have found another true love. Menthol cigarettes seem unappealing after getting a taste of these tender, fruity undertones. Etched on the palate, only another drag relieves the desire.

Blue Razz by Air Factory E Liquid

Blue Razz - Air Factory E Liquid

Gas stations were always something exciting as a child, considering they had Slurpees. If you've been craving a blast from that past, get a taste of this. For us, it's like sipping down a slurp of a summertime slushy after swimming all day at the pool. In other words, it's simply refreshing.

- Timeless Taste and Sweet Memories:

When's the last time you tasted the flavor of blue? As children, we'd always thought Lou would've tasted like a Slurpie. Anyone who has thought anything similar should find this regintes those memories.

The Berg by Innevape Salt E Liquid

The Berg - Innevape Salt E Liquid

Vaping salt nic juice ought to be done at higher resistance levels, as the nicotine burns more easily. That said, in the right vaporizer, you won't find anything that tastes closer to raspberry. Each hit pounds a message into the tongue, jolted by the sour mist.

- Blue Raspberry:

Often, people confuse raspberry and blueberry. The difference couldn't be much more obvious to us, considering how sour this is. Blueberry doesn't pucker up the face in quite the same way.

- Salt-Based Nicotine:

Not all vape juice is made the same. Salt nic bonds nicotine to ions in the solution, better preserving their shelf-life. However, since salts conduct heat more efficiently, burning them isn't all that difficult. Keeping resistance levels low is critical when vaping this juice.

Dragon Fruit Menthol by Solace Salts E Liquid

Dragon Fruit Menthol - Solace Salts E Liquid

Anyone who has tasted a dragon fruit understands its appeal. This juice feels like it's a faithful representation of that tasty treat. Not to mention, compatibility with pretty much any vaporizer is a guarantee. Adjust the setting on your device so that it reaches an ideal temperature. Then, this juice's dragon fruit flavor becomes even bolder.

Vaping vs Smoking Cost

No matter which way you look at it, vaping appears to be more affordable. Smokers who want to save on their habit would do well to heed that advice.