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What’s a Vape Starter Kit?

What’s a Vape Starter Kit?


What’s a Vape Starter Kit?

Ah, the vape starter kit. This may be the simplest sounding, yet most confusing term in all of vaping.

We've seen just about every category of vape device billed as a starter kit over the years, and while the name implies it has everything you'll need to get started, that may or may not be the case. Let's go through all of the most common set-ups you'll see advertised as starter kits and discuss what they really entail. What's more, we'll cover some of the accessories you'll need to make it more than a few days into your vape journey.

One thing we will cover is whether or not a class of starter kit really comes with everything you need to get started. In vape terms, "starter kit" generally means you won't need to buy any vape-specific hardware outside of the kit to get going. But in all likelihood you're going to need a bottle of liquid with which to fill your device (unless you're using a closed-system device where the atomizer comes pre-filled with liquid.) Additionally, although some hardware (like pods or coil heads) is usually included in the starter kit, it isn't designed to last forever, so having spares on hand means you won't be left in the lurch a few days or weeks down the road.

And just like those toys you used to get on Christmas, most starter kits don't come with batteries (or chargers.) This isn't a sneaky maneuver to frustrate you, it’s because vape manufacturers are not battery manufacturers. You need a special battery designed especially for vape devices from a specialized battery company such as Sony, Samsung, or LG for your power source.

Cigalike Starter Kit


 Menthol E-Cigarette Starter Kit - MarkTen

What it includes: The cigalike package will typically include a rechargeable stick battery, a proprietary charger, and a few vape cartridges or pods, often with a variety of flavors and/or nicotine strengths.

Is it a true starter kit? Yes, this should include your power source, your charger, and the liquid cartridges/pods you'll actually be vaping.

What else do I need: You'll need some extra cartridges/pods at some point, but once your battery is charged you can vape this one out of the box.

Pod Mod Starter Kit

 Suorin Drop Pod Mod Kit - Suorin

What it includes: In your pod mod kit, expect to find a rechargeable battery, proprietary charger, and a pod or two. Depending on whether you're using an open or closed system, those pods may be pre-filled and ready to go or you may need to fill them with a liquid of your choice.

Is it a true starter kit? Maybe, depending on whether it's a closed- or open-system device.

What else do I need: For an open system, you'll definitely need a bottle of liquid to get started. For either system you'll need some replacement pods, but not right away.

Pen Vape Starter Kit


 Stick V9 Max 60W Starter Kit - Smok

What it includes: A starter kit in pen vape class should have a pen-style battery, charger, and a clearomizer tank.

Is it a true starter kit? No.

What else do I need: You're going to need a bottle of liquid, and some replacement coil heads will be necessary sooner than later.

Vape Stick/AIO (all-in-one) Starter Kit


 Balet AIO Starter Kit - Vapesoul

What it includes: A rechargeable battery, charger, and clearomizer tank (maybe integrated into the battery body) will be included.

Is it a true starter kit? No.

What else do I need? Like the pen vape, you're going to need liquid to fill the device. A spare pack of coil heads is also a good idea to have.

What it includes: Most box mods will come with the mod itself, a charger cable, and a clearomizer tank with coil head.


Fixed-Battery Box Mod/APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) Starter Kit


Is it a true starter kit? No.

What else do I need: Again, you're going to need some liquid and some spare coil heads to get you up and running for a while.

Replaceable Battery Box Mod/APV Starter Kit


 Smok MAG Baby 50W TC Starter Kit - SMOK

What it includes: Like with other box mods, expect to get the mod itself and a clearomizer with pre-installed coil. You may also get a USB cable for installing firmware updated by connecting to your computer.

Is it a true starter kit? No.

What else do I need: Not only do you need some liquid and spare coils, you'll also need at least one pair (preferably two pairs) of high-discharge lithium ion 18650 batteries suitable for vaping. A good-quality standalone charger is highly recommended, while some data cables may allow you to also use them for charging, this is typically not advised for safety purposes.


Bottom Feeder/"Squonk" Box Starter Kit


 iJoy Capo Squonk 100W Starter Kit - iJoy

What it includes: This kit will contain a mod and a rebuildable dripping atomizer, which may or may not come with pre-installed wicks and coils.

Is it a true starter kit? No.

What else do I need: Depending on whether your mod has a fixed battery or uses replaceable cells, you'll need all the items listed for the corresponding mods above. Instead of spare replaceable coil heads, you'll want a spare squonk bottle and appropriate wire, wicking, and tools for rebuilding your atomizer. This option is only recommended for experienced vapers with an understanding of coil building and basic electrical theory.

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