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How To Guide: Why Is My Vape Leaking?

why is my vape leaking

If you’ve ever looked at your vaporizer and asked yourself, “why is my vape leaking again?” you are not alone. Many vape enthusiasts struggle with leaking vapes. However, while the issue is often minor, it’s still one of the most inconvenient and uncomfortable problems anyone has to face. No one wants to waste some good juice and probably even mess up their clothes, table or car in the process.


Why Is Your Vape Leaking

Sometimes, vapes leak due to some common issues, and the key to preventing or solving them is understanding them. Ask yourself these questions to discover the possible reasons why your vape is leaking:

Are you overfilling the tank?

One of the most common reasons why people experience vape leakages is filling their tanks with the e-liquid beyond the recommended level. If your device is overfilled, the liquid can easily get into the other tank areas and seep out.

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Similarly, filling your tank all the way up is not good either, since the device requires a gap of air or a bubble to create a vacuum in the tank. This prevents the liquid from leaking out of the holes dedicated to airflow.

Is your tank tightened enough?

Another common reason why people experience leakages is failing to tighten their tanks well enough. You need to check your vaporizer to make sure it is tight enough. Unscrew the vape when you fill it with the liquid; when you’re putting it back together, make sure it’s tight enough. Confirm that the rubber rings on the device are sealing the device properly against leaks. You also need to confirm that the steal threads on your vape are matching up; they shouldn’t be off center. The vape juice can easily leak out through the tiniest gaps in your pen.

Are your O-rings in good shape?

Although ensuring that your device is tightened properly is important, overdoing it can lead to problems as well. The rubber rings, also known as the o-rings can get damaged. These rings create the seal; when they become damaged, the liquid can get out very easily.

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Moreover, you need to appreciate the fact that the rubber tends to become brittle over time. If you’ve been using your device for a while, you need to make sure that your o-rings are still in good condition. These components should be firm and pliable. Confirm that they’re bending sufficiently when you squeeze them and snapping back normally when you release them. If you notice any signs of damage, such as cracks or missing chunks, then do consider replacing the rings.

How do you store or transport your device?

It’s not uncommon for the vape device to leak if it is stored or transported in a horizontal position. When the tank is kept on its side for a long duration of time, its juice may leak out of its airflow holes. Try to remember the way you’ve been positioning your device. If you’re not sure, clean the device and leave it in a horizontal position for some time. If the juice leaks, then that’s the problem.

Are you inhaling correctly?

Whether you are using a dry herb vaporizer, portable vaporizer or pax vaporizer, your device may leak when you inhale incorrectly. Vaping is not smoking, although they tend to feel similar. When you’re smoking, you’ll use something that is already burning, so half the work is done for you. This means that you can have short and sharp draws on your cigarette.

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Conversely, vaping requires a bit more time. While pressing your button, the coil in your device requires some time to heat up; the e-liquid requires some time as well to get into the coil to be turned into vapor. This means that your draw has to be slow and steady, thus longer. If you don’t allow that time, you may experience leakages because the e-liquid will not be vaporizing properly.

Is your tank damaged?

Your vape tank is made to last, but it’s not unbreakable. Since most of these items are made of glass, there is a chance that yours could be cracked or somewhat broken. Like most vapers, you may be using your device all day long; your device may journey from your car to your office and then back to your house again.

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You may also have tossed your device in your drawer or somewhere else and damaged your tank. Luckily, you can easily determine whether your device is broken. Simply hold your vaporizer up to a light and look at it very closely. The light will help you see chips or hairline cracks around the edges that may be causing the leakage. If you see any damage, contact your provider to send you a replacement tank.

Why is my vape leaking? This is a question that most vapers ask. With these points though, I’m sure you’ll have the answer, and a leaking vaporizer will no longer be a problem to you.