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Best 26650 Batteries in 2021

Best 26650 Batteries in 2021

26650 Batteries are the recommended power source for devices that require higher rates of battery performance and capacity. These batteries are ideal for high-drain, power-hungry devices.

You may find very few vape mods that use the 26650 batteries since they are considerably larger and heavier than 18650 or AA batteries. This makes them cumbersome to carry around or hold for a while. However, due to their exemplary performance, 26650 batteries are mostly used in laptops, flashlights, and vape mods.

Best 26650 Batteries in 2021

If you are a seasoned vaper, chances are high that you have one of the best vape mods. If you do, you undoubtedly understand how useful 26650 batteries are in powering quality high-drain mods. You also understand the difficulty involved in finding these 26650 batteries in today’s market, especially for beginners.

Plus, finding 26650 batteries made by such renowned manufacturers as Sony, Samsung, and LG are next to impossible, shopping for the best 26650 battery for your mod can be a draining task.

Luckily, the tedious task of finding the most ideal 26650 battery for your mod won’t be a problem anymore. We are here to ensure that you get the best 26650 batteries in 2021 from the detailed list that we have compiled below. The batteries that we have included are ranked according to various determiners; including performance and pricing.

Before we proceed, we should inform you that this list was compiled by a knowledgeable team of professionals from Breazy. Breazy is a company whose sole dedication is providing you with a shopping experience that is seamless and unique according to your personal preferences. We are infamous for our vape advocacy efforts. And we also support numerous diverse organizations with the same inclination.

Our team thoroughly examined innumerable 26650 batteries and settled on the best as we have ranked them below.

Our Top 26650 Battery Picks for 2021

INR 18650 2500mah Battery

1) AWT IMR High Drain 45A 26650 Battery

Our top 26650 battery is the AWT High Drain Battery. This package from AWT consists of a twin pack of intensely powerful batteries. They provide the necessary amount of 'juice' that your mod needs to provide with amazing, super amped sessions.

One of the most lovable aspects of these batteries is their long life-cycle. At 4500mAh and 75A, these 26650 batteries will power your mod longer than most other battery brands.

These batteries are rechargeable and tested to ensure they are safe. If you want batteries that will withstand the test of time, we highly recommend these 26650 batteries.

2) Aspire INR 26650 Battery

Aspire 26650 batteries are manufactured by Aspire brand. Aspire is famous in the vape manufacturing industry. They have a long-standing reputation as manufacturers of high-quality vape products, and their batteries are clear proof of this.

These batteries work seamlessly with Aspire NX100 and other vape mods that support 26650 batteries. They can run for longer than most 18650 and 26650 batteries.

This battery has earned its position on our listing by providing a thrilling nominal capacity of 4300mAh. It also comes with a nominal voltage of 3.7V and a 4.2V maximum voltage.

Aspire assures you that their Aspire INR 26650 batteries are completely safe since they undergo extensive testing. They are also able to handle high amounts of current for a long period.

If you want a 26650 battery that is rechargeable, and can run for longer without draining your pockets, the Aspire 26650 battery may be the best option for you.

3) Golisi S43 IMR 26650 Battery

The Golisi 26650 battery is one of the batteries that are ideal for unregulated and regulated vape mods. This Li-ion battery comes in handy when you need a reliable source of power for your high-drain device.

At a nominal capacity of 4300mAh, this lithium battery is rechargeable and more than just serviceable. The most impressive feature of the Golisi 26650 battery is it is chargeable up to 500+ times without losing its high performance.

Compare this to a traditional battery; you will see just how powerful and innovative this battery is. Plus, it is environment-friendly.

This battery also allows a maximum continuous discharge current of 40A and a maximum intermittent discharge current of 50A. Its discharging temp varies from 20ºC to 50ºC. It stands out from other 26650 batteries by being light in weight and containing a higher density of energy.

So, if you want a battery that will last you longer and can be charged more than 500 times, Golisi S43 26650 is your go-to battery. It works extremely well with Geek Vape Aegis 100W Box Mod.

18650 30Q Pink Battery 2 Pack by Samsung

4) Hohm Tech Grown 26650 Battery

When it comes to producing unique vape mods, very few brands can compete with Hohm Tech. When it comes to 26650 batteries, Hohm Tech is well known for its high-quality 26650 batteries that come with considerable capacity and a marvelous punch.

This battery comes with an official rating of 4244mAh, a 30.3A CDR, and a cut-off limit of 2.8V or 80ºC. Calculations from Ohm's Law are used to label cells in Hohm Tech Grown 26650.

If you draw a comparison between this battery and the Aspire 26650 Battery, you will find that their capacity is nearly equal but what makes this battery outstanding is its availability. It is easier to find than Aspire 26650.

When it comes to safety, this battery is tested thoroughly and certified as required by regulatory bodies. Its safety is further guaranteed by the utilization of cathode tags. These tags are modified and consist of highly purified aluminum. They also control excess pressure by installing an updated poly seal containing bitumen that has been refined. This is a rechargeable battery.

If you want 26650 batteries with amazing longevity for your mod, this battery won’t disappoint you.

5) IMREN IMR 26650 Battery

IMREN IMR 26650 maintains its position as one of the cheapest battery options that don’t compromise on quality. Most vapers find this battery very pocket-friendly and its power quite impressive. The price and quality balance achieved by Imren in this battery won’t make you regret your decision after purchase.

Despite this product being relatively new in the market, it has been able to attract a lot of attention. It comes with an amazing capacity of 4200mAh and 3.7V voltage to ensure your mod is super-amped for longer. This battery is also rechargeable, and it has a maximum pulse of 60A.

The 60A maximum load supported makes the Imren 26650 battery perfect for sub-ohming. Our Sub-Ohm Vaping: is it right for you article will help you determine whether sub-ohm vaping is right for you or not.

This 26650 battery is also one of the safest batteries available in the market today. You will find that it works well with most vape mods that require a high wattage. It handles all those massive loads of amps from demanding mods smoothly and efficiently.

This is another 26650 battery that we highly recommend if you want to spice up your vaping experience with long-lasting sessions.

6) IJOY INR 26650 Battery

The IJOY 26650 battery is similar to the other 26650 batteries we have shared in this article when you consider its lifecycle. This battery offers you the opportunity to power your device using a battery with solid performance and long life.

The reliability of IJOY 26650 battery is unquestionable. This one of the best rechargeable Li-ion batteries for high-drain mods and devices. It has impressively low internal resistance and it can hold its voltage surprisingly well.

This battery’s reliable performance comes from a nominal capacity of 4200mAh. It also had a 40A maximum current for discharge and 84A maximum pulse. If you have a Geek Vape Aegis 100w Box Mod, you can expect these batteries to power your mod for more than 12 hours if it is running at 60 watts. This is quite impressive.

Hohm Tech Hohm Life 4 18650 3015mAh Battery 2 Pack

7) Nitecore NI 26650 Battery

Nitecore brand is an award-winning brand that is infamous for its top-notch battery chargers. It is respected in the vape industry for its superb products; including its Nitecore NI 26650. This battery comes with impressive performance and power making it ideal for any electronic device that requires a high-performing power source.

One of the most outstanding features of this battery is its use in Lithium Manganese-Oxide chemistry. This Chemistry is used to make it functional without even needing protection circuits. The battery comes with a nominal capacity of 4200mAh and 40A max pulse. This capacity ensures the battery runs for longer and maintains stable, impressive outputs.

If you own a regulated vape device, you should go for this battery since it also comes with a 21A current maximum continuous discharge.

The Nitecore 26650 comes with a connection that is flat-top and a Panasonic core that is absolutely reliable.

If you own such vaping mods as the Geek Vape Aegis 100W Box Mod, this battery will serve you elegantly for a long time.

8) MX JO IMR 26650 Battery

The MX JO IMR 26650 Battery is a relatively new product from MXJO. This battery has made it to our list of the best 26650 batteries in 2021 by providing a powerful solution for applications that require high performances e.g. cloud blowing.

This new cool battery comes with a nominal capacity of 3500mAh and a 3.7V maximum Voltage. It weighs 86.6kgs and comes with a maximum pulse of 35A.

The capacity OF MX JO 26650 may be lower than the other 26650 batteries we have outlined above. However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t surprise you with a powerful performance.

MX JO 26650 battery is ideal for sub-ohm vaping, Mechanical Mods, and various other devices. Its performance includes optimized safety measures against overloading, overheating, overcharging, and over-discharging.

If you need high-capacity batteries with a lower inner resistance, extended lifecycle, and reduced levels of self-discharge, MX JO 26650 battery is definitely the best option for you.

9) Efest IMR 26650 Battery

This is a power-packed rechargeable battery that comes with a nominal capacity of 4200mAh. It is one of the best choices for sub-ohming and using in Mechanical Mods.

With a 20A current continuous discharge and a 50A max pulse discharge, this battery will enable your vape mode to reach its optimum potential. It is very serviceable for vapers that love all-day long vaping sessions.

Lithicore IMR 18650 LiMn 3500mAh Battery

10) PKCELL 26650 Battery

Our last 26650 battery comes from the PKCELL brand. This battery is last on our list not because it has inferior performance, but because it is relatively new and so far no valid reviews are available for this item.

This 26650 battery is surprisingly cheap considering it has a nominal capacity of 5000mAh, 37V voltage, and 500-1000 cycle times. It is lightweight at 56g. It also comes with a warranty of 3months to one year in case you wish to try it out.

How do you choose the best 26650 battery for your vape mod?

Your choice of 26650 vape battery should be generally influenced by the vaping needs you have. If your vaping device needs a lower wattage, you will need a battery with more Milliamp Hours since their rate of discharge tends to be lower. The inverse is true for vaping devices that require higher wattage.

You should also consider density and discharge when choosing a suitable 26650 battery for your vape mod. Density simply refers to the amount of time that the battery should last or time of use. Discharge on the other hand is measured in mAh.


18650 3500MAH 30A Flat Top Batteries (2 Pack) - IMREN

Another factor you should take into consideration is the safety of the 25560 battery that you are about to purchase. This is essential in avoiding vaping explosions and any other battery-related incidents.

Here are a few steps that you can use while choosing the ideal 26650 battery for your vape mod:

- Step 1: Check whether your vape mod is regulated or unregulated.

- Step 2: Find the chart that contains the battery type and select the right type.

- Step 3: Go for the best 26650 batteries from the list we have provided above.

The last thing you should consider when choosing a 26650 battery is the price. More often than not, we use the phrase ‘cheap is expensive' to justify buying highly-priced products. Whereas this is mostly true, not all expensive 26650 batteries guarantee high quality. You should check closely to ensure the pricing matches the battery’s performance. And, as a reminder, it is always advisable to go for 26650 batteries that are well within your budget.

How to choose the best 26650 battery charger

As you may have noticed, the batteries we enlisted on our top pick 26650 batteries for 2021 are rechargeable. Your mod’s battery is useless unless you use a charger that fits it. The best charger will ensure your mod’s battery is charged promptly, with safety and accuracy prioritized. You should also pay close attention to your vape mod battery's size to ensure you choose a charger with the best fit.

Some of the best chargers we have on our Breazy store, which are compatible with 26650 batteries include Efest Lush Charger, Efest Luc V6 Charger, Nitecore D2 Digicharger Universal Charger, and Nitecore New i4 Intellicharger Smart Battery Charger.

Hohm Tech Hohm Run 21700 3023mAh Batteries

How can I get the best out of 26650 batteries?

The coveted secret towards getting the best performance out of your 26650 battery relies upon your charging criteria. The way you charge your 26650 battery will determine whether your battery’s life will be extended or reduced. This means that the type of charger you use is equally important. The best charger will take 4 to 6hours to charge an empty battery steadily and safely to completion.


It is comparatively more difficult to find 26650 batteries than most other battery types. The market today contains very few 26650 batteries and even fewer that can live up to your expectation.

We hope the list of 26650 batteries we have provided above will help you find the best 26650 battery that will suit your needs and requirements.