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Best Nic Salt Juice

Best Nic Salt Juices

Nicotine Salt Juice, or popularly known, Nic Salt Juice, is a complex chemical compound formed from Tobacco leaves. This compound has become popular as a faster way to release Nicotine into your body rather than the traditional freebase Nicotine. You may have heard about it, used it, or have friends who are using it. As Nic salts' demand increased, manufacturers had to satisfy this demand by formulating nic salt e juice. Nic salts are great in reducing costs on juice consumption and the use of simple devices.

Nicotine salts are different from regular Nicotine because of a few factors. Regular Nicotine was used as vape juice before nicotine salt was incorporated. For users who want more substantial nicotine levels, nic salts are preferable. Benzoic acid in Nicotine reduces the harshness that would otherwise occur in regular e-juice with high Nicotine.

The PG/VG ratio for nic salt is different from the actual rates for e-liquids. Regular Nicotine has various PG/VG ratios, while nicotine salts have a 50/50 ratio.

Nic salts are used in low powered devices to release Nicotine into the body as Nic salt e juice. Vapers can choose from a wide variety of flavors or clouds when they use Nic salt juices. Additionally, users get to experience the desired Nicotine levels without the risk of harshness on the throat.

For people who quit smoking, Nic salts are efficient in delivering the needed sensation with the right amounts of Nicotine. A rough estimation of the nicotine milligrams to a pack of cigarettes is 22mg-36mg for 20 cigarettes. For this reason, most nicotine salt packages are between 30mg-40mg for people trying to maintain not more than one cigarette packet per day.


Best Nic Salt Juice Brands

Nic salt juice has a smoother taste, uses little e-juices, and has a longer shelf life since nic salt is natural. You also do not need a more sophisticated device when you use nic salts; low wattage devices work very well. For new vapers in the market or looking to try something new, you can choose various nic salt juices. Here is a list of the best nic salt vape juice that you can check out at breazy.com.


Solace Salts

Solace vapor is a nic salt brand that formulates its products with scientific precision and expertise. These vapers are passed through several tests to ensure the Nicotine's safety, high quality, and effectiveness. Solace boasts of several Nic Salt flavors.

Mint by Solace E-Liquid


One of the popular flavors with great reviews is
Mint by Solace E-Liquid. This nic salt has a methanol refreshing blend that instantly leaves you feeling calm, relaxed, and sweet. The nic salt juice comes in a 30ml or 15 ml bottle with either 30mg or 50mg nicotine level.

Other flavors include Creamy Tobacco, Strawberry, Dragon Fruit Menthol, Peach, vanilla Bean latte, ButterscotchBold TobaccoPeppermint Patty


Tropic Strawberry by Solace Salts E Liquid

The peach flavor is a best seller for its fruity taste that lingers on your lips. All these flavors are available, and you can try out any of them according to your preference.


Bantam Salt Vape

Bantam Salt Vape has unique flavors that explore your adventurous side and sweet tooth while maintaining quality. This brand is different and fun, with a vast option to try out. Products under this brand are ones you can parade for your friends and share the adventure. Bantam Salt Vape flavors are juices that will keep you engaged, and at no point will you get bored of trying them out.

The intimate and straightforward flavors that form this brand are for any vaper out there; there is something for everyone. Some of the flavors include Fruit & Yoghurt (yummy), Fruit &Cream, Nutty Caramel, Butterscotch, Toasted Tobacco, Sour Strawberry, Banana Muffin, and several more. The list has over 21 flavors to try out. The manufacturers take great care and follow protocol to produce nic salt juice that is clean and safe.

Fruit & Yogurt - Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid


Mango (Amazing Mango) - Naked 100 E Liquid

A quick look into one of the flavors, like Fruit & Yogurt, opens a refreshing taste adventure with a combination of flavors that hit close to home. Fruit and yogurt in a kitchen cup are a delectable and smooth savory desert. Imagine this in a vape juice; it is as realistic and mouthwatering as eating the real combination.


Toasted Tobacco - Bantam Vape E Liquid



Blue Razz by Air Factory E Liquid

Toasted Tobacco from Bantam
is a 30ml bottle of complex original tobacco taste with a hint of vanilla and almond for flavor. The strength of Nicotine is either 18mg or 36mg.


Can you get the thrill of a snack in a salt vape? This effect is precisely what Nutty Caramel, a premium Bantam Salt Vape collection, provides.


The caramel base, nuts, and milk that make up this formula complement it to give a perfect texture and vaping experience. This flavor comes in a 30ml bottle with 18mg and 36mg nicotine strength.


Tart Lemon fulfills the dessert vape craving with a sweet, zesty flavor needed for a perfect dessert-like vaping experience. The salt nicotine speeds its fusion into the body. Like the other collections under Bantam Salt Vape Brand, this flavor comes with an 18mg and 30mg nicotine strength in a 30ml size.


Salt Bae

Salt Bae brand is quickly gaining popularity for its fruity taste with a blend of salt nicotine. Salt Bae has various flavors, including Red Mango, Strawberry Kiwi, Georgia Peach, Juicy Watermelon, Sweet Caramel Tobacco, HoneyDew Ice, Fresh Pineapple, and Green Apple.


Honeydew Ice is a blend of melon and menthol for a cooling effect that will turn hot days into a calm and fresh day. The taste is also perfect for your tongue. This nic salt vape juice is the best seller in breazy.com.


Fresh Pineapple - Salt Bae 50 E Liquid

Fresh Pineapple - Salt Bae 50 E Liquid

If you are craving a fruity cocktail taste, the Fresh Pineapple nic salt juice by Salt Bae is a great choice. The burst of flavor that comes out of a singular inhalation will refresh and calm you as you savor it. The addition of salt e liquids in this juice provides a healthy yet delicious hit to your throat.


Coastal Clouds

Coastal Clouds Co. Salt E-Liquid is a beach experience packed inside a 30ml bottle of nicotine flavor. The formulations under this brand are mood boosters made with an assorted fruity blend. There are various tasty and juicy flavors that this brand offers to give you an impressive experience.


Apple Peach Strawberry - Coastal Clouds Co. Salt E Liquid


Apple Peach Strawberry by Coastal Clouds is a blend of three juicy fruits flavors that will blow through your taste buds. This fruity taste is a journey to the tropical and sunny shorelines with a fun and awakening finish. It will be like biting into freshly picked apples and peaches.


Iced Mango Berries - Coastal Clouds Co. Salt E Liquid

Iced Mango Berries E-Liquid

Iced Mango Berries is mouthwatering as the name and perfect for hot summer days. This richly flavored nic salt juice sweetly navigates your mouth and throat to give you a sweet juicy satisfaction of your cravings. Other nic salt products by Coastal Clouds Co. include Melon Berries, Chilled Apple Pear, Blueberry Limeade, Mango & Sugared Nectarine, and Mint & Tobacco Bundle.


You can go ahead and browse the most preferred flavors and give them a try.


I Love Salts

I Love Salts E Juices come with a blend of nicotine salt for better operation and great taste. This brand has fun and creative flavors that will enhance your taste buds and playfully ease your nicotine cravings. Like the brand's name, getting its flavors will be like running o get your favorite candy from the grocery store. There are several sweet flavors under this brand, from Strawberry Candy to Sweet Tobacco.


Strawberry Candy (Salt E Liquid) - I Love Salts E Liquid

Strawberry Candy (Salt E Liquid) - I Love Salts E Liquid

Strawberry Candy has all the fruitfulness and sweetness you will find in your favorite strawberry candy pack. The taste is pulsating with a sweet candy base and infusion of natural strawberries. This choice will make your vaping session wistful and satisfactory when you inhale the flavor, aroma, and Nicotine.


Sweet Tobacco (Salt E Liquid) - I Love Salts E Liquid

Sweet Tobacco (Salt E Liquid) - I Love Salts E Liquid

Sweet Tobacco, also part of I Love Salts brand, is a 30ml size nic salt juice that will satisfy the Nicotine crave of tobacco lovers with an authentic tobacco taste. This formula has an infusion of vanilla custard for added flavor and will have a smooth hit on your throat. Sweet Tobacco will feel like a cigar on the hands of those quitting smoking; it will provide nicotine satisfaction with a sophisticated profile.


Spearmint Gum is like a pack of tic-tac for whenever you need to chew and refresh. The formula is perfect for your vaping experience and as a breath freshener; if you vape, this is perfect for those moments. The classic blend of minty flavor and Nicotine in this package is bound to awaken your senses and satisfy your craving.


For a person trying to quit smoking, Spearmint Gum is an excellent choice for the process.

You can try the other flavors, too, and experience the creativity and fun used in their formulation.


Apollo Salt E-Liquid

Apollo Salt has a blend of vape juices with nicotine salt for a complex and authentic taste. This brand has several collections formulated to give you a strong throat hit and clouds. One of the popular flavors is Tobacco Menthol, which combines two distinct but powerful tastes. Tobacco gives you a taste of sweet roasted tobacco leaves, and menthol adds the cold, intense sensation. Combining these two flavors will burst into your mouth like tiny crackers, and the effect on your throat will be worth it.


Another Apollo Nic salt vape liquid making its way into pockets is the Simple Sticks Disposable Vape. As the name suggests, this simple device contains different flavors with nicotine salt for intense and fast relief to cravings. The device is pre-charged and prefilled with the juice so that once opened from their packaging; you can readily use them. The device is also disposable once you finish the liquid inside it. This nic salt-containing device is perfect for quick fixes and easily accessible to customers.


Vanilla Cream - Apollo Salt E Liquid

Vanilla Cream - Apollo Salt E Liquid

Vanilla Cream from Apollo Salt is like dessert after a meal. One distinct feature of Apollo salt products is their ability to give delectable tastes and aromatic deliciousness.


Other flavors include Watermelon, Mango, Berry blends, RY4, Breeze, and Refresh. They all have a 50/50 PG/VG level for a balanced throat hit and clouds.


One Up Salt Vapor

One Up Salt Vapor is a sophisticated line in the vaping industry perfect for Mouth to Throat device users. Their collection is well-thought-out with individual uniqueness that other vape juices may not offer. Once you start using flavor, you will want to try out the other liquids in their collection.

Orgasm Ice - One Up Salt Vapor

Orgasm Ice - One Up Salt Vapor

Orgasm Ice is a refreshing flavor that has put significant consideration into activating your senses, lifting your moods, and raising your energy levels by the simple blend of fruits and Nicotine. The formula is unique and has a well-balanced cohesiveness. This nic salt juice will significantly affect anyone who tries it for the first time and is a staple for users who like instant energy surges.


Strawberry Cheesecake - One Up Salt Vapor

Strawberry Cheesecake - One Up Salt Vapor

For Cheesecake lovers, One Up Salt Vapor's Strawberry Cheesecake is a must-try. This vape juice is a shortcut to getting your cheesecake cravings sorted without packing up the calories. As a plus, you also get to satisfy your nicotine craving. The pleasure of this sweet and creamy delicious blend is exceptional and will hit the right spots.


Other products in One Up Salt Vapor that you can try out include Reign Berry, Apple Melon, Sweet Tobacco, and Strawberry Gummy. The brand has indeed made its name for creative delectable nic salt blends full of flavor and texture that will leave you speechless.



NKD 100 Salt E-Liquid

NKD 100 or better known as Naked 100, is a brand backed up by a reputable Vape Lab in the United States. With great reviews from users worldwide, Naked 100 has excellent customer service and offers various flavors. Their exceptional blends are exciting and creative, with originality that has included something for everyone. It is one of those collections that you will want to include in your personal favorites.


Hawaiian POG - NKD 100 Salt E Liquid

Hawaiian POG - NKD 100 Salt E Liquid

The Hawaiian POG from NKD 100 is a sweet and sour nic salt that has captured users' timeless vaping satisfaction. Its formulation comes with a blend of orange, guava, and passion fruits that are guaranteed to give you tropical sensations. NKD 100 formulations have upheld the reputation of bringing back classic tastes by remixing vapor and nicotine salts for a perfect strong hit on the throat.


Other popular nic salt flavors by NKD 100 include Lava Flow, Amazing Mango, Mint (Arctic Air), Maui Sun, American Patriots, among others. They come in 25mg and 50mg nicotine levels.


Saucy Salts E-Liquid

Saucy and savory as the name, this brand has adopted a blend of fruity saltiness in their flavor, guaranteed to give your throat a surprise great hit. The manufacturer has made these blends with unlimited creativity and passion while preserving the ingredients' original taste. For Saucy Salts, the unique, catchy names tell the story of the unique mouthwatering flavors.


Coffee Cream Tobacco - Saucy Salts E Liquid

Coffee Cream Tobacco by Saucy Salts E Liquid

Coffee Cream Tobacco is an assortment that drops flavors, as the name reveals. This blend combines your nicotine and coffee cravings and smoothens it with a creamy sweetness. This unique blend will revitalize and calm you as you inhale and savor the flow of the juice down your throat. For Coffee Cream Tobacco, the primary tobacco flavor, complemented with coffee and sweet cream, will give you the best vaping session with some super clouds.


If you are looking for a long-lasting fruity blend that is not too sweet, the Great Escape Subzero is an excellent choice. No matter how long you use this blend from Saucy Salts E-Liquid, it will not become irrelevant. The subzero excitement you get the first time you try it remains even the next time you use it. The burst of fruitfulness on your tongue will feel like eating fresh grapes right off your bowl. The adrenaline-like sensation that lights up your spine when you take Grape Escape Subzero is an exciting expectation when you take the nic salt juice.


Other great flavors produced with this brand name include Strawberry Mochi, Tokyo, Pink Berry Lemonade, Mango Orange Crush, Vanilla Extreme, and Matcha Cake. With this line, you always have something new to try out as they are still ready to improvise creatively.


Why You Should Consider Trying Nicotine Salts 

With so many options to choose from, there is the question of whether nicotine salt is safe to use. The only significant difference with e-liquid is that nic salt uses benzoic acid, which does not have any proven adverse effects.


For people trying to quit smoking, nic salt helps reduce the amount of juice consumed by enabling the absorption of Nicotine in the blood faster with less liquid. The nicotine level or strength contained in a nic salt bottle varies from 30mg to 50mg. It is important to note that the devices recommended for nic salt vape juice release are low-powered.


High-powered devices are not advisable because nic salts already have a high nicotine concentration. Using such tools will release more juice that could cause unpleasantness to your throat. Go ahead and enjoy great flavors, blends, and experiences that the best nicotine salt vape juices carry, and remember to do so responsibly.