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What is the Best Vape Pen for You? 2021 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide


Are you looking for the best vape pen that features solid vapor production, has simple operation, and can last long? 

You have come to the right place! We understand that finding the right one that meets your needs is no easy feat.

Most vape pens have been designed to handle a multitude of materials, including e-liquids, wax, and loose-leaf.

But what matters to the vaper is the type of pen and how well it performs. These devices are preferable to vapers because they are discreet, easy to use, and have unique designs. And unlike smoking, these devices give people a lot of options in terms of flavors and vapor clouds.

Best Vape Pens 2021

The vaping industry is flooded with a litany of vape pens that range from the big and boxy types to the cigarette-shaped extremes. 

The options are overwhelming, and since you are here, and are convinced that vaping is beneficial to you, the next question is, which vape pen is the best in 2021?

We know that preferences vary, which is why we have put together a list of the best picks as well as some considerations to make while choosing what works for you. So, read on!

SMOK SLM 16W Pod System by Smok

What is a Vape Pen?

In a nutshell, a vape pen is a vaporizer device that incorporates a long, slim shape like a standard pen. It is powered by a battery to heat a filament that thaws an e-liquid, e-juice, or vape juice until it vaporizes. 

Once the liquid reaches this point, that is, hits the temperature target, it converts into a thick, flavored, vapor. Vape pens, unlike cigarettes, do not produce smoke. They produce fog-like clouds that are actually vapor.

Vape pens are also known as vaporizer pens, pen-style vapes, vapor pens, and pen vapes. These devices feature a wide variety of styles, features, power levels, and colors.

Components of a Vape Pen

Many vape pens feature unique designs, but they have the same components, which include a battery, a tank or atomizer – a pod for placing the wax or the e-liquid – an indicator light, and a mouthpiece where the vapor comes out. 

Some of these pens can be customized, depending on the option you choose to achieve a specific vaping experience.

How Vape Pens Work

How vape pens work is fairly simple – it provides power to the heating chamber, which melts the wax or heats the oil or dry herbs until it produces a vapor. The vapor is then inhaled through the mouthpiece.

When a vapor sucks on the mouthpiece, a charge from the battery is sent to a sensor that elevates the temperatures in the atomizer. 

This heats the e-juice in the cartridge, or the dry herbs in the chamber, transforming it into a vapor that travels through the device and out into the mouth. A user then releases the cloud of vapor by exhaling.

Smok Vape Pen V2 Starter Kit

Types of Vape Pens

The first step into buying the right vape pen for you is by working out the type of device you are interested in. Here are the common types of vape pens you will encounter:

- Standard vape pens

They have smaller batteries of around 650mAh, and they feature exclusive threading that was initially designed for clearomizers. These are the type of vape pens that were popular when vaping first began. They are still available, but there are better options on the market.

- Mod vape pens 

These types of pens come in a box-like design. They are thicker and are shaped like a tube mod. They feature a battery capacity of over 1500mAh, have many standard connections, and can work conveniently with sub-ohm coils. Although they seem bulky, they have a remarkable performance and are quite flexible. Some have variable wattage, more like the conventional mods.

- Pod vapes

These devices feature pod-style tanks. Compared to mod vape pens, they have a lower wattage. Pod vapes are better suited with string e-juices, are more portable, and quite easy to use. They also have smaller batteries, but can last a user throughout the day.

It is also worth remembering that vape pens can also be categorized depending on the type of material or e-juice they burn. 

Apart from oil, wax, and dry herb vape pens, there are also 3-in-1 vape pens that are quite versatile in terms of performance. These types of devices have interchangeable cartridges that allow you to vaporize e-juices, wax, and dry herbs one at a time.

Its vaporizer is specially designed to apply periodic heat or hold a specific temperature during a vaping session.

Best Vape Pens

Now that you know what a vape pen is, how it works, and the various choices available, here are the best vape pens picks to help you choose one that matches your needs:

1) Yocan Evolve Plus

Yocan Evolve Plus carries more power than your typical wax pen. It packs a unique design, wide enough to house a 1100mAh battery. The battery delivers three-second heating, which is fast enough for easy vaping. The auto-shut-off feature is activated after 15 seconds to extend battery life and power.

The Yocan Evolve Plus comes with a dual quartz rod atomizer, which is a preferable choice compared to the ceramic types in terms of swiftness. These atomizer coils are wide, allowing you to load more wax while negating the need to pack the tank excessively.


Suorin iShare Single Starter Kit

This device produces a lot of clean-tasting vapors from the quartz coils and concentrates for a flavorful experience. It makes the ideal choice for anyone chasing after flavors, portability, and user-friendliness.

The unit comes with a convenient micro-USB port for charging. This ensures that powering it up is easy and convenient. The bottom features of the vape pen feature a hidden compartment that provides extra storage space for more concentrates.

With this, you can always keep everything beautifully organized – a great choice for discreet vaping on the go.

The only quibble, perhaps, for this vape pen is its temperature flexibility. Firing it up requires you to pulse the power button to maintain a specific temperature, otherwise, you might end up holding the power button until the auto-shutoff feature kicks in.

Other than that, the stellar construction of stainless steel adds to the overall performance of the vape pen. It can also be easily dismantled and reassembled by hand for cleaning and maintenance.

2) KandyPens Prism

KandyPens Prism is another vape pen that brings the convenience of a portable design and a powerful performance. It is equipped with two different atomizers that offer an exclusive way of enjoying your vapor concentrates, unlike most wax pens.

This particular device churns out double vapor production with large and smooth clouds, thanks to the vape pen’s ability to heat the concentrate at low temperatures. 

The dual quartz atomizer, which is wrapped in titanium coils, creates massive vapor production and the coil-less atomizer uniquely remains highly efficient in heating the extracts slowly and gradually to give out a savory vapor for rich and satisfying draws.

KandyPens Prism comes with a small 320mAh sub-ohm battery, which not only gives you command over the kind of vapor you prefer but also heats your concentrate faster. Although the battery might be the biggest drawback for you, the vape pen can be easily juiced up again using a fast-charge Micro-USB. 

This bridges the waiting time between sessions when your battery runs flat. Better yet, the device has a pass-through capability, meaning you can enjoy vaping while charging.


Smok Vape Pen 22 Starter Kit

In terms of design, it is thin like a standard pen and compact enough to easily fit in your pocket or hand. The mouthpiece is specially designed to cool the vapor, delivering a seamless airflow while preventing unnecessary splashes from the heated concentrates.

It has a single button for controlling the heat and the power. Clicking through the four temperature settings is fast and snappy. 

Overall, this vape pen is designed for on-the-go vaping and is personalized to deliver huge hits discreetly. It is beautiful and versatile for vape experts or beginners.

3) VaporFi Rocket 3 Vape Pens

Vaporfi Rocket 3 has a sleek, subtle, and discreet design that looks attractive and friendly to the touch. It is a good vape pen for professionals and beginners alike in regards to the features it incorporates.

The vape pen features a sizable cartridge with a top fill design, allowing you to easily refill your preferred e-liquids quickly and effortlessly. Vaping while you are up and about your business is no hassle while using the Vaporfi Rocket 3 pen.

It comes with a massive inbuilt battery capacity of 2500mAh, which can optimally carry you throughout the day if you are a vaping enthusiast. If you vape less regularly, you will get more time, a consistent battery life, convenience, and vaping flexibility.

The device supports the standard 510 threading and can handle sub-ohm vaping too. This means it is versatile and can be used with different tanks and atomizers as well.

 For cloud vaping, this pen comes pre-installed with a 0.5ohm atomizer as well as an additional 0.1ohm atomizer. If you are, therefore, a cloud chaser, this device is for you.

The Vaporfi Rocket 3 boasts a sleek performance across all settings, thanks to the sub-ohm coils, the overall design, and the strategically placed air control system at the bottom. With three temperature settings, this device can produce thick vapors and long draws for a phenomenal experience. 

It has O-rings to prevent leaking, connects and heats quickly when you hit the power button, and is worth the value of your money in terms of performance and durability.

4) Smok Nord

The Smok Nord lives true to its name by bridging the gap between the pen-styled vapes and the pod-style kinds. It is a recommended option if you are on the market for a product that is compact and user-friendly. It performs impressively well and is suitable for a new vaper alongside being a complement device for seasoned vapers.

With a simplistic design, this vape pen gives premium e-cig a run for their money in terms of performance and aesthetics.

It achieves almost all the capabilities a premium vape pen does at a friendly cost. Aside from its user-friendliness, it is also a highly portable device.

The Smok Nord comes with interchangeable coils and is available with 0.6ohm and 1.4ohm options for continuous airflow from the device to your mouth and lungs. The e-liquid chamber is refillable from the side and can hold a significant amount of e-juice.


Horizon Tech Magico Nic Salt Pen Starter Kit

It supports
sub-ohm vaping, which is an excellent setting for incredible flavors and vapors. The 1.4ohm setting serves to give you tight draws, but the performance remains uncompromised.

The elegant performance that the Smok Nord sports is all thanks to the 1100mAh battery. For a pod-style vape pen, the battery is a great fit and can get you through a day of vaping with a single charge. 

It has one button for the different temperature settings, has a micro-USB port at the bottom, and charging it from 0 to 100 percent takes approximately two hours.

That said, the vape pen is a friendly choice for everyone, whether you want to tight hits, or are looking to chase thick clouds of vapor.

5) Utillian 5 Kit

The Utillian 5 Vaporizer kit is a beautiful vaping device with a sleek, well-machined, and aesthetically pleasing design. It is a beast of a pen and was made for heavy dabs in mind. It produces a thick fog of vapor and it hits tightly.

It features a 1050 mAh battery with atomizers that use black ceramic rods as opposed to quartz rods. With this battery capacity, you don’t have to worry about having to charge it during the day as it can last you that long. Nonetheless, with the available micro-USB cable, you can easily charge it should you keep it running nonstop.

Utillian 5 comes equipped with two interchangeable coil options that are less intense and far impressive in regards to the flavors produced. The triple titanium coil is tailored for heavy hitters and those who desire large loads.

These coils produce a significant amount of heat while creating a large surface area for easy vaporization of substantial amounts of e-juice. With the two sets of coils, this vape pen outputs insane amounts of vapor.

With 4 available heat settings, you can easily manipulate this device to output serious clouds of vapor. It incorporates an adjustable airflow ring that allows for regulation by twisting it to fit a personal preference. This way, you can tighten or loosen your draws and the amount of vapor and clouds you want.

It is also portable and manageable for vaping on-the-go and is recommended for beginners and professional vapers alike. Anyone just starting with wax and concentrates can pick it up and spin it the way they desire.

6) Aspire Tigon

Tigon earns a spot on this list as one of the best vaping devices for its flexibility and excellent performance. It comes from a company that has made a name for itself in the industry since the early days. The vape pen features a tube-design with a single button for power and for controlling the temperature settings.

Featuring a tube shape, the Aspire Tigon looks like a typical vape pen, but its size and battery capacity are what gives it a distinction. It has a massive 2600mAh battery capacity, which is way more sufficient for standard vaping sessions. The battery is also genuinely huge to ensure that you get higher strength and nicotine salt e-liquid.

The heating flexibility and vapor production come from the two coils the Aspire Tigon carries. The kit has a 0.4ohm option, which is ideal for vaping huge, thick clouds and ordinary e-liquids. The other option is the 1.2ohm coil meant for higher-strength e-juices and the salt nicotine types.


Nord 19 Vape Pen Starter Kit by Smok

The device also features an easy to open airflow system for different kinds of draws. You can open it up and make a
direct-to-lung draw – using the sub-ohm coil – and shut it close to draw tight hits, thanks to the higher-ohm type of coil. The tank has a significant e-liquid space of up to 3.5 ml, suitable for more convenient and consistent vapes.

With its capability of accommodating any style of vaping, Aspire Tigon is ideal for use by just about anyone. Its purchase comes with all the essential components, including a USB cable for charging, a spare glass tube, and a drip tip.

7) Uwell Nunchaku 2

While most of the vape pens on this list are ideal for experts and beginners, the Uwell Nunchaku 2 is the complete opposite. It is a premium vape pen perhaps with the most advanced features on the market.

For one, this vape pen is one of the few pens available on the market that supports a removable battery. Should it malfunction, unlike most of the devices popularly used by people, you can replace the battery and keep vaping!

That it carries a whopping 100W maximum output is a testimony as to how the Uwell Nunchaku 2 is an absolute vaping beast. It can accommodate the 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries. The batteries are inserted from the bottom. The top features a charging port for the 2A fast charge micro-USB cable. And for this kind of power, a vape pen requires a resilient tank, and, therefore, this particular device comes with a strong cartridge with mesh coils.

This Uwell product is a sub-ohm vaping pen that is equipped with a 0.2ohm coil and a 0.14ohm that delivers fast heating. The 0.2ohm option is only compatible with wattage mode and it delivers a pure flavor that is highly concentrated. The 0.14ohm option is applicable in both wattage and TCR modes. It can produce more vapor than the 0.2ohm coil that delivers strong throat hits.

The advanced features that this pen carries allow one to make adjustments to fit a specific need. It comes with six-action motion sensors – the one feature that sets it apart from the other leaders in the market – and with a flick of the wrist, you can explore the different output settings and power levels. Despite being an advanced vape pen, Nunchaku 2 is still fairly easy to operate. The manufacturer designed it to have a six-axis motion control design that is comprehensive and fun to click.

8) Linx Blaze

Linx Blaze has that premium feel when you pick it up. It looks incredible and every part fits snuggly and elegantly with a stainless steel finish. The manufacturer didn’t skimp out on producing a product that lives true to its name.

It comes with a 900mAh battery capacity, which may seem a bit insufficient for vaping enthusiasts. The battery is inbuilt and can be charged using the accompanying micro-USB cable from 0 to 100 in about two hours.

Although compact and highly portable, this vape pen is not the smallest in the market. However, you can conceal it nicely in your pocket or hand for convenience and vaping flexibility.

The Linx Blaze comes with interchangeable coils that include a quartz (Ace) coil and a ceramic (Zero) coil. These two types of coils are renowned for producing a pure vapor that tastes great. The Ace atomizer packs powerful, instant, and harsh hits under a specifically controlled temperature. The Zero atomizer, on the other hand, despite its large surface area, heats up real quick, allowing you to draw powerful hits!

With the airflow holes at the bottom, you can achieve free-flowing hits without any e-juice leaking. The dual atomizers can be connected to a 510-thread, which means that the Linx Blaze can be utilized as a vape pen for different kinds of oil carts.

This device has a single button operation with no complicated processes. It can be used by experts and anyone just starting out on vaping. Controlled correctly, you can get quality clouds with no hassle.

9) Innokin Zlide Tube

The Innokin Zlide Tube is one of the various high-quality vape pens meant for intermediate vape enthusiasts and new users alike. With most of the Innokin products incorporating sleek and user-friendly designs that bring convenience and flexibility for optimal experiences, and Innoken Zlide Tube is no exception. It is beautiful, looks and feels substantial, and is available in an array of colors. Its lightweight and compact design makes this device the perfect on-the-go vaping option.

It comes with a 3000mAh removable in-built battery that produces a maximum of 16W. It has two atomizers: the pre-installed 1.2ohm coil and another one of 0.8ohm coil should you be on the lookout for a new vape pen with low sub ohms for cloud chasing.

Joyetech eGo AIO ECO Starter Kit by Joyetech

mouth-to-lung draws hit genuinely good, and when using the 1.2ohm option, adjusting the power to between 10 and 15W is recommended for a flavorful vapor. It is thick, strong, and is produced consistently without leaking the e-juice even after one has vaped for prolonged hours. The 0.8ohm, on the other hand, outputs the same desired flavors as the 1.2ohm option, but with different concentrations and the density of the vapor.

The Zlide nowadays comes with a replaceable glass section. It is also compatible with the early types of atomizer heads that were designed to produce an exceptional mouth-to-lung vaping experience under low wattage. The top is retractable for filling, and it also comes with four precision holes for improved airflow.

While it packs a huge battery capacity, it won’t remain active forever. As such, a micro-USB cable is provided to keep it charged when it runs flat. The sheer simplicity the Innokin Zlide Tube provides makes it suitable for those looking to learn the ins and outs of vaping.

10) Voopoo Drag S

Voopoo Drag S is a pod mod that promises an almost unparalleled vaping experience. It is compact in design, modern, and is made up of a metal shell covered with leather inserts for snug fits. It is this attention to detail that places the Drag S up there with other premium vape pens. Although it comes with a conventional standard pen look, it has a clear color screen for displaying different kinds of information, including the temperature settings.

The Drag S comes with an inbuilt battery of 2,500 mAh capacity – enough to see you through the day. It can output up to 60W, which is powerful enough for a vaping system. Regarding atomizers, you get two: the 0.3ohm and 0.2ohm coils. Both coils work with the conventional e-liquids and the salt nicotine-e-juices. It can be refilled from the bottom, has a decent capacity, and features a slot-style type of airflow that enables you to adjust according to your needs.

The airflow is built into the mod-pen and can be controlled by sliding a small handle at the front face of the vape pen to match a specific need. When you fully open the airflow, you are encouraging direct-to-lung vaping.

The only quibble you might notice with the Drag S is that it doesn’t sufficiently foster an exciting experience while doing the mouth-to-lung draws. It is not restrictive enough.

Interestingly, unlike other types of vape pens that use micro-USB type of cables for charging, Drag S comes with a Type-C cable (USB-C). Although it doesn’t matter much, Drag S cable has 2A fast charging capabilities.

Choosing the Right Vape Pen

Now that you have gone through our picks of the best 10 pens for vaping, what should you consider before making the purchase?

What Do You Want to Vape?

The first question to ask yourself is the purpose of the vape pen. Is it e-juice? Dry herbs? Wax? If you are not sure, you can always get a 3-in-1 pen. Otherwise, you should choose one that meets your vaping desires.

Limitless Pulse Pod System by Limitless Mod Co

Size of the Battery

Battery life is an important consideration, especially if you plan on using the vape pen more regularly. A battery with a capacity of 1000mAh will last longer than a battery with 500mAh.

Size of the Tank

Of course, you can always fill up your vape tank, but again, you want to avoid doing it regularly, so this is why the size of the tank matters. For vape pens, a tank with a capacity of 1.5 ml and above should be enough. But remember, bigger tanks are more convenient and better.

Type of Coil

Some vape pens come with single-coil atomizers, but others incorporate dual ones, either ceramic or quartz. Dual coils offer better performance as they create a large surface area for vaporizing your e-liquid, wax, or dry herbs.

Variable Voltage and Temperature

Most vape pens operate at a fixed voltage or temperature. However, others allow you to adjust and vary the temperature according to your needs. Some pen vaporizers, for instance, have voltage settings that range from 3.2 and 4.8V, which means you can tweak your performance to fit the requirements of a specific juice you are using. Normally, it is better to go with an option that has a fixed temperature or voltage, whenever necessary.

Kanger SUBVOD Starter Kit

What Do the Reviews Say?

Check online to see what others are saying about a specific product you have settled on. Learn from those who have used the product before. You need to know whether it is worth the value of your money or whether it will underperform. Mainly, read about how the vape pen performs.

Cost of the Vape Pen

Cheaper options are not always the best, but sometimes, some products perform really well and are affordable. Through reviews, you can learn which one is worth it. There is also no reason to break your bank for a product that has an alternative with the same functionalities, features, and performance.


That said, we hope this guide has been insightful and has given you a basic introduction to what vape pens are, how they work, how to choose the right one, and some of the available options. Most of the products featured here are ideal for beginners and experts alike. You can pick one of them and rest assured that it will meet your needs. Remember, vaping may seem like a hassle at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you will love it!