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Cloud Chaser Mods 2021: Our List


This Year's Top Cloud Chaser Mods

Cloud Chaser Mods 2021

1. Bigfoot 200W Box Mod - Wake Mod Co.

Modernizing expectations, this mod has made quite the splash already. Now, with such technology readily available, clouds billow from homes across the country.

Fortunately, you won't be left behind.

Of course, such quality comes at a price. Still, compared to many other options, we'd wager this is more than worthwhile.

Key Specs:

- Wattage Output Range: 10W - 200W

- Voltage Output Range: 1.0V - 7.5V

- Resistance Range: 0.05ohm - 3.0ohm

- Temperature Control Range: 200°F - 570°F

Overall Verdict:

From the first glance, it's easy to see this mod isn't emulating anyone else. Such subtlety rarely graces imitations. However, if you've tried experiments in the past, you know how those go. Regardless, in our opinion, mods like this pull off something incredible.

Bigfoot 200W Box Mod by Wake Mod Co

On the Plus Side

1) Replaceable Batteries:

After using the device for a bit, those batteries need more juice. Therefore, plugging them into the wall is a simple choice. Besides, with how easy they are to remove, it'll only take a second. Then, within mere moments, you'll be back in action.

2) With Variable Temperatures, Each Hit Pulls Perfectly:

By adjusting the temp, your hits are sublime. In the past, coughing fits followed hits more often than you would've liked. Now, with such smooth hits, those are ancient history.

3) Simple and Adjustable Resistance Levels:

Tried and true, adjustable resistance levels offer an unprecedented level of control. Thus, if you'd like a personalized experience, it'll be challenging to top this.

Working Against It

1) In Comparison, This Device's Price Tag Is a Bit Hefty

2) Unfortunately, Such Sparse Color Selection Limits Creative Expression

2. SMOK D-Barrel 225W Box Mod

Powered by replaceable batteries, electrical current courses through this mod. So, for those pesky juices with high vapor points, it'll more than suffice. Not to mention, thanks to its sleek chassis, holding it is like a dream.

Key Specs

- Wattage Output Range: 10W - 225W

- Voltage Output Range: 0.5V - 8.2V

- VW Mode Resistance Range: 0.1ohm - 2.5ohm

- TC Mode Resistance Range: 0.05ohm - 2.0ohm

-Temperature Control Range: 200°F - 600°F

Overall Verdict:

When experimenting with different mods, it's tough to form an objective opinion. Still, from our vantage point, things seem as if they are relatively clear-cut. Assuming it's all the same, prices like this tend to clear the drain. So, if you'd prefer saving some dough, then this right here would be the way to go.

SMOK D-Barrel 225W Box Mod

On the Plus Side

1) Affordable Price Tag for Premium Features:

Fortunately, despite its quality, banks won't tremble. Instead, you'll hardly notice the hit to your account.

2) Intuitive Design Ensures Anyone Can Use It:

As long as they use this, sipping vapor won't perplex anyone.

Once You Press the Button, Its Elements Heats Up Quick:

How long does your vape take before those clouds rumble forward? With this, it'll just be a few seconds. Then, your hits will billow forth after each drag.

Working Against It

1) Not As Powerful as Some of the Other Choices

2) Unfortunately, It Isn't Waterproof

3. Avenger Baby 108W TC Box Mod - iJoy

Varying resistance levels ready to go, this mod lets users select exactly how they would like their hits. So, if you'd enjoy something with a bit of customization, we'd say this fits the bill. Cratering other's expectations, such performance is not always reliable. However, in this product's case, things would seem to be quite abnormal. Instead of overpromising while under delivering, it's like the exact opposite has occurred. Thus, once you taste a single hit, flavors creep into prominence within mere moments.

Comparatively, other products tend to be a smidge lacking. Thus, from our view, it is an obvious title contender. However, until you try it yourself, you'll have to imagine such possibilities. Luckily, with such a minuscule price tag, financial barriers melt away.

Key Specs

- Dual high-amp 20350 batteries

- Maximum wattage output: 108W

- Atomizer resistance range: 0.05-3.0ohm

- Temperature control range: 200°-600°F

Overall Verdict:

Let's shoot it straight. Of course, it's not as if this product has reinvented anything. That said, plenty of mediocre entrants didn't survive the rankings. So, with that in mind, what about this makes it stand out. To us, striking differences stand in stark contrast. Thus, finding a reason to include it wasn't all that challenging.

Thanks to its nuanced construction, using it is a breeze for everyone. For us, that is among the most prevalent factors. Unless a novice can use it with ease, we tend not to think of something as the bee's knees.

Avenger Baby 108W TC Box Mod by iJoy

On the Plus Side

1) Large Capacity Tank:

Refills cauterize the moment by taking you away. So, to avoid such a travesty, these largest tanks provide ample room. That way, after your morning fill-up, lasting through the day won't even be a question.

2) Variable Power Levels:

Depending on the juice, certain power levels perform better than others. So, when you change things up, your vape performs just as well. By personalizing power levels, this vape never burns the juice.

3) Sleek User Interface:

Also, it's among the easiest devices to use. Regardless of your experience, you'll figure it out in no time.

Working Against It

1) Smaller Chassis

2) Batteries Are Destructible

4. T-Storm 230W Box Mod - Smok

Shaped like a box, Smok's newest mod blows away all others. For that reason, we've crowned it a champion among kings. Hyperbole set aside, we've loved how easy this thing is to use. For novices, finding the power button can be a challenge while using certain devices. Nevertheless, if you grab hold of this, things seem to be simpler in comparison.

So, when you'd like a flavor blast, hurry to get one fast. With performance specs like these, shelves empty themselves with the slightest breeze. Of course, in our experience, most love how it performs.

Key Specs

- Wattage Output Range: 1W - 230W

- Voltage Output Range: 0.5V - 8.2V

- Resistance Output Range: 0.1ohm - 2.5ohm

Overall Verdict:

Ultimately, when comparing different vapes, you've got to consider their commonalities. Plus, on top of that, it'd help to look at their differences. Without checking out both sides of the story, slants creep into the scene unnoticed.

To put it differently, the experience is the best way to tell. Sure, our words might mean something. Still, unless you taste things yourself, words never do flavor any justice. So, what's with all that hesitation? If you've made up your mind, then just jump on in.

T-Storm 230W Box Mod by Smok

On the Plus Side

1) Not Too Expensive:

Affordability is a much larger deal than most suppose. If you can't purchase something, its quality won't matter in the end. So, with a price tag like this, devices are tough to turn down.

2) Compatible With Your Favorite E-Juices:

Besides, you'll have something useful for all situations. With this, changing flavors never poses a problem.

3) Smoother Hits Than Most:

Plus, on top of that, each hit pulls smoothly. In fact, in our experience, its hits are among the smoothest.

Working Against It

- Tends to Run a Bit Hot:

- Charging Could Be a Bit Faster:

5. Aegis Legend 200W TC Box Mod - Geek Vape

Legendary status kept at the hilt, the Aegis Legend doesn't disappoint. For those with hard to satisfy demands, these seem to meet the moment more than most. Even though it's not the most innovative, its design shows meager brilliance.

Not only is this device simple to use, but it is also among the most reliable. For that reason, we'd wager expectations will be met. So, if you've been searching for novelty, then you'd be hard-pressed to find a better quality product.

Key Specs

- Output: 200W

- Resistance: 0.05-3.0ohm

- Temperatures Range: 200o – 600o F/100o – 315o

Overall Verdict:

Ok, at the end of the day, vapes should deliver satisfying clouds. With that on our lips, we've got to say this device delivers. Sure, you've got other products with more powerful coils. Still, after each drag, you'll recognize the difference. With this device, consistency isn't all that uncommon. No, on the contrary, it's to be expected.

Aegis Legend 200W TC Box Mod by Geek Vape

On the Plus Side

- Lots of Variation

- Well-Built Shell

- Stylish

Working Against It

- Comparatively Bland

- Not the Best Warranty