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The Best E Liquid Recipes to Try This 2021

The Best E Liquid Recipes

If you enjoy using vaporizers, then you've got to try a few of these recipes. With such delicious ingredients, their flavors will amaze you. By the time you try a few of them, we promise you'll find a new favorite. Unless you don't have a taste for adventure, there is no reason to avoid a little experimentation.

That way, when you use your paper, it never becomes boring. Fortunately, this year has quite a few options that are more than just a little bit impressive. Consequently, we've had a tough time narrowing things down. Hopefully, you can lend us a hand. Below, you'll find a few of our top contenders for this year.

Top E Liquid Recipes

If we had to make a recommendation, we do suggest trying them all. By doing that, you can make an informed judgment on your own. That way, you'll know just what you love the most. In the end, to us, it seems as if that would be what matters.

This Year's Top E Liquid Recipes

Each year, new flavors into the scene. However, unless you pay close attention, it's not always easy to differentiate them. Thankfully, we've always been on the job. As a result, our pallets are more than refined enough for this project. Of course, since tastes tend to be subjective, you may not agree with our rankings. However, regardless of your top choice, you'll find plenty of competition among these entrants.

Blue Razz by Air Factory E Liquid

- Blue Razz - Air Factory E Liquid

For those who prefer a little bit of fruit, this flavor will tantalize your taste buds. Suppose you tried a few things in the past. However, even though they seemed like they would be decent, you've always been a little disappointed. Once you try a bit of this, you'll immediately notice the difference. When it comes to quality, these guys don't mess around.

Pg/Vg: 30/70

Nicotine Level: 0mg, 03mg, 06mg

Patch's by Doctor Big Vapes E Liquid

- Patch's – Doctor Big Vapes E Liquid

Often, you're left with only a few options in life. However, with this juice, you'll have plenty of freedom. If you would like something with a little bit less nicotine, by all means, go for it. At the end of the day, if you love the taste, it's hard to go wrong.

Size: 120ml
Nicotine Strength:0mg, 3mg, or 6mg


Grape by Jam Monster E Liquid

- Grape - Jam Monster E Liquid

Since time immemorial, purples then the color of grape flavoring. Nowadays, you can find it in just about any supermarket. Suppose you'd like to transfer that experience to your vaporizer. If that happens to be the case, then you should use a bit of this. From our perspective, it's nearly indistinguishable from grape soda. For those who love such tastes, it's indescribable.

Pg/Vg: 30/70
Bottle Size: 100ml
Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg


Cotton Clouds by The Finest Salt E Liquid

- Cotton Clouds - the Finest Salt E Liquid

For us, cotton candy is always a little bit reminiscent of the carnival. Perhaps, because we enjoyed it so much when we were young, it is still our favorite. Now, we can have a bit of that experience each time we use the vaporizer. That way, taking a hit is more than just a habit. Instead, it's a full-blown experience.

Bottle Size: 60ml or 120 Ml
Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg

VCT by Ripe Vapes

- Vct - Ripe Vapes

Occasionally, you'll find a hidden underdog. Despite its lower price, this juice has got plenty to offer. Even though it might not break the bank, it'll give you more than enough flavor. So, if you're looking for something a little affordable, you might not need to look much further. In our experience, this was more than enough to satisfy.

120ml Bottle
Nicotine Strengths: 30mg and 50mg
Salt Based

Buttermilk Pie by Primitive Vapor Co E Liquid

- Buttermilk Pie - Primitive Vapor Co E Liquid

From time to time, something new happens across our laps. In this product's case, it seems as if it is one of those rare moments. As soon as you open the bottle, you can tell it isn't like everything else. Once you taste a bit of it, those suspicions are all but confirmed. When you are looking for something rather unique, this will not let you down. Instead, it'll carry you through to a new dimension of taste.

60ml Bottle
Nicotine Strengths: 3mg, 6mg, or 9mg

Maple Butter by Confections by Coastal Clouds E Liquid

- Maple Butter - Confections by Coastal Clouds E Liquid

When we first saw this manufacturer, we knew they were making some large promises. Just take a gander at their name. With something like that, it is hard not to form a few expectations. Fortunately, in our experience, these guys don't leave you hanging. Compared to the competition, it is tough to match their commitment. Each year, it seems as if they release another tantalizing taste. If you had to ask us, we would say that is a mark of distinction.

60ml Bottle
Nicotine Strengths: 3mg, 6mg, or 9mg

Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady E Liquid

- Lemon Tart - Dinner Lady E Liquid

Not everyone prefers their juice when it is sweet. For those moments, a little tartness might do the trick. So, if you would like to change things up from your usual habits, try a touch of this. Once you do, you'll see what has everyone raving. Thanks to the bitter lemon notes, this juice cuts through the crowd.

60ml Bottle
Nicotine Strengths: 3mg, 6mg, or 9mg

Hawaiian Pog - Naked 100 E Liquid

- Hawaiian Pog - Naked 100 E Liquid

Although an island adventure might be out of the question, you can still experience a bit of a tropical paradise. With this juice, each time you hit the vapor, you'll be immersed in such flavors. Ultimately, even if you went on a vacation, that would be half of the experience. Instead of shelling out the cash for another plane ticket, take this for a spin. In comparison, it may not be as grandiose. Nevertheless, it seems as if it's far more comparable than you would expect. On the whole, we'd say that it tends to be pretty impressive.

60ml Bottle
Nicotine Strengths: 3mg, 6mg, or 9mg

OG Blue (Blue Slushie) - Keep It 100 E Liquid

- Og Blue (Blue Slushie) - Keep It 100 E Liquid

Far from ordinary, you'll be awash with flavor as soon as you take a sip. Even with just a small inhale, you'll notice the subtle exposition. Ultimately, when you spend time in the industry, it's easy to make predictions. However, even with as much experience as us, this was not foreseen. Instead, once we tried out the tiniest bit, we fell in love.

100ml Bottle
Nicotine Strengths: 3mg, 6mg, or 9mg


Orgasm by One Up Vapor

Factors to Consider When Evaluating Different Vape Juices

Everybody will have different preferences. Therefore, unless you experiment, you shouldn't assume someone else's favorite will suit your tastes. Thereby, we do suggest trying as many different things as possible.

While comparing different products, it would help if you kept the following factors in mind. That way, once you have a bit more experience, you can compare things on an even playing field.

Otherwise, it's tough to form objective opinions. Fortunately, since we've been in the industry for so long, our system is easy to comprehend.

Thus, once you learn most of it, you'll make comparisons easily. At that point, you graduated from being a beginner. Now, it's time to further expand your palate.

Flavors and Consistency?

Generally speaking, you'll find flavors that belong in each of the following categories. Depending on what you prefer, some of them may be more enjoyable than others. However, unless you try them all, it's tough to form an opinion. Thus, we recommend trying a little bit of each of them. That way, as you compare different flavors, you'll know how they stack up.

Different Flavor Categories


For many people, these remain among the most tantalizing flavors of them all. For example, suppose you would like a little bit of cotton candy. If those are your shoes, then finding something suitable isn't all that tough. In fact, on the list above, we've got just the thing. That way, hitting the vape is never boring. Instead, it's always flavorful.


Besides candy, how would you like a taste of dessert? For us, these are among the most pertinent flavors on the market. Often, it will take a few moments just to try a quick hit. That way, as we continue our work, the flavors linger on our tongues. Ultimately, it's all about the experience. To us, that's what matters the most.


Next, you'll find plenty of fruity flavors available as well. For those who prefer sweetness, dessert isn't always an option. Occasionally, you'll want something that reminds you of tropical fruit. In those circumstances, try a tropical juice. That way, each hit reminds you of your last vacation.


Not to mention, if you love the flavor of mint, menthol is perfect. Additionally, you can combine flavors. That way, your tropical fruit has a hint of mint in its aftertaste.

Different Consistencies

Thicker Juices:

Since not all vapes are made the same, certain juices are better than others. For Nabel, suppose you have a vape with high resistance. In those circumstances, thicker juices might not be the best bet. With such high resistance, thick juices struggle to vaporize. Therefore, it would be better if you used something that was a little less thick.

Thinner Juices:

If your vape has low levels of resistance, then her juices vaporize more readily. So, if you have been disappointed by the size of your clouds, try something a little thinner. That way, once you have the vape, your clouds will be magnificent.

The Finest Sweet & Sour E Liquid Bundle

What Kind of Base Does the Juice Use?

Plus, on top of those factors, you got to look at what kind of nicotine is in the juice. Otherwise, if you make a mistake, your experience will suffer. Suppose you choose an inappropriate nicotine base. When that happens, as you vaporize the juice, the nicotine will degrade. So, not only will you reduce the flavor, but you won't receive any nicotine either.

Salt Based Nicotine:

While comparing different juices, look at the nicotine concentration. Typically, if the juice uses salt-based nicotine, the concentrations will be much higher. Since some of the nicotine breaks down during combustion, these juices need a lot more to provide the same rush. Otherwise, once you take a hit, you'll hardly feel anything.

Traditional Nicotine:

Unless you see otherwise, you should assume most juices have traditional nicotine. Most of the time, you'll see concentrations underneath 9 mg per serving. If that's the case, then this juice is suitable for nearly all vaporizers. Unless you see a specific warning, it should be compatible with yours.

What's the Nicotine Concentration?

When shopping for nicotine juice, it's important they aren't all made the same. Sometimes, the nicotine binds to form a salt. Usually, manufacturers say this preserves the molecules. Regardless, the science doesn't matter that much for the end-user. As long as you select something compatible with your vaporizer, the results should be satisfying. If they aren't, then you may have chosen something that wasn't the best match. Under those circumstances, we'd recommend switching juices. At that point, if you notice anything, it could be the vaporizer.

For the Most Part, Salt-based Nicotine Concentrations Will Be Higher:

Often, concentrations are higher when the nicotine binds to the salt. Since the salt adds weight to the nicotine, this would make sense. Even though the number is high, not all of that would be an active ingredient. Thus, it won't be as if you took something significantly stronger.