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How to Use a Vape Pen

 How to use a vape pen

Vape pens have become the most sought-after replacement for traditional cigarettes. Loved for their enhanced features, vape pens offer their users an opportunity to experience a more enhanced form of smoking without the hustle of conventional cigarettes such as carrying lighters and pungent odor.

Vape pens got designed to enable the users to experience different flavors, have an odorless experience, and exhale vapor instead of smoke that is more discrete. Though most commonly used, some people still don’t know how best to use the device; thus, this article will grant you some tips for beginners and enhanced ways to enjoy vaping for frequent users.

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Parts of the vape pen

Heating chamber- this is the part that houses the product and enables the heating process. The compartment can hold wax, dry herbs, or e liquid and heats it to produce the vapor. It lights during the inhaling operation.

Mouthpiece – the area is the part used to inhale the vapor and gets regulated by buttons that help in the inhalation process.

Battery – it powers the device and enables it to heat up and produce vapor.

Charger- reusable vape pens have a charging system; thus, the charger gets used to replenish power to the device to enable reuse. The charger is separate from the pen and can be used to make the machine efficient for people who are on the go.

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What are the advantages of using a vape pen?

A vape pen offers an enhanced use of cigarette consumption without the hustle of the former. The device has some characteristics that make it ideal for a wide variety of users. Some of its advantages include;


Vape pens offer their users discretion as the vapor they emit is not as conspicuous as that emitted from cannabis. It also comes in various wax and oil forms that are more socially acceptable to use and can easily get carried without raising eyebrows. Users can thus move around with it and use it anywhere.

Less odor

The absence of smoke means the odor produced by a vape pen is less and not substantial. This process makes it more friendly and can get used in public places without being a bother as there is no production of smoke that can be choking to those non-conversant with the practice.


Vape pens are more efficient and require lesser doses of the product to get the same feeling as traditional cigarettes. They thus enable the person to save more in terms of cost and regulate their intake, preventing overuse. The product also uses the vaporizing method that makes it more efficient than burning.

Pure content

Vapor is purer than smoke. It prevents the inhalation of carbon monoxide, ammonia, and other dangerous chemicals that may pose a health risk to your lungs. It also prevents lung inflammation, making it a safer option for consumption. Its ease of use and vapor production also ensures you get purer content, reducing the total amount inhaled.

Some of the ways to use the vape pen, including best practices, are highlighted below.

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Carry your accessories

Accessories are essential and help in the refill process. Some of the things you should buy to assist in the accessories process include;

Dabbers- a dabber is a small metal tool with a hollow side that gets used to pick the wax and place it in the chamber. Dabbers come in various sizes that enable them to fit different cartridges and make the refill process easy. It also ensures the product is not contaminated, reducing its quality or introducing foreign germs into the product.

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Pre-filled oil cartridges – pre-filled cartridges are essential, especially for beginners who are not conversant with the refill process. They are also efficient for those who are extremely busy and may not fancy the refill time. Pre-filled oil cartridges are easy to carry and replace and do not need training or experience to handle.

Airtight containers – airtight containers are used to store the refill products and prevent the smell from spreading. It also ensures everything is in one place, making the moving process easy. Pre-filled cartridges are too delicate and can be stored in these containers to help in safe transportation.

Silicone wax mat – this is a must-have accessory, especially for those who refill. It ensures everything is intact and prevents the spillage of products. The silicone mat offers a space where refills can get done, and many spillages are appropriately disposed of, especially if you have children touching the surface or crawling around.

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Use disposable vape pens

Disposable vape pens are ideal for travelers because cannabis Sativa is not legal in all states. Thus, having disposable pens ensures you can use it in various countries and discard it as you enter or cross the broader states where marijuana is illegal. Disposable pens are also easy to use and have less hustle as they don’t need to be changed or refilled. They are thus a good fit for travelers’ actors and beginners.

Understand various concentrates and cartridges

Understanding concentrates and cartridges are essential for every vape pen user because you learn about the various forms available and know which one your vape pen uses. The information is also crucial to ensure you purchase what works best for you. Understanding how they work will ensure you buy something you can use and help you master the different forms if you are a beginner.

For those who use refillable vape pens, understand how it gets refilled and what concentrates it allows. Some only accept one type of concentrate while others can accept two to three different concentrates simultaneously. Understanding this ensures you get the most from your vape pen and spice your experience.

Vape pens also come in different sizes; you should know the various cartridge sizes and how long it lasts. This information enables you to buy the right size for your vape pens and knows how long it lasts for you to avoid running out while on the way.

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Proper reloading process

Avoid the temptation of reloading the vape pen by picking the product with your hand. This process is not only unhygienic but reduces the quality of the product and aids wastage as some of it remains in your hands. Using a dabber is thus essential, saving you money as your refill is assured to last longer. Knowing how to refill your vape pen is not rocket science and requires a second of your time to complete the process.

However, for new users who are still learning the process, you can opt to use pre-filled cartridges that require unscrewing of the empty bottle and screwing back a refilled pack. The process is easy and safe and ensures you always get your refill when needed.

Understand how the vape buttons function

Various vape pens have different inhalation process. Some have buttons used to regulate the inhalation while others get inhaled in a process called auto-draw. Vape pens with buttons offer more control and enable the user to handle the heating and inhalation process. Thus, it is a good fit for beginners as it uses five clicks to turn it on, three to change heat settings, and five to switch it off after use.

The ability to regulate the heat and inhalation creates a better vaping experience. However, for experienced vapers, auto draws are ideal as you only require to take small sips at a time and gives the feeling of traditional cigarettes, thus suitable for regular users who want a taste of e-cigarettes.

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Charging and storage

The charging and storage of vape pens are essential as they enable you to supply the product continuously. Ensure you properly charge the battery and have a spare one, especially when traveling, to provide refills on the go. Having airtight storage containers that have space for your concentrates ensures everything is in the same place.

The storage containers should also be smell proof to prevent foul odor that may affect those around you who don’t vape. If you are going to areas where power is not guaranteed, ensure you carry extra charged batteries to ensure you do not run out in the middle of the woods.


The use of vape pens is on the rise as people find it conducive to fewer health risks. Understanding how to use a pen correctly ensures you get the most out of it. Vape pens also allow one to experience various flavors, adding a dynamic angle to the experience. Vape pens are thus a more fun way of experiencing e-cigarettes.