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The Rapid Growth Of Pod Mod Systems

The Rapid Growth Of Pod Mod Systems


Pod Mods - they seem to be popping up everywhere. Why are they becoming so popular? What exactly is a pod mod? And what does their popularity mean for you?


First things first. What is a Pod Mod? In a way, it can best be described by comparing it to one of those single-cup coffee makers. Coffee makers have existed for a long time, and have evolved to include products that use a small coffee pod to brew a cup of coffee at a time. Much like these pod coffee makers, a Pod Mod forgoes the standard tanks and e-liquids for a replaceable pre-filled juice pod.


What does this change mean? It means that there are no coils to prime or tanks to fill. Longtime vape users and those new to the community can take advantage of this convenience and ease of use. This level of user-friendliness attributes to their strong popularity. Instead of carrying around replacement coils and extra juice users can pop in a new pod and continue vaping. This also means no worries of spilling juice on yourself while filling a tank, or worrying about a bottle of juice leaking all through your purse or coat pocket, it’s all contained in a convenient pod.


Pod Mod combine the best of both modern vaping devices and their earlier cigalike predecessors, and also add the ability to change flavors quickly. No more waiting to empty the tank to try that new flavor, no more waiting to try your new juice because you still have so much of your old flavor.


What does the rapid growth in popularity mean for you the consumer? It means that the variety of vape products available to you will continue to grow, and that you will be able to find the best product suited for your needs. Do you enjoy vaping but you wish the process could be simpler, than looking into a pod mod may be a good option for you, and due to their growing popularity, it will be easier to find the product you desire as the consumer.


One thing to keep in mind, though, is that many pod manufacturers use a very (very, very) high level of nicotine in their cartridges - ostensibly this is to make up for the fact that vapor production and juice consumption is lower in these low-powered devices, but if you have concerns about the amount of nicotine you’re consuming it’s advisable to do a little research into the actual contents of disposable liquid pods. These devices are designed for a quick drag or two here and there discreetly, not for all-day continuous use.