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Types of Vapes Explained


Type of vapes

If you enjoy nicotine, then you might want to consider a vape. These devices allow you to enjoy nicotine without smoking cigarettes. That way, you can avoid the most serious health effects. Plus, juices are available in a wide variety of flavors. Since you can choose from a wide selection, it's almost impossible to get bored. Generally speaking, you can break them up into several categories. Below, we've defined them into four broad groups. By reading through, you'll learn the basics of each. Then, you can make an informed decision. Once you decide to make a purchase, just pick the one that sounds the most appealing.

Types of Vapes

1. Cig-a-likes Vaping Devices

Of all the vapes, these are the first that hit the scene. Until they were introduced, the only way people could consume nicotine was by using tobacco. Ever since they were developed, the industry has never been the same. Now, there are a prolific number of devices. Depending on your personal preference, you might like something simple like this.

MyBlu Starter Kit by Blu

An Overview of Cig-a-likes Vaping Devices

Even if a device belongs to this category, not all of them are the same. Moreover, sometimes, the differences are hard to determine. However, compared to other devices, the following attributes are found more commonly.

These Are the First Generation of Devices:

When these were first invented, there was nothing else comparable on the scene. Up until that point, you would have to smoke cigarettes. Afterward, it did not take long for more devices to hit the market. However, even though these are among the oldest devices, they remain popular.

Easy to Find Them at Convenience Stores:

From our perspective, one of the reasons they are so popular is because they are affordable. Suppose you walk into the convenience store. Typically, you can find one of these devices behind the counter. Therefore, you won't have to wait on shipping. Of course, you'll get an even better deal when you buy online.

Familiar for Traditional Smokers:

Since these look similar to traditional cigarettes, they are familiar to people who have a habit of smoking. For that reason, they are among the easiest devices to begin using. Since they look so similar, it will not feel strange for you to use them. Then, you can enjoy the sensation as the nicotine enters your body.

Vuse Vibe Power Unit

Examples of Cig-a-likes Vaping Devices

If you'd like to check out a few, here are three examples that we believe you will love. Depending on your personal preferences, one of them might be a better fit for you than the others. Nevertheless, they are all great devices for you to choose from.

2. Vape Pens

Perhaps, these are the devices that are the most common in the world. For various reasons, people seem to love them. In our opinion, it could be that there is such a wide variety for you to choose from. With other devices, you can hardly tell the difference between the different brands. Yet, with these, things are much different. Instead, you can have an entirely different experience depending on the device you select.

An Overview Vape Pens

So, how can you tell one of these devices from the others? While there is not a specific rule, there are several general trends you can use to differentiate devices. By examining them closely, you'll quickly find the core commonalities. At that point, it's just a matter of experience. For now, we believe the following attributes should be enough for you to grasp the fundamentals.

Smok Vape Pen V2 Starter Kit

Larger Than the First Generation:

Although they are more powerful, these devices are larger than the first generation. In combination with the power, the size makes them much less discrete. For that reason, some people prefer something with a slimmer profile. However, depending on your preferences, that may not matter to you. If not, then you could find that the powerful vape is worthwhile.

Thicker Clouds:

First and foremost, these devices create massive clouds. If you are someone who likes to immerse yourself in the mist, then you should use one of these. To say it differently, you'll have a hard time finding a device with thicker cloud production. If that is something that matters to you, then your choice should be fairly obvious. To any extent, we suggest trying one of these before you make a final decision.

More Satisfying Flavor:

Additionally, if you are a fiend for flavor, these might be the best thing you can have. Since they produce such thick clouds, your throat will be coded in the flavoring. Until you try one of them, you have not tasted the true flavor profile of your favorite juices. To us, it is simply incomparable. The unparalleled flavor profile is more than worth the expense when you are a serious fan.

Examples of Vape Pens

Would you like to see a few of the best devices in this category? If so, then check out a few of the links below. Each of them will take you directly to an exemplary product. While it may seem like a tough decision, all of them should leave you feeling satisfied. At least, in our experience, that is how things have gone.


Avenger Baby 108W TC Box Mod - iJoy

3. Vaping Mods

Finally, we get to discuss the mods. These devices are among the most sophisticated. Since they have not been around for as long, you may not have as many choices. Nevertheless, we believe you'll find something satisfying among these electronics. With them, you can adjust settings more easily. So, if you want to lower the temperature, you can do that. That way, you have a fine-tuned experience. When you use one of these, you can tailor the flavor profile much more effectively than you can with another device.

An Overview Vaping Mods

Modular equipment is pretty cool. Since you can take them apart, if something breaks, it's not the end of the world. Simply replace it. Then, you will be good to go. Of course, we suggest taking good care of these. Although you can use modular equipment, it would be best if they lasted for a while. That way, you can enjoy all the flavors that you can get.

Also Known As Mods:

You've probably heard people talking about these before. Until they were released, you would not hear people brag about the quality of their equipment. Instead, they would simply take what they can get. With these, the brand matters much more than it did in the past. Now, you'll want to work with something from a quality line. Otherwise, you may be disappointed with the overall results. Thankfully, we've collected a few of the best that you can choose from. That way, you do not have to go without.

Cascade One Plus Starter Kit by Vaporesso

Third Generation of Devices:

These are among the newest devices that you can buy. While there are newer electronics, you'll still find these more easily than you will the newest generation. From our perspective, that could be a good thing. To us, most people seem to like the is more than they do the rest of the devices. Remember, you can buy devices with varying wattages. Depending on the wattage, you can produce favor clouds that are massive. As the wattage increases, so does the size of your clouds. Therefore, to produce the largest clouds, get a device with the highest wattage possible. That way, you can juice it to the greatest extent.

Variety of Device Styles:

On the one hand, you could go with something simple. For example, why don't you try out a simple box model? While these are not the fanciest, they are highly functional. Moreover, you won't have to learn how to use them. Because they are so user-friendly, it's relatively straightforward even for a beginner. However, you might like something with a more discreet appearance. If that is the case, then we suggest you look at the latest generation of devices.

Examples of Vaping Mods

Meanwhile, check out the options we've listed below. They are all worthwhile. Plus, you can enjoy a variety of aesthetic styles. That way, you can express some of your creativity even while you are bathing.


Suorin Air Starter Kit

4. Pod Systems

Of all the devices, these are the newest generation to hit the markets. Since their introduction, they being has become more popular than ever. Perhaps, it's because of how easy these are for people to use. Even beginners are learning to love the simple pleasure of nicotine vapor. If you would like to experience it firsthand, there might not be a better choice for you to select. With one of these, You can vape everywhere you go. They are not going to produce massive clouds. Therefore, you won't have to worry about leaving behind a vapor trail. Instead, you can simply slip away into an undisturbed corner. Then, you can enjoy all of the vapor that you would like. Plus, you will not have to bother anyone else who is in the room with you. For us, that's one of the biggest positives when it comes to these devices.

An Overview Pod Systems

Okay, let's take a closer look at them. Although they are the most recently developed technology, it seems as if they are simpler than previous generations. Instead of an intricate appearance, they tend to look a little more modern. At first glance, you may not even recognize them as vape at all. That just adds to the discretion. Furthermore, if you are looking to keep it a secret, there is nothing else that will do the job better.

Portable and Discrete:

When you want to use a vapor, you want to take it with you everywhere that you go. Otherwise, what is the point of getting such a device? To us, that's the primary reason people tend to go for one of these. Thanks to their portability, it's easy to justify the purchase. After you get one, you'll never have to leave it behind. Wherever you go, you can take it with you. That way, you'll never have to survive without nicotine for that long. In some instances, that can seem like a huge deal. Suppose you like to have your nicotine supply with you on demand. If that is the case, then you will be hard-pressed to find out more suitable option.

Powerful Flavor Delivery:

Besides the stealth, you'll also enjoy the powerful flavor. Thanks to the unique pod delivery system, you'll taste every single ounce of the nicotine juice. As soon and you start to pull, you'll feel the vapors lie down your throat. It will be almost as if you're experience was completely immersive. Compared to other devices, people seem to think that this feels as if it were a much more natural experience. In most instances, we believe that should count as a good thing. However, for you to truly understand, you'll have to experience it yourself.

iJoy Captain PD270 234W Box Mod

Examples of Pod Systems

Since these are the newest devices to be released, there are far fewer choices. However, among the choices that exist, you'll find some of the most impressive technology in the industry. While other manufacturers try to catch up, you can try one of these devices. We believe that you'll find something that fits your preferences. Then, you'll just have to select the juice that sounds appealing. At that point, all you have to do is wait. Once everything arrives, you will be ready to start paving. Take it from us. There are not that many hobbies with such a low barrier to entry. For that reason, we urge you to take a chance. You won't regret a thing.

Suorin Air
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 Compak A1 Ultra