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RTA Vs RDA Guide: Which Is Best?

Below is a guide to help you understand the difference between RTA vs RDA to select the one that works for you. The two are vaping systems with an atomizer, a power source. The user inhales vapor ins … more about

Mesh Coil vs Regular Coil: A Complete Guide

Many factors are affecting the overall experience of sub-ohm vapers, including mesh coils. The coils are similar to gatekeepers, cloud production, flavor, drawing tension, dictating e-juice, and more. … more about

What Is Synthetic Nicotine? Is it Safe

The reason for being a smoker is largely due to your desire to eliminate the harmful smoking habit in your life. Dependent on the high nicotine content in tobacco and the post-smoking experience, one … more about

What Is Sub Ohm Vaping

Vaporizing has quickly entered the mainstream. Years ago, cigarettes were the most common way for people to consume nicotine. However, as times have changed, so have people's habits. Nowadays, you'll … more about

A Journey to the Juul Dimensions

At first, entering this area, pounded by windy sands, wasn't even on our travelogue. However, in spite of those warnings, we'd found ourselves in a new location. Searching for answers, we left the is … more about

How to Make Your Own Vape Juice

The vapor juice used by modern vaporizers usually is made in a factory. However, in some instances, Hobbyists may decide to brew some of the stuff themselves. How to Make Your Own Vape Juice The Ba … more about

FDA Vape Registration Deadline Extended Due To System Issues & Demand

You may have noticed that we've paid quite a bit of attention to the federal Food and Drug Administration and their 'deeming regulations' that, retroactively dating to 2007, give the organization regu … more about

Is Vaping More Effective Than Quitting Cigarettes Cold Turkey?

So, is it finally time to quit smoking? Every year, aspiring quitters are among the largest numbers of those who make New Years Resolutions - for 2017 the website Statistic Brain counts it as the four … more about

How to Use a Vape Pen

 How to Get the Most from Your Vape Pen Vape pens have become the most sought-after replacement for traditional cigarettes. Loved for their enhanced features, vape pens offer their users an … more about

How to Store a Mod?

Learn How to Store a Mod Sooner or later, you're bound to end up with vape gear you're not using on a daily basis. This is a good thing. You always want to have backups (and backups for your backups … more about

Ultimate Vape Deals - Shop the Best Vaping Discounts

Shopping at our store is like visiting somewhere you've always wanted to see.Except, we'll exceed expectations.Nobody has visited without leaving with something in their hands, at least not that we … more about

Best Nic Salt Juice

The Best Nicotine Salt JuicesNicotine Salt Juice, or popularly known, Nic Salt Juice, is a complex chemical compound formed from Tobacco leaves. This compound has become popular as a faster way to rel … more about

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