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This Year's Best 21700 Mods


Puffing on your favorite
vape juices has never been easier, thanks to the new 21700 battery. These provide an ample supply of power, and they rarely need to charge.

Mods have only just begun to feature them.

So, people still haven't heard about them sometimes. We've sought out the best mods that use this tech. That way, if you'd like to try them, you won't have to wade through any duds.

Top 21700 Mods

Why Are 21700 Batteries Better Than the Rest?

Batteries might not seem like something that would have a tremendous impact. Yet, time after time, users find changing batteries also changes everything else. Here are a few reasons to consider making the switch yourself.

At first glance, these batteries look nearly identical.

That's because they've been shaped for the same purpose, powering your vape. Upon closer investigation, you'll notice that 21700 batteries are a bit bigger. Instead of an 18.5 mm diameter, they've got one that's 21 mm. That extra space has huge implications.

Benefits of a 21700 Battery

- Longer Lasting:

Most of all, these batteries are larger, physically, and in their capacity. Thus, if you'd like something that'd last the whole day, these might be your best bet.

- More Powerful:

Larger batteries tend to produce more powerful currents. Try getting one of those 18650 batteries to reach 200W of output. It'd be a lot tougher to get that much of them compared to one of these 21700s.

- Rapid Charging:

Amperage determines how quickly batteries charge. The higher the amps, the faster the charge. Fortunately, most of these are compatible with 2A charging, the fastest type available.

The Best 21700 Mods We've Found So Far

Whether you'd like to test something made by Wismec or another manufacturer, options aren't tough to find. Still, testing a million different vapes might not be your idea of a fun weekend.

We've taken care of the trials for you. Below, we've collected the results. That way, no matter what you'd like, you'll find something suitable with ease.

HiFlask 2100mAh AIO 40W Starter Kit - Wismec

Wismec Reuleaux RX2 21700 200W Starter Kit - Wismec

First, we'll take a gander at the newest Wismec mod. Advertised as 21700 compatible, this mod is fully capable, pushing up to 200W. Blowing smoke clouds won't be a challenge with that much power in your hands.

The retractable filling method changes how you refill the pod, eliminating most of those pesky spills. Pop the top off and put in more juice. Filling it from the top makes much more sense than doing it from the side. Luckily, these guys seem to have found that out.

Key Features

- Retractable Top-Fill Method:

Refilling your pod has been among the most difficult parts of vape use. Often, puddles of spilled juice remind you of the challenge. This design makes everything much easier, letting you refill them from the top. Don't waste vape juice by spilling it while using other vapes. This one makes it so simple that other options look crazy.

- 1.3 inch OLED Display:

Never guess what power setting you have it on. Just glance at the OLED screen, and it'll tell you everything. How hot would you like that next hit? Adjust the temperature settings and check your results on the screen. If things aren't just right, you'll know about it before ever taking a hit.

- 200W Maximum Output:

Few devices reach such a high output. If you'd like the most powerful vape on the market, looking elsewhere might be a waste of time. This would be about as powerful as anything you could find. Maximum power tends to be a deciding factor for plenty of vape users. If you count yourself among that crowd, this vape ought to hit the spot.

- 4ml Juice Capacity:

Tank size impacts how frequently you need refills. Larger tanks make sure you won't run out part way through the day. Maintaining a full tank takes on a new meaning with something of this size. Don't forget to refill it in the morning. That way, regardless of what's in store, you won't be scrounging for juice.

Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 300W TC Box Mod

Reuleaux RX2 20700 TC Mod - Jaybo & Wismec

Jaybo teamed up with the engineers over at Wismec, and they created something impressive. This vape reaches the same wattage as their previous model, but it looks even better. Slip a 510-threaded cartridge into the mod and take a smooth hit. Tasting vapor hasn't been this delicious in a while.

Key Features

- 510 Spring Loaded Connector:

510 threads are a common type of connector. Most people seem to associate them with cannabis carts, but that's not their only use. You can find them with just about anything in them. Then, use them with this device to see what's inside.

- 200W Output:

Powerful and sleek, this vape reaches up to 200W, vaporizing whatever's in the tank. Don't set it too high if you happen to be using salt nic. Those tend to burn at higher temperatures, making the hit taste acrid.

- Max Temp of 600 Degrees F:

High temps could be much more realistic once you've tried one of these. 600 degrees F sounds less scorching than it is.

iJOY Capo SRDA 100W 20700 Squonk Kit

iJOY Capo SRDA 100W 20700 Squonk Kit - iJOY

Building on their previous success, iJoy has brought a new mod to market, filled with new features. First of all, let's acknowledge that incredible 9ml tank. That's one of the largest tanks we've seen.

Not to mention, you can use 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries with them. Take several of each with you, so you'll never run out of power. Recharge it rapidly, thanks to its 2A charging speed.

Its 9 ml tank capacity places it 2nd among the vapes with the largest capacity. Adjusting the setting on this is easy, thanks to the intuitive buttons. Tap on them to raise the temperature, and tap them again to lower it.

Key Features

- 9ml Max Capacity:

Fill this one to the brim. Compared to most other options, you ought to have at least twice the capacity as usual. Therefore, you should be refilling them about half as often.

- 0.05 - 3.0ohm Range:

Nic salts seem as if they burn much more easily than other juices. As such, using a higher resistance improves their flavor. However, with typical juice, a lower resistance vaporizes them better. This device lets you choose which setting would be best.

- 100W Max Output:

Plenty of power for most purposes, 100W is an ample supply of energy. Nothing in that tank stands a chance. 100W may not sound like it is all that much, but it's more than enough for most purposes.

- Compatible With 21700, 20700, and 18650 Batteries:

Some places won't have the right battery, but you still need something that'll work. Luckily, with this vape, any of the 3 common batteries should suffice.

HiFlask Replacement Pod Cartridge - Wismec

Reuleaux RX2 20700 200W Kit - Wismec

An intuitive screen and a large firing button are just two of this product's best features. At 1.3 inches, this display would be about as large as you'll find on a vape. Nobody ought to have a hard time reading what's on it. Using the vape is even easier, thanks to its super big button. Two batteries provide tons of power for whatever you need. 

Not to mention, when you charge them, they'll charge evenly. Thanks to its unique charging system, power distribution charges it at an even rate.

Key Features

- Battery Balance Charge System:

This vape uses two batteries for an enhanced experience. Yet, that means you've got to charge them both. The balanced charge system makes that a piece of cake, ensuring they always charge evenly.

- MicroUSB Port:

MicroUSB is more common than any other type of cord. So, even if you happen to lose the one that came with this, finding another won't be too hard.

- Oversized Firing Button:

Missing this button would take more skill than hitting it. Since it is so big, even people who have poor motor skills ought to find it easy.

- 1.3 inch OLED Display:

Not everyone has been blessed with ideal eyesight. This display shows things clear enough that even people who have poor vision can read it.

iJoy Diamond VPC 45W Starter Kit

Avenger Starter Kit with 2i (Black Panther Edition) – iJoy

Are you a fan of the Black Panther? If that's the case, you'd fall in love with this mod. Built by iJoy, the Avenger mod has all the trappings of a masterpiece. Plus, on top of its aesthetic, its specs don't disappoint. A 30 mm tank is larger than anything else on this list. So, if you are looking for the highest-capacity vape, this would be it.

Key Features

- 30mm Tanks:

30mm is over 3 times larger than the next largest tank on this list. You'll never run out of juice as long as you refill it in the morning. It might be hard to remember when you'll need a refill, large tanks don't need them as much. So, try to schedule them. That way, before you run out, you'll have already put more in.

- Black Panther Design:

Marvel comics have grown in popularity ever since the movies started coming out. Today, it's one of the most popular franchises in history. This vape's design lets you take a bit of that culture with you.

- Voice Control:

Above all, the voice control makes this vape stand out from the pack. Only a few devices implement this tech, and few of them do it right. Change the settings by speaking. Adjust the temp and wattage. This voice tech simplifies everything.

Avenger Baby 108W TC Box Mod - iJoy

Avenger Baby 108W TC Box Mod - iJoy

iJoy has always been known for pushing the envelope. As soon as another company innovates something, these guys are hot on the trail. They've put voice control tech in this vape, similar to the Black panther mod above. Tell the vape how hot you'd like it to be, and it'll adjust itself.

Key Features

- Adjustable Power:

A wide range of temperature settings enables you to customize the experience. Hotter temperatures make massive clouds while lower temperatures vaporize salt nic better.

- Voice Control:

Talking to this vaporizer won't be all that embarrassing. Sure, it might turn a few heads, but it works. Everyone will see the vape as it adjusts, impressing them in the process.

- PTC protective circuits:

Suppose you were to charge to the device during a thunderstorm. These protective circuits protect the vape from electrical surges. That way, even if something happened, you'd still be able to use your vape.

- Ni200 Heating Elements:

Nickel tends to transfer heat rather rapidly, making it an ideal heating element. Thankfully, this vape has been built to take advantage of nickel's powerful properties.

Vaporesso Swag 2 Mod

Vaporesso Swag 2 Mod

The AXON chipset underlies this vape's incredible showing. Each time you press a button, that chipset relays the message instantly. Lag isn't even a question. Plus, on top of its rapid response, the vape's display clearly shows how it's performing.

Drain the vape all day long, taking hits whenever you'd please. Then, once it is dead, plug it into the wall. It charges faster than most, on account of its rapid 2A charging. Holding it might be the best thing about it. The rubberized grip sticks without slipping.

Key Features

- AXON Chipset:

This chipset is a step above previous iterations. Not only does it operate faster, but it is also less energy-intensive. That means you'll need less power to do the same work. Thus, running out of battery ought to take even longer than it would've with another device.

- 0.91” OLED Screen:

Measured diagonally, this screen is nearly a full inch in length. Sure, other screens on this list might be a bit bigger. But, compared to not having one at all, this screen should cut the mustard. You'll see all the most important info about your vape, displayed right on the screen.

That way, if you don't like something, guesswork isn't your only option. Use the screen to change things strategically. Then, finding an ideal setting isn't much work at all.

- Ergonomic Grip:

Some vapes appear as if they've been designed by artists. Others look like something from a discount store. In either case, holding onto them might pose a challenge, since they might not have the best grip.

This vape's grip is made of rubber. We've tried to test how well it holds, and it's got the best grip on this list. Those who drop things often would do well to try this out.

The Bottom Line When It Comes to 21700 Mods

Whatever you'd like to try, we've got something to match those tastes. Check out some of the options we've put on this list. Or, check out the site for yourself. There, everybody can find something appealing for their next vape.