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BLVK Unicorn E Liquid Introduces The WYTE Collection

BLVK Unicorn E Liquid has won countless awards do to their focus on premium flavor profiles that grab your attention from the first puff. Breazy was one of the first companies to try their new WYTE Collection which consists of three new products and we can say the collection is phenomenal, let's take a look at what you can expect.


Uninuts - BLVK Unicorn E Liquid: Uninuts has a unique blend of flavors all selected for maximum flavor impact. The profile of Uninuts is a soft creamy nut infused flavor combination that mixes almonds, hazelnut, and vanilla. The end result is a deliciously one of a kind vape that does not destroy your coils as you initially might think. After two refills of my TFV8 cloud beast my coils were in pretty good shape and a full day of use on an RDA the coils remained virtually gunk free by comparison to that of similar vanilla and nut e-liquids I have tried. Uninuts gets two thumbs up from this vaper.


Unicake - blvk unicorn e-liquid

Unicake - BLVK Unicorn E Liquid: Unicake is the second in this new line-up a particularly crafted e-liquid for fans of cake and fruit. Unicake takes an all or nothing approach to its body of flavor, pairing blueberries into the soul of a crumble cake flavor base which alone  would've served up a fantastic liquid. Blueberry e-liquid can be very hit or miss because too little equals flavorless and too much equal almost a floral taste that isn't ideal and can kill a coil faster than you can blink. Unicake thought this through because two notoriously coil gunking flavor profiles mixed into one would traditionally wreak havoc on a prebuilt coil, and while yes the flavor is exceptional one has to take into account that one factor. While not as clean as Uninuts, Unicake isn't exactly at the top half of the list of coil destroying liquids but it does cause a small amount of cake up a few tanks in so is it a worthy trade? Absolutely, this e-juice is delicious and worth going through coils a little faster to just be part of its existence. Unicake gets a thumbs up for flavor and a no thumbs on its coil lifespan traits.


Unicoco - BLVK Unicorn E Liquid: Unicoco will undoubtedly be the star of this collection, the flavor profile alone is enough to start a discussion among vapers. A lovely combination of two powerful flavors in coconut and pear, Unicoco perfects their balance to create a harmonious relationship of two very dominant flavors. One thing about Unicoco that I like is the aftertaste, its very easy to catch yourself constantly licking your lips a short while after your most recent puffs, it stays with you that long. The flavor combination easily gets recorded to memory and because something you miss and look forward to vaping. Unicoco is definitely an all day vape option for any fan of the fruits. When it comes to its properties, Unicoco holds up amazingly better than its other two siblings Unicake and Uninuts, two full tanks in my coils were 100% intact and my RDA build was absolutely clean. For the experience and the coil cleanliness Unicoco gets two resounding thumbs up from me.