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Buying E-juice in Bulk: Are the Savings Worth it?

Buying E-juice in Bulk: Are the Savings Worth it?



With so many varieties of e-juice available, for some of us it can be hard to dedicate yourself to one flavor, let alone one brand. While some vape users have a e-liquid brand or flavor they swear by as militantly as they’d stuck with a preferred style of cigarettes, others like to “play the field,” so to speak.


I’ve found myself to be an adherent of the latter camp. When I first started vaping, I had two different vape pens so I could alternate which flavor and strength I was using. I paid for this luxury by sacrificing convenience and spending a bit more money than the average beginner. Yes, I wanted variety, but I was paying to have all of these different flavors at my disposal. I knew there had to be a better way, and I found it - buying juice in bulk bottles.


What are the benefits of buying large juice bottles? First, they can be much more cost-effective in the long run. If you’re using a device that burns through juice, it’s a lot nicer to be able to get more tank fills out of one bottle. Want to save money by purchasing juice in bulk, but don’t want to commit to one flavor for so long?Consider buying large bottles with your friends and sharing the juice. If you and two other friends each order a large bottle of e-juice at a reduced price, and then split the liquid into smaller portions, each one of you can have access to three unique flavors at an amazing savings.


Worried about the extra large bottle of e-juice going bad? With proper storage, e-juice can last for awhile. Of course, if your juice has significantly changed colors, or has sentiment that does not dissolve when shook, it could be time to toss it. Different ingredient levels and flavorings can affect the shelf life of juice, always check the use by date. Think about your vape juice as you would food. You wouldn’t drink a glass of milk that smelled funny, why use juice that has a strange odor.


Proper storage of bulk juice can ensure you have lots of vaping at great savings in your future. While you’ll want to have the best quality of liquid possible for your device, it doesn’t hurt to save where you can. If you have a good quality juice you really enjoy using, look to see if they sell it in a larger size - chances are you may be able to save a little by purchasing a big bottle. With a little shopping and practicing proper storage, you can vape your way to savings in no time.