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What Is A Replacement Pod Cartridge?

Hello there, budding vapers! Today, we’re going to discuss one of the vape community’s most popular products for newbies and vape veterans alike. We’re talking about...pods. We aren’t talking abou … more about

How To Fix a Leaky Vape Tank?

Leaky vape tanks are a major headache that many vapers have had to confront at one time or another. It's frustrating to set down your vape mod for a few minutes, only to come back to drops of e-liq … more about

What Kind of Batteries Do Vape Devices Require?

Batteries are a critical component of every vaper's hardware, whether you know it or not. Simply put, they provide the power needed to vaporize your e-liquid: no power, no vapor. If you’ve got a sma … more about

Which Pod System Should I Buy?

Welcome! Everything is fine. If you're just joining us, we've previously discussed what a pod mod is, along with the difference between closed and open system pod mods. We've also covered replacemen … more about

RTA Vs RDA Guide: Which Is Best?

Below is a guide to help you understand the difference between RTA vs RDA to select the one that works for you. The two are vaping systems with an atomizer, a power source. The user inhales vapor ins … more about

What Is Synthetic Nicotine? Is it Safe

The reason for being a smoker is largely due to your desire to eliminate the harmful smoking habit in your life. Dependent on the high nicotine content in tobacco and the post-smoking experience, one … more about

A Journey to the Juul Dimensions

At first, entering this area, pounded by windy sands, wasn't even on our travelogue. However, in spite of those warnings, we'd found ourselves in a new location. Searching for answers, we left the is … more about

How to Make Your Own Vape Juice

The vapor juice used by modern vaporizers usually is made in a factory. However, in some instances, Hobbyists may decide to brew some of the stuff themselves. How to Make Your Own Vape Juice The Ba … more about

FDA Vape Registration Deadline Extended Due To System Issues & Demand

You may have noticed that we've paid quite a bit of attention to the federal Food and Drug Administration and their 'deeming regulations' that, retroactively dating to 2007, give the organization regu … more about

How to Store a Mod?

Learn How to Store a Mod Sooner or later, you're bound to end up with vape gear you're not using on a daily basis. This is a good thing. You always want to have backups (and backups for your backups … more about

E-Liquid Ingredients: A Breakdown

E-Liquid Ingredients Hello again, dear readers. Today we're going to tackle a topic that's been the subject of mountains of speculation but very little substantial debate – what actually go … more about

How To Prime a Vape Coil

Regardless of whether you’re using a small or big mod, or how experienced you’re at vaping, sometimes you may notice a blunt, burnt taste when wicking.  Whenever this happens, you’ll experience a sc … more about

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