Blackberry Lemonade - The Stand E Juice

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Blackberry Lemonade - The Stand E Juice

If I could vape a wish it'd be blackberry juice, dark succulent fruit that would soon be my muse. If I could ask for more it'd be sweet lemonade, so saccharine and tart can come to my aid. Was I to choose a supplier it'd be The Stand E Juice, whose skills are built to suit my muse. For sugar for tart, for sweeter or better, for delectable, desirable Blackberry Lemonade.

There never in my sight has been a liquid so tender, bottle so slender, contents forever. A drop on the coil set my charges on fire oh for the adventure that was to befall my dear mouth. Inherent in the air were the trails of pleasure, wrapped with flavor, promising cloudy precision, and when my breath forged with it, it was o-what-a-wonder, for sugar for tart for Blackberry Lemonade.

Saccharine doused me till my eyeballs rolled, then came the sour tang that curled my warmed up toes. In the heart of my lungs formed a heavy yeast, that escaped from my mouth as a cloudy mist. Its curves, delicate, could only be drawn by an artist, it’s scent enticing could top any vape list.
Vape prowlers like zombies traced back the cloud to me. Whatever this was, I had to swear an oath to give, not just drops and mini puffs but all the deets there was, for sweeter for sour for Blackberry Lemonade.

If I could vape an e juice it'd be Blackberry Lemonade, for a supplier, The Stand E Juice will come to my aid. Never had a brand made a vape juice so daint, never had my tongue tasted a flavor so taint. For sweeter for sour for Blackberry Lemonade. For better, for Breazy for The Stand E Liquid.

Primary Flavors: Blackberry, Lemonade

PG/VG: 30/70