Flavor Free - Bantam Vape E Liquid

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Flavor Free - Bantam Vape E Liquid

Customize your vaping routine even further with the Flavor Free vape juice option made by Bantam Vape E Liquid. This alternative can be picked up in a 60ml bottle size with 3mg as well as 6mg nicotine strength options. It can be vaped on its very own if you would prefer a completely pure, clean, flavorless vaping experience or be used in conjunction with vaping additives for even more personalization. This option was designed to be compatible for use with sub ohm vaping devices and was formulated so that it could deliver on texture as well as cloud production capabilities. With their impressive number of vape juice options to choose from, Bantam Vape E Liquid has made it possible to find a selection that suits any cravings that you happen to be going through at the time. They manufacture all of their e-liquids out of elements that support both flavor reproduction as well as the juice's performance qualities for more all-encompassing options. Completely free of any added taste, this vape juice option was designed to allow vapers to tailor their experiences to their own desires.

Primary Flavors: Flavorless