Vanilla Almond Tobacco - Humble Salts E Liquid

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Vanilla Almond Tobacco - Humble Salts E Liquid

Add a touch of sophistication into your daily vaping routine with this tobacco based vape juice blend made by Humble Salts E Liquid. Vanilla Almond Tobacco comes in a 30ml bottle size with a 36mg nicotine strength, it's been made with a salt nicotine base which can make for a much faster acting and more intense impact than a traditional vape juice blend. E-liquids like this are intended for use with a majority of pod and mouth to lung devices but is not compatible with a sub ohm setup. Humble Salts E Liquid has taken the popular options from their original line and has recreated them so that they can be enjoyed by vapers that need something that can give them some more intensity and satisfaction. This collection makes their vape juices out of high-quality materials and manufactures them according to steps that can make for a more consistent and dependable end result for their users. Vanilla Almond Tobacco combines together a rich, deep, traditional tobacco base with some premium quality vanilla and savory almonds that all come together to make a very complimentary trio.


**This product is made with salt nicotine and is not intended for sub ohm vaping.**

Vanilla Almond Tobacco Vape Juice 30ml by  Humble Juice Co

Primary Flavors: Vanilla, Almond, Tobacco

VG/PG: 50/50

Nicotine Strength: 36mg