Menthol Ice Flavor Additive Drops - Sapphyre Nic

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Menthol Ice Flavor Additive Drops - Sapphyre Nic


Making it possible to customize your juices, these innovative additive drops made by Sapphyre Nic can allow you to control just how invigorating that you'd like your vaping experience to be. The Menthol Ice Flavor Additive Drops come in a 3ml bottle size that has an easy to control dropper style housing. To use them is simple, you just place between one and three drops into your juice or, depending on its size, tank, and mix until they are integrated together. Sapphyre Nic is a dynamic vaping line that specializes in creating alternative options that allow customers to alter their juices and make the most out of products that are already in their collections. They manufacture all of their different selections with high-quality ingredients and test them to make sure that they can seamlessly combine with a large majority of different formulas. If you have any pre-existing juices in your collection that you'd like to give some new life to, this additive will make it possible them give them a more cooling, refreshing twist due to its slightly sweet menthol flavor. The Menthol Ice Flavor Additive Drops will only impart a new taste to your blend's flavor profile, not change how it performs. 

Product Features: 

  • Size: 3ml
  • Menthol flavor
  • Doesn't affect juices performance

Package Contains: 

  • 1 x 3ml bottle of Menthol Ice Flavor Additive Drops by Sapphyre Nic