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Are Nicotine Salts Safe?

Nicotine salts have become more popular in recent years, allowing vapers a new way to experience vape liquids. Many vapers are unfamiliar with nicotine salts or “nic salts” and that can raise concerns … read more

How to Use a Vape Pen

 Vape pens have become the most sought-after replacement for traditional cigarettes. Loved for their enhanced features, vape pens offer their users an opportunity to experience a more enhanced form of … read more

RTA Vs RDA Guide: Which Is Best?

Below is a guide to help you understand the difference between RTA vs RDA to select the one that works for you. The two are vaping systems with an atomizer, a power source. The user inhales vapor ins … read more

What Is Synthetic Nicotine? Is it Safe

The reason for being a smoker is largely due to your desire to eliminate the harmful smoking habit in your life. Dependent on the high nicotine content in tobacco and the post-smoking experience, one … read more

Best 510 Thread Battery For Cartridges

What do you prefer between CBD and THC oil cartridges? Either way, you’ll need a high-quality vape pen battery to have a superb vaping experience. 510 thread batteries are increasingly becoming popula … read more

What Is Sub Ohm Vaping

Vaporizing has quickly entered the mainstream. Years ago, cigarettes were the most common way for people to consume nicotine. However, as times have changed, so have people's habits. Nowadays, you'll … read more

A Journey to the Juul Dimensions

At first, entering this area, pounded by windy sands, wasn't even on our travelogue. However, in spite of those warnings, we'd found ourselves in a new location. Searching for answers, we left the is … read more

How to Make Your Own Vape Juice

The vapor juice used by modern vaporizers usually is made in a factory. However, in some instances, Hobbyists may decide to brew some of the stuff themselves. How to Make Your Own Vape Juice The Ba … read more

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