Cassadaga Liquids

Cassadaga Liquids

Try a truly unique vaping experience with Cassadaga Liquids! Cassadaga e-liquid brings the sweet joy of an old-fashioned Italian bakery to your mod. Makers of the first true cannoli-flavored vape juice on the market, Cassadaga Liquids not only makes superior e-juice but focuses on delivering the best possible experience with high-quality products.

Leave the doughnut vape juices and take the cannoli: Cassadaga e-liquid could bring out any mobster's sweet tooth, delivering a tasty reward for dealing with life's dirty work in every hit. Give every gathering your blessing with the aroma of freshly baked cannoli, but only share with the most deserving. Then again, with our low prices, you just might want to share with every vaper you know.

Cassadaga Cannoli Vape Juice Flavors

Cassadaga Liquids knows their area of expertise, and like any great artists, they focus on perfecting their work in that niche. In this case, that niche is cannoli-flavored vape juice, and we're all very grateful for their devotion. Not only do they provide the ultimate classic cannoli flavor, but they jazz things up with specialty twists on this delicious treat. You can't go wrong with the classic Cannoli Be One, but why not try a twist like Cannoli Be Mine, a cannoli brightened with juicy strawberries? If you're in the mood for something totally different, pick up a bottle of Cannoli Be Breakfast, which tastes like cannoli mixed with fruity cereal.

Can't decide which flavor to buy? You really don't have to, not with our great prices on Cassadaga e-liquid. Try one or try them all, and when you order Cassadaga Liquids products, you can take advantage of our free shipping offer to save even more! Of course, we also carry much more than this one brand: In fact, we have hundreds of ejuice brands, the largest selection you'll find anywhere. You'll also find fantastic deals on the latest hardware and accessories, from mods to rebuildables to cigalikes to chargers. At Breazy, we pride ourselves on being the best one-stop vape shop!

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