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Dinner Lady E Liquid
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Dinner Lady E Liquid

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Dinner Lady serves up first class premium e liquid that spans many flavor spectrum's and brings your wick to a new level of cloud production. True to life flavors that have created a following from the UK across the planet.

Dinner Lady E Juice FAQ
What Kind of Device Do I Need to Vape Dinner Lady E-Liquids?
Any open system vaping device will be able to use these delicious e juice blends. Dinner Lady flavors boast a superior cloud volume when combined with wick vapes, but a coil driven tech will still be able to provide a pleasing spectrum of flavors and satisfying hits when used with this brand. Open system vapes refer to any device which has a chamber designed for e-liquids. These chambers can be quickly refilled, and the device needs to be cleaned with regularity. This cleaning is often quite easy and low effort. Open system rigs are the most popular devices on the market, and why shouldn't they be? With incredible e-liquid brands like Dinner Lady available, it's easy to see the advantage of purchasing an open-system mod.
What Makes Dinner Lady Unique?
As the name suggests, Dinner Lady offers a complete range of gourmet dessert vape juice flavors that you are sure to love. These formulas are designed for maximum flavor, while still producing astounding vapor clouds. Wick devices are a popular match for this blend but feel free to enjoy these liquids with any open system vape device of your choosing.
Where are Dinner Lady E-Liquids Manufactured?
Dinner Lady blends are produced in the UK. They gained traction in their home country very quickly, before becoming an international hit. The vaping phenomenon is trending across the world, as more and more consumers are turning away from big tobacco, and choosing these delicious alternatives.
What are E-liquids Made Of?
E-liquids, also known by the titles of vape juice, e-liquid, and e-juice, are oil-based suspensions that typically carry nicotine and a variety of common flavoring compounds. These e-liquids are meant to be added to the vaping devices of your choice. Vape pods also contain e-liquids and are prepared similarly to the solutions found in these bottles. E-liquids almost exclusively contain the oils PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine), which are the tried and true carriers for vaping solutions.
What is the VG/PG Ratio Used in Dinner Lady E-Liquids?
VG/PG (vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol) are the carrier oils that are used to provide both standard nicotine, and nicotine salts. Different ratios of VG/PG will produce a unique vaping experience, allowing manufacturers to offer a selection of densities, vapor volumes, and hits of various strengths. Dinner Lady makes use of the famous 70/30 (VG/PG) ratio, which many people find maximizes the flavor while sustaining an ideal amount of vapor production. Since this ratio is so popular among many brands, Dinner Lady can effectively be paired with a wide range of blends.
What is a Disposable Vape Device?
While the Dinner Lady brand is known for free base e liquid, they also offer disposable vape devices. Disposable vapes can easily be enjoyed and then discarded once you are finished. There's no hassle, no refilling, no fiddling with wicks or coils - simply unbox this disposable vape device, and toss it once you are finished.
What is the Difference Between Regular and Salt Nicotine E-Liquids?
Salt nicotine has gained a lot of popularity recently, as many users perceive that these salts deliver a quick rush. Many customers report that the harshness of the vapor does not increase as the mg dose of rises. With premier blends like Dinner Lady, we guarantee that you won't find any undue harshness with their regular blends. However, the choice between these preparations comes down to personal preference, and we recommend sampling both styles to discover your favorite.