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Suicide Bunny e-juice was created by Pip Gresham so that she and her husband could quit smoking. Gresham created Suicide Bunny, pairing delicious flavors with edgy artwork, and the result has been products that have won over countless vapers. Today, Suicide Bunny juice is hugely popular, and you can find a full range of their flavors here at the best prices around.


In terms of e-liquid brands that stand out and provide you with consistently high-quality products, few match up to the offerings available from Suicide Bunny. This brand has delivered many exciting liquids to hundreds of thousands of vapers. Suicide Bunny has built a range of flavor offerings that fit every need and craving you can have. Suicide Bunny juice is known for excellence in value, excellence in quality, and excellence in how well it connects with vapers around the world. Reach for a brand that serves as an ambassador for pure excellence!


The line of Suicide Bunny e-juice includes popular flavors like Mother’s Milk, which combines rich dessert flavors with hints of strawberry. If you like Mother’s Milk ejuice but want to try something new, try out Sucker Punch: It’s similar but features the flavor of dragonfruit instead of strawberry. The O.B. is another super-popular flavor for fans of a smooth vape with a strong vanilla flavor. Is citrus more your jam? Then Madrina is for you: This juice is packed full of fruity flavor, with honeydew melon coming out strong. Queen Cake is another option for dessert-lovers. It tastes like cake but with a pineapple twist.


At Breazy, we carry the largest selection of vape juice you’ll find anywhere, featuring more than a thousand product lines, so you’re sure to find vape juice flavors that appeal to you, whether they’re from Suicide Bunny or another brand. We also have great deals on all of the latest hardware, from rebuildables to squonk mods to batteries, and shipping on orders over $50 is free: Stock up on e-liquid and supplies and save!


Suicide Bunny Vape Juice FAQ
What Are E Liquids?
E liquids are oil-based formulas used for vaping. Vape rigs apply heat to these fluids, converting the liquid into vapor. The terms e-liquid, e-juice, and vape juice all refer to the same style of products. These liquids are made almost exclusively from propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Both PG and VG have a long track record of vaporization and are considered the highest quality solution for enhanced flavors, and smooth hits. These PG/VG mixtures are most often used to deliver nicotine-containing vapor. E-liquids also contain additional ingredients that help to create the flavors that our customers know and love.
What is the PG/VG ratio for Suicide Bunny E-Liquids?
PG/VG (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine) is the combination that act as the base for e-liquid products. While most e-liquid manufacturers do not openly publish their formulas, Suicide Bunny discloses that they utilize a 30VG/70PG ratio. This is a tried and true mixture that has become a mainstay in the vaping industry.
Which Suicide Bunny E-liquids are the Most Popular?
Mother’s Milk is Suicide Bunny’s signature product, with the most popular reviews and some of the highest sales. That being said, there are a variety of Suicide Bunny e-liquids that have received quite a bit of fanfare. Just look at their reviews! You can’t go wrong with this incredible product line, and we encourage anyone new to this brand to snag a few flavors and experiment for themselves.
Do Suicide Bunny E-Liquids Contain Nicotine?
Many of these formulas are available in a variety of nicotine strengths, including a 0mg option that does not contain any nicotine. While these 0mg blends do not contain nicotine, you must still be 21 to place an order and consume these products. Suicide Bunny offers a variety of strengths for their formulas, so they are ready to satisfy any consumer.
How Do I Vape Bottled E-Liquids?
E-liquids that come bottled, like the Suicide Bunny brand, are meant for “open-system” vapes where the e-liquid is poured into a specified chamber of the vaping device, often referred to as a tank. We offer a variety of open system vapes to choose from. They require minimal upkeep and often provide a customizable approach to the vaping experience.
Many people are introduced to the world of vaping via e-liquid containing cartridges that are disposed of once they are empty. The vape devices that are compatible with these cartridges are called “closed-system,” meaning you can’t open the container and add more e-liquid.
Can I Mix E-Liquids?
Yes. Once you get used to your vaping device and have had a chance to experience a variety of e-liquid flavors, it can be a fun and satisfying experience to discover what various combinations can do. To begin, we recommend mixing liquids of the same brands together, as they often maintain a similar PG/VG ratio. This is advantageous because it allows you to maintain consistency in terms of cloud density, and the heaviness of the hit. With a little experience, you can leverage a variety of e-liquids by adding a drop of this or that into your favorite formulas to customize the flavor.
Can I Still Buy Flavored E-liquids After the Vaping Ban?
The national vaping ban applies to a specific set of closed-system reusable pod-based products. Suicide Bunny e-liquids, and any other brand that is meant to be added into an open-system vape tank, are still freely available on the market. One-time-use disposable products are also free for purchase throughout the United States, although local jurisdictions may impose more significant restrictions.

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