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Cloud Nurdz E Liquid Bundle - Cloud Nurdz E Liquid
Cloud Nurdz E Liquid Bundle - Cloud Nurdz E Liquid
Cloud Nurdz E Liquid Bundle - Cloud Nurdz E Liquid
$ 29.99
Cloud Nurdz E Liquid Bundle - Cloud Nurdz E Liquid
$ 29.99

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Cloud Nurdz E Liquid Bundle - Cloud Nurdz E Liquid 



The e liquids in this collection are so tasty that every time a new bundle is released, it typically sells out right away. Well, you better get your hands on this one as soon as possible. The Cloud Nurdz E Liquid Bundle is going to hold three of their popular e liquids for you to try out. Each e liquid is going to come in 100ml cubby gorilla bottles that will add up to 300ml of vape juice in total. Now you will have a lot of it to go around. It will be available at the affordable price of $44.95! Three different e liquids for this price will certainly be a steal. Get your hands on this bundle fast before it is unavailable. Trust us, it might even happen sooner than you think. Quit ordering bottles one at a time and pick up this bundle right away. 


Flavors Include: 


  • Watermelon Apple - Cloud Nurdz E Liquid - Taking a pull of this e liquid will make you feel as if someone is shoving an entire watermelon into your mouth. Oh, and apples as well! This might sound a little painful, but it actually feels better than you think. By this we mean that the taste will be so epic, you might not want to put this e liquid down right away. When you take a pull of Watermelon Apple, you get the rush of several apples strolling into your mouth like it is nobody's business. These apples might not have any manners, but at least they are leaving their taste all over the place. The hints of watermelon are starting to become more potent, and if your mouth was not watering with the apples, it might be now that it is coming in contact with the refreshing watermelon. Both of these flavors taste amazing together, but that is not all this e liquid has to offer. When you are about to stop pulling, you get the hints of candy making their way into your mouth because you close it and savor the whole blend. Suddenly, you realize that this candy flavor is actually sour, and your mouth almost instantly begin to pucker. However, the sweet candy taste enhances the flavor of the fruits and makes it even sweeter. You might get the feeling like you are ferociously sucking on a piece of hard candy because the taste is so delicious that you want to have it all. When you think you got most of the flavor, you start to exhale and let everything out of your system. As you are exhaling, you are also receiving a couple extra hints of flavor that will leave you knowing you are going for a second pull. Actually, scratch that; more like several pulls. Once you start vaping away with Watermelon Apple, who knows when you will find the time to put it down. Primary Flavors: WatermelonAppleCandy 
  • Strawberry Lemon - Cloud Nurdz E Liquid - It might give you a strawberry lemonade flavor, but it will be a lot sweeter than you think. This candy flavored e liquid is colliding with some strawberries and lemons to give you the refreshing e liquid called Strawberry Lemon. The fruits that are used in the Cloud Nurdz E Liquid collection always seem to be fresh, so it comes as no surprise that the strawberries in this blend are going to be fresh and sweet. The strawberries are probably going to be the fruit that is most noticeable in the blend because it has a small tart flavor to it that will be distinguishable from the other sweet flavors in the blend. The lemons are going to taste as if they were quickly picked from a lemon tree and rapidly added to the blend as soon as they were ripe. The creators of this e liquid clearly did not want to let the lemons lose any of their juiciness. The Lemon also carries a bit of a sour kick, so be ready when you savor this e liquid. Not only is the candy flavor somewhat of a theme in this collection, but also when it comes to being added to this specific e liquid, it really does a great job enhances the flavors of the strawberries and lemons. As soon as you have all the flavors in your mouth mixing together, it feels as if you were eating some sort of refreshing piece of candy. Perhaps a chewy fruity one, or maybe it may come off as a hard piece that wants you to savor every last part of it until it slowly melts into your taste buds? Whatever it is, you will enjoy every second of it because it might give you a nostalgic feeling. This e liquid piece of candy is one that will most likely not disappoint because the juicy flavors will make this blend irresistible to most. Strawberry Lemon is not an e liquid that you will like to hold off on trying because you will be upsetting your taste buds that are craving something sweet. Primary Flavors: StrawberryLemonCandy
  • Peach Blue Razz - Cloud Nurdz E Liquid - This mischevious duo is going to take your taste buds on a wild ride! Have you ever gotten in a car with one of your friends and seen just how horrific that they are at driving that you wish you would have just stayed at home? You know, they're a little too fast, seem to spin around corners on two side wheels and when they slam on the breaks your whole body jerks forwards? When you get out of that automobile you just want to get down on your knees and kiss the ground! It's a relief like nothing else, that is until you were able to try this blend. This juice has really got a great flavor about it that is a breath of fresh air amongst all of these fruit flavored blends that are overly sweet, fake tasting and give you that dreaded vapers tongue that puts a damper on the whole experience. When you go to reach for this blend you are going to have this rush of revival flow over you, just like if you were able to accomplish some huge goal that you have been tirelessly working towards for months. Cloud Nurdz E Liquid makes great candy flavored juices that are going to stop you in your tracks with they are bold, well thought out flavors that hit the mark with every inhale that you take. They make exactly the kind of blend that you are going to want to have around for when you need something that can keep your interest up for even the longest periods of time. Peach Blue Razz combines gentle, succulent, juicy sweet peaches with some super loud and sour blue raspberry that keeps your taste buds at full attention. Primary Flavors: PeachBlue Raspberry


Package Contains:

  • 1 x 100ml bottle of Peach Blue Razz by Cloud Nurdz E Liquid
  • 1 x 100ml bottle of Strawberry Lemon by Cloud Nurdz E Liquid
  • 1 x 100ml bottle of Watermelon Apple by Cloud Nurdz E Liquid

Customer Reviews

Cloud Nurdz E Liquid Bundle - Cloud Nurdz E Liquid has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 53 reviews.