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OOO E Liquid Bundle (600ml) With Free Hat- OOO E Liquid
List Price $ 59.99
Sale Price $ 59.99
OOO E Liquid Bundle - OOO E Liquid
OOO E Liquid
OOO E Liquid Bundle (600ml) With Free Hat- OOO E Liquid
OOO E Liquid
$ 59.99
Product Description

OOO E Liquid Bundle (600ml) With Free Hat- OOO E Liquid



OOO E Liquid has released several e liquids in the past, but they still have a couple of other surprises for us. This e liquid brand is now going to introduce us to bundle that is going to include a couple of the e liquids that we love the most. Now you will not have to order your favorites separately, and just get them in a bundle that is going to have them ready for you to puff away. There are five e liquids in this bundle and each of them comes in a chubby gorilla bottle of 120ml. This means you will get 600ml of e liquid at the affordable price of $69.99 and a free hat! You better act fast before this opportunity slips away! You even get a cool hat every time you purchase this bundle. A swaggy gift to come with this group of delicious e liquid; what is not to love? 


Flavors Include: 


  • DJ Double Stuff - OOO E Liquid - Pump up the volume and get your dancing shoes on, those boring Monday mornings that have you wishing you could spend the entire day in bed are going to be like Friday afternoons where you're let out of the office early and have plans with your best friends to paint the town red! Everything in life is made so much better with the right attitude and a well-made juice is going to have the ability to uplift your spirits and have you thinking about those special occasions that you usually hold off for to enjoy the flavor that it contains. The popular snack that this blend in particular recreates is one that most of us have packed along in our lunches at one time or another, it's a classic that no one could ever grow tired of and it is going to have you letting out a sigh of relief that you can finally indulge completely worry-free. Made to appeal so much more to your adult sense of taste, you are going to go crazy for this blends ability to bump things up a notch with more complex, rich flavors. There is something about the juices made by OOO E Liquid that sets themselves apart from everything else that's out there on the market, they aren't afraid to branch out and try something new. The creativity that they have is really something special and they are able to combine flavors in such a way that you are kept on the edge of your seat, savoring every single inhale. DJ Double Stuff is a take on that classic chocolate sandwich cookie that goes best with a tall glass of ice cold milk. Some of the richest, sweet chocolate wafer cookies have a creamy, premium vanilla icing layered in between them. Primary Flavors: Chocolate, Cookie, Vanilla, Icing
  • Dunker - OOO E Liquid - You don't have to be shooting hoops to make a slam dunk that's even half as much as a score as this juice right here! Recreating a classic, childhood favorite that causes a surge of nostalgia to surge through your veins and has you thinking back to all of those days spent on the playground with your pals, this is just the thing that you have needed for a pick me up that is going to bring you back to your roots. We all need a reminder every once in a while to keep that playful, fun-loving and imaginative spirit around, even though we have all of the responsibilities of day to day life. Can you remember the amount of joy that you would have as your parents would take a little detour and pick up a pack of these treats at your local coffee shop? They would be devoured in the blink of an eye and even though you were stuffed to your brim, you would still try your hardest to get a few more of these into your stomach. Now you can have those old school, hand fried desserts that are the morning treat of choice whenever you please without having to go through the drive-through or having to spend a little bit more time at the gym. OOO E Liquid is a highly respected line of juices that have an option for any vaper that you can think of. From the well-loved basics to the creative concoctions that add an excitement into your routine, every thing that they put out is just as high quality as the very next. Dunker takes freshly fried donuts and covers them in a sticky sweet glaze. Primary Flavors: Donut, Glaze
  • Berry Treasure - OOO E Liquid - At the end of every great adventure is a treasure. We have all heard stories of explorers braving the wild and jumping through hoops in hopes of finding some long-forgotten jewels that have the power to change their lives. Finding a good vape juice has the exact same accomplished feeling and undeniable excitement that sends a shiver down your spine and makes you feel a bit like those action heroes that those interesting tall tales are inspired by. This juice is made to copy the flavor of a beloved candy that most of us have had the pleasure of enjoying on those weekend afternoons when we would gather up all of our allowance money and even sift through the house, turning over couch cushions to scavenge just a little bit more so you could get as much of those sweet candies that you'd drool over as possible. Just think, now you can take a couple of minutes away from your day to fire up your mod of choice, fill up your tank with this wonderful juice and be taken back to those feelings of excitement and playfulness that will have you feeling like a kid again. OOO E Liquid is a large line of vape juice blends that offer so many different selections that are going to allow you to turn to them for whatever flavor that you're after. Extremely high quality and accurate tasting, you are going to be singing the praises of this line to any and everyone that you can get a hold of. Berry Treasure is a copy of those mouths puckering sour belts that would have your taste buds spinning in circles from the very moment that they touched your tongue and of course they are flavored like bold, fresh strawberry for that extra little bit of nostalgia. Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Candy
  • Caribbean Paradise - OOO E Liquid - Brace yourself a wave of punchy, bold fruit flavor is on your way and it's going to make a huge impact! There is nothing quite like a day spent on the beach in the middle of the summer time. Soaking in all of the sun, digging your toes into the fine, smooth sand and taking a dip into the crystal clear, crisp sea water that feels like it cleanses your soul. There is nothing like spending some time in nature to make you feel whole and remind you of just how amazing that the world we live on is after all. When you are able to taste all of the natural flavors that are held within this shockingly authentic juice, your jaw might just hit the ground. You are going to be pacing the floors trying to figure out how they packed all of that delectable taste into a bottle and wondering just what secrets that the masterminds at OOO E Liquid hold. This is a line of varying blends that have an offering for every vaper out there, all of their products are made with a passion and skill that is extraordinary and you are going to be able to taste all of the hard work that went into them right away. This is a great juice option for those hot, humid days where you feel like you need something that will be light, fresh and make you feel cooled down. Caribbean Paradise brings together bold, ripe cherries with succulent, exotic mango, citrus packed, sweet pineapple and some delectable strawberries together to make a fruit punch that is going to have you feeling as satisfied as can be. Primary Flavors: Cherry, Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry
  • Candy Mountain - OOO E Liquid - Old school meme lovers are going to recognize the inspiration for this juices name right away! Playful, fun and carefree you are going to want to make the journey up to candy mountain to experience all of the magical wonders that await. The flavors that it holds are not for the faint of heart! It's bold, explosive nature is going to have anyone who vapes it wanting to give up on their boring day to day routine and shake things up a bit, it might even inspire you to go after all of those huge dreams that you once thought were unobtainable. Who doesn't like candy? Seriously, it's one of those universal things that just about anyone, and everyone out there, have in common, their love of sweet treats. It's tough to hold back and stop yourself from completely gorging yourself on those sweet, flavorful little morsels that seem to have the ability to turn any frown into a smile at the drop of a hat. As grown-ups, it's so hard to give in and allow yourself to eat those sugary treats that you used to eat carefree back in the good old days. Those expensive, painful dentist visits really are a deterrent, aren't they? This vape juice blend is going to give you all of the flavors that you can't get enough of without any worries whatsoever. The mastermind vape juice producers at OOO E Liquid are able to recreate just about any and every flavor that you can think of in a completely seamless way that will have your jaw hitting the floor! Candy Mountain takes the flavors of bold cherry, exotic pineapple, citrusy orange, refreshing watermelon and ripe raspberry then stuffs them into a scrumptious gummy candy base. Primary Flavors: Candy, Cherry, Pineapple, Orange, Watermelon, Raspberry


Package Contains: 


  • 1 x 120ml Bottle Of DJ Double Stuff By OOO E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml Bottle Of Dunker By OOO E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml Bottle Of Berry Treasure By OOO E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml Bottle Of Caribbean Paradise By OOO E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml Bottle Of Candy Mountain By OOO E Liquid
  • 1x Free Branded Hat

Customer Reviews

OOO E Liquid Bundle (600ml) With Free Hat- OOO E Liquid has a rating of 3.4 stars based on 5 reviews.