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We are no longer shipping via USPS due to the

PACT Act. We are transitioning to regional carriers

and shipping to certain zip codes will be affected.

Please check back soon if we can't currently ship to you!

3 Simple Steps For Vaping Success

Transitioning from traditional cigarettes to vaping can sometimes be a challenge. The primary challenge is with how nicotine is absorbed with vaping devices such as starter kits and pod mods versus the instant gratification of a traditional cigarette. The first step I recommend is don't keep cigarettes around, if you have them you will be tempted, if you don't you'll come to rely on your vape for satisfaction. Today we'll point out a few steps that have shown to be helpful to many vapers.


1. Unlike cigarettes the result of vaping is not instant, think of vaping as a time released dosage of nicotine that is slowly absorbed by the body. The vapor you inhale and exhale right now might not take care of your craving until 5, 10, later. For someone freshly making the transition we don't always recommend a higher level of nicotine, instead we recommend vaping regularly. This staves off the cravings before they even arrive, whether you vape every 10 minutes or every 30 minutes you'll soon figure out which interval of time suits your needs best as you'll start to experience fewer cravings and can start to time them.

2. Vaping at first can seem an expensive proposition, your reliable brand of cigarette is just that a flavor or experience you are already familiar with and have found consistent. E-liquids are very wide ranging in terms of flavor profiles, viscosity, and value. Limiting yourself to one flavor profile can work for some but for most that one flavor will get old pretty fast. We recommend buying your first set of liquids in bundles. Bundles are a cost effective way of sampling an entire line without paying full retail pricing on each individual product. We also feature a cheap ejuice section that offers lower price point products with a wide range of flavor profile options. When I first started vaping I tried nearly 100 products before I settled on one and at the time the offerings were considerably more limited than they are today. Staying away from flavor profiles that match your cigarette experience is important as it will help you forget what that cigarette tastes like and as your sense of smell and taste repair themselves you'll come to appreciate the comlexity of flavor notes in many brands of e-liquid.



3. Vaping is absolutely subjective to personal likes and preferences. Many people who start vaping look for the most popular products because they believe those are the ones that will yield them the best rate of success. That can be the case for some but it isn't always the best solution. Side by side two vapers can have polar opposite experiences with the same product. Look into reviews, lots of reviews and see both the positives and negatives. After you taste one custard you'll know whether its for you or not so you can either include it in your future purchases. Local brick and mortar vape shops offer the easiest way to experience a wide variety of flavor profiles to get an understanding of what appeals to you and what doesn't. Candy flavored vapes for example would be a category I avoided because I didn't think it would translate well in vaping and yet when I eventually came around to trying one I enjoyed it and now keep a bottle of candy flavored ejuice in my collection at all times. The better you understand your likes the greater success you'll have, the more you like an eliquid the harder it will be to go back to cigarettes.