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How To Vape

How To Vape


How to vape



Okay, so you've pulled the trigger on your first vaping device and you're anxiously awaiting a visit from the mail carrier. But do you know what you're going to do when all your gear and liquid shows up?

How To Vape: Batteries

First, let's talk batteries. Whatever type of device you have, it's good to start the battery off with a fresh charge. A note of caution: while charging problems are rare and becoming even more so as users learn to use the proper equipment (we recommend original charging equipment for eGo type batteries and internal-battery mods, and the Nitecore Intellicharger for external batteries), it's not advisable to operate a battery charger when it's not being supervised.  Also be sure not to over charge your devices as this has caused fires!

For eGo batteries, you'll get a cord with an adapter to fit where your tank would install at one end with a USB connection at the other. Many internal battery mods (and even some that use replaceable batteries, like the iStick 100) will have a micro USB female input for a charger. Your device will have a charge indicator to let you know when the device is fully charged and ready to go.  If you have a dedicated charger, place your batteries in the sled and wait for the indicator lights to stop blinking, indicating you're done.

Something to keep in mind that quickly becomes second nature but can often confuse new users – your mod has a "five click on/off" function. To turn it on and off, rapidly press the fire button five times. This is often the problem if you're pressing the fire button and nothing is happening. It's also a nice safety feature to prevent the mod from auto-firing in your pocket or purse.



How To Vape: Tanks

Now, on to your tank. Most will come with a pre-installed coil - hopefully you've also picked up an extra package, as these are disposable and will last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the device, your vaping style, and the thickness/sweetness of your favorite e liquid.

Pull that coil out and give the rest of the parts a good rinse with hot water and a mild grease-fighting dish detergent – this will help get rid of any remnants of machine oil used to cut the metal threads that could otherwise give your first few tanks an off flavor. Let everything dry completely before filling.

Reinstall your coil, dabbing a few drops of liquid on the cotton wick wherever you see it coming out of the metal housing. Fill the tank up while being careful not to overfill, which could allow liquid to seep into the air tube in the center, giving a gurgling, liquid-spitting vape. Screw everything together snugly, but not overtight, turn upright, and allow the liquid to seep into the coil for another 10-15 minutes.

Now you're ready to vape! Be aware that the organic cotton most manufacturers are using in new-generation coils (and to a lesser degree the silica wicks used in older devices) have a break-in period where the wicking material can compete with or even overwhelm the flavor of the liquid temporarily. As long as you take care not to burn the wicks (which will kill a disposable coil head), this flavor will quickly dissipate and should vanish by the end of the first tank, leaving dozens more trouble-free refills before a new coil is needed. Proper priming of the coil – directly applying those first few drops of liquid and allowing the tank to sit before vaping it – goes a long way to extend coil life.

In order to avoid burning the wicking material in your coil (killing it prematurely), start with the power setting at the low end of the recommended use range for your particular device. Take a few pulls, and if all seems good try turning the wattage up a bit. Keep going in small increments until you find your ideal combination of flavor, cloud, and warmth, back off if you sense any dryness or burnt taste.

That's it – you've successfully started your vaping journey. Happy (vapor) trails!